1000pip Climber System Review




1000pip Climber System is a financial analysis and trading education service that provides resources and support to help traders and investors succeed in the markets. It offers expert training, real-time alerts, and market analysis to help users at all levels improve their skills and make informed and profitable decisions.

When it came to forex trading, I had no idea what I was doing. I had some baseline knowledge, sure, and some basic training.

But I didn’t know how I was supposed to be trading.

I was turned onto the 1000Pip Climber System by a cousin of mine who is an experienced day trader. He is knowledgeable about Forex, too.

You can probably tell that I am an average Joe-and yes, I am! I am just here to tell you about this program-no, I am not being rewarded for doing so. :)

Check it out if you need some help with Forex.

Overview of the 1000Pip Climber System

1000pip climber system

Says the website for the product, the System is an advanced algorithm that will make it easy as can be to do well with Forex.

This is a robo-investor for Forex and will handle all the heavy lifting while you watch it work. It will work all the analytics for you, and show you clear entry, stop loss and take profit values, says the website.

Your main job is to follow the Forex system. Just follow the professionally generated signals, know you are in full control of the program, and let the system do the rest of the work for you.

What Is This System?

The target demographic for this product is people that are beginning Forex trading. I don’t think it is for ABSOLUTE beginners-do read up on Forex and get a basic understanding of what it is before you dive in.

Once you have that, this program can help. You also have to be okay with high-risk trading.

The purpose of this system is to help you reduce the feeling of “gambling” when it comes to the forex markets. Granted, no formula or program will guarantee 100% success, but this helps you reduce the error rate.

Features Of 1000Pip Climber System


Here are the features you will come to love once you get into the program.

1. Keep Track Anywhere

Are you a lunch break trader? Or perhaps you work at home and want to keep an eye on your trades. You can easily do this with a 1000Pip Climber System.

Once a signal comes, a ding will sound on your device, and there will be a message that tells you the entry price, direction, take profit, and stop-loss targets. You can even have the signals emailed to you, so you don’t need to miss out on life as you trade.

2. All Key Parameters Provided

Stop loss, take profit, and entry price are all given to you. The system is quite easy to set up, and you let the program do the hard work after that-then, you sit back and monitor your account.

You are meant to follow this program mechanically, meaning you let the algorithm do the work for you. Takes the guessing right out of it!

3. Great pricing

For just $97, you can have lifetime access to this program that’s taken a right from their website. It’s much cheaper than some other Forex programs I’ve seen out there.

4. Performance Is Stellar

The signals this program produced consistent and accurate results. Forex is excellent for the long, and the short-term outlooks-trades are made on the 15-minute, hour, and four-hour timeframes.

The robo advisor looks for high probability of price movements and works with six currency pairs. (Check out the graphs on their website you will see for yourself).

5. Helpful PDF Guide

Setting up the Forex system is not hard; this runs off MT4 by MetaTrader. You will get a step by step explanation of how to set this up, so no worries if this sounds confusing to you.

Within 48 hours of purchase, everything will be sent to you, and setup will take a few clicks.

A Note on Risk

forex risk

So, one thing I loved about this program is the fact that it costs just under a hundred bucks for a lifetime membership. It is a great deal, and the program is pretty great, but I want to make sure we all glance at the fine print before buying.

Many of us do not read the Terms and Conditions, but this is money we’re talking about here, so I encourage you to do so.

Forex is not easy. Stocks, investments, and the like are not easy. If it were, we’d all be millionaires.

My point? Only invest what you can afford to lose. As you will find with any reputable trading program, they state the following:

“You must be aware of the risks and willing to accept them to invest in the stock, binary options, or futures markets.”

If you read a little further down, it says, “You could lose all of your money fast due to: poor market trading conditions, mechanical error, emotional induced errors, news surprises, and earnings releases.”

Granted, this is a disclaimer required by the U.S. Government, but the still-the point is that you have to understand there is no magic formula for making money on the forex markets.

Forex itself is a high risk for newcomers. Just be cautious and get out before you lose any more money than you can afford to if losses happen (and they will-I experienced them).

My Personal Experience

I’ve been using the system for a while now. So far, so good for me-I find I am making profits consistently. Losses do happen to me, although in my case, they have been few in number.

I try to keep in mind that no system is 100% foolproof when it comes to trading, but I have won more than lost, so that’s a plus in my book.

One thing I would advise new users about is that you have to be wary of United States news releases. Five out of six currency pairs are based on the US Dollar.

Performance can be affected; I would get a news app for your phone or have the TV running the news in the background if you can.

In case you are curious, the six currency pairs are the following: EUR to USD, AUD to USD, USD to CHF, USD to JPY, USD to CAD, and EUR to JPY.

My bottom line is that it is a great system, very well built, and great for the price I paid. I would certainly recommend this to new Forex traders and veterans alike.

I guess the only improvement I would hope for is that it can be made to work for other trade platforms, not just Metatrader.

Pros and Cons

It probably sounds like I am biased in favor of the program, and I do love it, but let’s look at both sides first.


  • Rated highly on Investing.com-5 stars!
  • Users noted the setup process was very easy.
  • Everything is robo-invested; it’s mostly hands-off for you.
  • You pay one low price, and you are in for life.
  • You can be notified of a signal without having to sit by the PC all day.
  • Push notifications available for MT4.


  • Strategy is not clearly explained for investing.
  • Only email support is available-could do with a phone or live chat feature.
  • So far, only works with the Metatrader trading platform
  • Difficult to find others’ real testimony of the product.


If you are ready to get into Forex, this is an excellent place to start. Sure, there are things this program could improve upon, such as that support system. However, for the price, you can’t beat it.