420 Investor Review




420 Investor is a financial news and analysis platform focused on the cannabis industry. It provides investors and traders with resources and tools to stay up-to-date on market trends and developments and identify investment opportunities.

The greatest potential for making huge profits come from investing in the next big thing. In today’s world, it’s the emergence of the marijuana industry. The legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana has exploded, with new companies both big and small going head-to-head. There’s new money to be made for early investors and those who want to be in the know.

420 Investor is a community platform dedicated to all kinds marijuana- from start-ups to established brands, various cannabis strains and of course, information on how you can profit from lucrative stocks.

420 Investor is a popular product featured by Marketfy, an online marketplace that reviews financial products created by the industry’s leading experts. 420 Investor emerges as one of the best trading and investment tools to come out of the cannabis sector.

Check out this 420 Investor review and see how it can help you find the best marijuana stocks to invest in.

What is 420 Investor?

420 investor

420 Investor is one-of-a-kind due diligence platform that focuses mainly on stocks and trading within the marijuana industry. The major goal of 420Investor.com is to provide invaluable, objective trade information regarding top cannabis companies in real time. In short, it’s for traders who want to look at cannabis stocks and see where they could make a profit.

Alan Brochstein, founder and creator of 420 Investor was the first investment expert to come up with the idea of a platform where he could share knowledge of the cannabis industry to interested traders.

Alan has a lot of experience and credentials under his name- he’s a CFA, or Chartered Financial Analyst, a portfolio manager in Wall Street investment firms and a Seek Alpha writer who has contributed hundreds of articles regarding financial analyses and market insights. He has accumulated over 20 years’ worth of stock trading experience and done countless projects and portfolios for wealthy investors and companies all over the world.

Alan’s approach to 420 Investor is simple. The concept behind the informational platform is for traders who want to invest in cannabis stocks avoid bad trade decisions by arming them with invaluable and useful knowledge. Alan Brochstein sends out definitive reports that are clear, concise and up to date.

The founder of 420 Investor excels in bringing transparent data so traders can make a profit instead of turning a loss. All the information you get from 420 Investor comes from cooperation, various interviews with CEOs and in-depth analysis reports sent out on a regular basis.

420 Investor Features

Here’s a list of what you can get when you become a member of 420 Investor:

  • Model Portfolios w/ Trade Alerts
  • News and Stock Analyses in Real Time
  • Weekly Chat Sessions
  • Weekly Market Summary
  • Canadian LP Indexes
  • Weekly Tech Analysis Videos
  • Monthly Newsletters

Interested individuals can start their 420 Investor journey by reading the free guide written by Alan Brochstein himself. The ebook, entitled “420 Investor’s Guide To Cannabis Stocks” reveals information on how one can take advantage of this emerging industry and start buying and investing in marijuana shares.

One thing you should know is that financial experts have predicted that the cannabis industry is set to become a $150-billion dollar a year market. Getting your piece of the pie should start as early as possible, or you might miss the opportunity.

Trading Portfolio

Trading Portfolio is a section in 420 Investor that reveals modern portfolios designed by trading experts with the intent to maximize investments in terms of profit and stock growth.

Subscribers can track their portfolio’s performance via SMS, email or real-time alerts. You can look back on past trades made or take a look and see the bigger picture on a particular stock’s trend.


One of the best ways to immerse yourself in stocks is to learn from your peers and experts. This is what the Forum is all about- a meeting of like minds where you can share news, ask for advice from professional traders and start discussions about particular cannabis stocks, companies, etc. It’s a great place to get help, no matter your experience.

Chat Room

420 Investor offers subscribers a weekly chat session with one of the leading minds in the cannabis industry- none other than Alan Brochstein himself! You can look forward to having a Q&A session with the founder of 420 Investor regarding anything cannabis stocks related- market news, recent trade picks, trading ideas from the community, etc.

Members are also treated to a Mid-Week Chat hosted by Alan Brochstein. Here, curious traders can take part in an hour-long discussion on recent stock news and the cannabis industry in particular.

You will have the opportunity to learn straight from the expert on analyses and why Alan chooses certain stocks over the others.

Trade Alerts

Trade Alerts is powered by Marketfy’s proprietary tech engine that gathers, verifies and delivers the most relevant stock news and information via email, SMS or the Marketfy feed.

Video Library

Beginners in the world of stock trading can choose the Video Library as their starting point. The library is divided into helpful sections that you can get into even if you’re not that well-versed in stock terms and the ins and outs of trading.

Blog Posts

Alan Brochstein’s commentary and posts are informative. You’ll gain an edge on outlooks and stock market updates faster than relying on other newsfeed sites.

If you have the time you can brush up on past blog post entries and learn about the expert’s strategies and stock picks. This section also reveals Alan’s upcoming appearances and major events.

Resource Page

This section will be your go-to area when you need access to important resources and information. Alan has also provided rules, tips and how you can maximize your membership with 420 Investor.


Email newsletters are sent out to members, containing key points from Alan himself. You’ll get outlooks from the cannabis market and a summary of what you can look forward to in the future of the marijuana industry.

420 Investor offers a fairly priced membership fee for all individuals who wish to get in on the action. You can opt-in for a full years’ worth of membership for only $599.


  • Alan Brochstein is considered to be a pioneer in marijuana stock investments and an expert in the field of investments. The head of 420 Investor is knowledgeable, which means you’re sure to get vital information in order to make a profit in cannabis stocks.
  • 420 Investor has a free trial in the form of an ebook you can download. The Guide to Cannabis Stocks will give you a primer on the potential profits in the marijuana industry. This is where you can decide if you want to become a 420 Investor member or miss out on the opportunity.
  • You get highly reliable, honest reviews and analysis reports. Alan can be quite straightforward on which marijuana stocks and companies you should avoid; he’ll outline the reasons and offer better stock alternatives for a higher chance to make a profit. You’ll also learn how you can avoid devious tactics, i.e., unscrupulous market traders trying to artificially inflate stock prices in an effort to dupe traders.
  • 420 Investor is a community-driven trading platform which means you’ll have the highest learning potential than any other self-learning platform out there. Some of the perks of being a 420 Investor include the forum and chat rooms that you can join 24/7. You get to immerse yourself with like-minded people and trade ideas and discuss options all day.
  • Traders of varying experiences can make themselves at home here. 420 Investor does a good job in easing beginner traders by offering a primer guide and tons of helpful videos that cover a whole range of trading aspects. Both long and short-term trading styles are covered here as well. Expert traders will have a lot to like as they get to exchange ideas with the marijuana stock guru himself, Alan Brochstein.


  • A diverse stock portfolio is important, but 420 Investor focuses in on only one type of stock, which is the marijuana field. Though it’s the definitive platform for all things cannabis, members will have to look elsewhere for other industry stock options.
  • There’s always a chance that the cannabis industry may be changed by legislative laws, turning one of the hottest products into what it was previously perceived- an illegal substance. Read up on everything you can about the marijuana industry in order to make an informed decision about whether or not you should trade in cannabis stocks.


420 Investor is one of the first platforms to provide a specialized stock trading platform for one of the biggest products to come out of the market. Traders want to know the value of acquiring stock before it shoots sky-high, and 420 Investor allows you to do exactly that.

The community-driven platform has a nice mix of novice investors and professional traders, which make for an interesting exchange of ideas in terms of stock and trading options.

There’s quite nothing like 420 Investor as a news platform and community for well-informed decisions towards capitalizing on cannabis, so make it a point to visit the site and see what it can offer.