Action Alert Plus Review




Action Alert Plus is a premium investment research service that provides actionable recommendations and analysis on stocks and industries. Led by Jim Cramer, it gives subscribers access to real-time insights, expert analysis, and in-depth market coverage.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an easy way of keeping up with the stock market? One that does not involve watching the business news for countless hours or relying on an indicator?

We understand that the stock market is continually changing. So, you have to find a way of keeping tabs with whatever is going on in that sphere.

For this reason, we are going to introduce you to the Action Alert Plus by Jim Cramer. This is a newsletter that offers stock investment advice based on the strategies deployed by Cramer himself.

Check out our review and see what this platform is all about.

About Action Alert Plus

action alert plus homepage

The Action Alert Plus is a tier-2 newsletter that is run by Jim Cramer himself. It advises you on the stock to buy and sell, as well as portfolio that he considers ideal for investing in.

On top of that, there is a knowledgeable team led by Cramer that offers an in-depth analysis of how the stocks in the portfolio are moving.

Cramer executes his recommendations in the Action Alerts Plus Charitable trust, intending to keep his interests and that of his readers’ at par.

This platform is most suited for rookies who intend to be medium to long term investors. The good thing is that there are experts to guide them through.

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Action Alerts Plus Cost

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Just like any other newsletter, the Action Alert Plus platform requires a subscription. You could either purchase it monthly, bi-annually, and annually.

On top of that, the newsletter also offers you a two-week trial that does not require any payment.

A monthly subscription goes for $59.95 per month, and a biannual subscription costs $499.95, while an annual subscription would go for $299.95.

How It Works

You can get this newsletter through Cramer’s website, Whenever he recommends that a stock be bought or sold, you’ll receive an alert via email. 

Cramer explains more about the stock, his next move, and the logic behind his actions. In addition, there is a weekly analysis of the stocks in the charitable trust plus what you should expect in the coming week. 

Features of Action Alerts Plus

action alert plus performance

Let us now check the outstanding features of this newsletter.

1. Portfolio

This is a list of all the stocks that Cramer and his team at have recommended. They come in the form of a spreadsheet, so it is easy for you to see the stock’s performance.

The information available includes the gain/loss of the stock, the price target as recommended, and the stock’s weight in the portfolio.

You can also get a clue on the platform’s history with the stock by checking out all the positions and trades made by the Action Alerts Plus.

2. Weekly Roundups

This is a detailed analysis at the end of every week that places particular emphasis on the general market and economy. 

The roundups focus on the critical economic drivers, global events, their effects on the stock market, and the investors’ reactions to the profit reports.

3. Forum

In the platform, there is a section where users pose questions directly to the analysis team for responses. Note that this is different from other forums where users usually answer each other’s problems.

4. Alerts and Analysis

The alerts come in a few short paragraphs, and they explain why Cramer made a particular recommendation.

On the other hand, the analysis aims to keep you up to speed with the stock market’s happenings.

To understand all that it entails, you may have to do a lot of extra reading, including news articles, or previous newsletters.

Besides discussing the stocks in the portfolio, the analysis posts also talk about stocks that are on the analysis team’s radar. Such posts tend to be longer and more detailed.

Who Does the Action Alerts Plus Suit Most?

This platform mostly suits those who intend to trade on medium-and-long term stocks. On top of that, the platform is based on stock recommendations. 

This makes it perfect for those who have a clue on how the stock market works but still need some guidance to go through.

Another thing is that due to the emphasis placed on scaling positions, the Action Alerts Plus would be ideal for traders who are active in their investments. 

Benefits of Using the Action Alerts Plus

We can point out a few positives that you get from using this service.

1. Involves Liquid Stocks

The stocks bought are well-known and, therefore, easier to trade. So, you should not expect to hold non-moving stocks.

2. Transparent

There are daily summaries on what was traded during the day. This gives you an idea of everything going on, plus you get the opportunity to learn something new.

3. Humanitarian Aspect

All the profits of this platform go to a charity cause to cater for the welfare of the vulnerable in society.

About The Creator

jim cramer

Jim Cramer is a famous individual on wall street. His journey in the stock market started back at Havard law school, and he, later on, became a broker at Goldman Sachs. After that, he became a hedge fund manager, a venture which proved to be very successful.

From there, he went on to host his TV show on CNBC known as Mad Money. He gives experts in the stock market to come on air and give their expert opinion on various issues concerning the trade.

The show is relatively bright as compared to other business shows.

The Money-Back Guarantee

This policy is simple; if you don’t like the product, you can ask for a full refund of your money. Only that it has to be done within 30-days.

Problems with the Platform

There are several cons to this service, and we are going to touch on them briefly.

  1. Too reliant on scaling positions: The problem with this reliance is that it often leads to high commission charges.
  2. Sporadic Performance: The only consolation to this problem is that no newsletter has found a way to avoid it.
  3. Takes most of your time: It requires your availability to do actual trading.


Today’s stock market environment is quite volatile, and you need all the help and guidance that you can get. Jim Cramer has a remarkable record in the trade, and therefore you can trust this platform to be genuine.

He also has a website that contains all you need to know about stock markets, and it should be a handy companion to becoming a serious investor.

Therefore, we recommend that you try it out, and within no time, you might just become another pro in the game. Another great service that we recommend is Motley Fool’s stock advisor program.