Augusta Precious Metals Review

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Augusta Precious Metals is a precious metals investment company that helps clients diversify their portfolio with gold and silver. It offers secure storage and personalized service.

If you are looking to get into investing, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that a diversified portfolio will do you a lot of good. How do you diversify? One of the best ways is by adding precious metals to your investment portfolio.

However, doing that is not as easy as it sounds because there are not many companies you can rely on to keep your assets safe. Talking about reliability, how does Augusta Precious Metals, a renowned gold IRA company, fare?

We put them under our loupe and here’s what we genuinely think about them.

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An Overview of Augusta Precious Metals

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Augusta Precious Metals is a Gold IRA Company that focuses on offering useful financial services for individuals who are interested in diversifying their retirement accounts through alternative assets like gold bars and silver coins.

The company offers a transparent and straightforward way for those interested in buying silver and gold. Nevertheless, even before buying process, Augusta Precious Metals endeavors to help retirement savers in America access hard-to-find information about the economy so that they can make sound financial decisions.

The best part is that they do not offer this education just at the beginning of your relationship with them. Rather, they offer continuous support as long as you have an account with them.  Once you decide to buy silver and gold from the company, you will be pleased to learn that it has measures in place to make your transactions transparent, fast, and easy.

Simply put, the company's extraordinary trademarked process works to make its clients confident with their purchases. You will not have to deal with any unpleasant surprises here. Don't forget either, that you get access to the company's team of experts who will be with you every step of the way.

Why Gold and Silver?

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It may be hard to grasp why anyone would think of investing in precious metals instead of fiat currency. The truth is that investing in silver or gold is a wise financial move because these assets hardly ever lose value. However, it is deeper than that.

A precious metal IRA acts as a counterbalance for paper assets. Besides, gold and silver belong to a completely different asset category, unlike traditional retirement saving options.

Therefore, when the rate of paper assets declines, precious metals have been known to rise and quite high too. If you want proof, Augusta Metals is open to sharing some of the times in the past when the price of precious metals skyrocketed even during tough financial times similar to the ones the world is facing now.

Now, do not expect to get any dividends from silver and gold investments but since they are tangible assets, they act as a safety net that diversifies IRAs when markets are unstable.

Precious metal prices tend to fluctuate in opposite directions in comparison to other investments so when the latter is not as lucrative, having a precious metal account can help offset your losses and maximize the general value of your account.

How do I Get Started?

Contrary to what you may believe, starting with Augusta Precious Metals is quite a simple process that includes four steps.

  • Step 1 – The first thing you need to do is reach out to the company and once you do that, you will be connected to an agent who will address some basic queries as well as be your point of reference during the entire process. Ultimately, they are tasked with the job of ensuring that all your needs are met by the company.
  • Step 2 – Next, your agent will introduce you to the company's economic analytics team that will subsequently contact you through web chat or phone call to explain where the economy is currently and as well as precious metal markets.
  • Step 3 – After this, you can decide whether to go on with the company or halt your journey. If you decide to go ahead, your agent will forward your name to the company's IRA processing team, who will then help you with filling your custodian application and transferring assets.
  • Step 4 – As soon as the transaction goes through, your funds will get to the custodian. At this point, you will be introduced to an order desk that allows you to buy pre-selected precious metals and send them to a safe and secure location of your choice.

Augusta Precious Metals Services

Augusta Precious Metals offers an assortment of services to individuals who have an interest in investing their retirement savings in silver and gold. The following are some of the primary services offered by the company.

  • Lifetime client support
  • Access to economic precious metal experts
  • Precious metal cash purchases
  • Silver and gold IRA
  • Continuous economy and precious metal education

1. Precious Metal IRA Purchases

With its many years of experience, Augusta Precious Metals can help you purchase IRS-approved precious metals in a tax-advantaged IRA

To begin with, the company puts a lot of effort into helping clients and potential clients find out more about the economy and how precious metals like gold and silver fit in. They also let you in on bars and coins out there available for purchase. This is because the company recognizes that the average investor is likely to be confused given the many options to pick from.

Once you sign up for your gold IRA account with Augusta Precious Metals' help, you get to choose from one of a few insured depositories. In case, you have no idea about what you want, the company recommends a depository known as the Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware.

Augusta Precious Metals is committed to helping Americans choose how and where to save. In that regard, they work with several depository facilities throughout the country. You are allowed to choose a location based on convenience and you can even arrange a visit to see your precious metals at the depository.

Now, one of the things that stands out most about the gold IRAs offered is that they are self-directed. What that means is that you get to be in charge because you have complete control over all the purchasing and sales decisions regarding your account.

Most people appreciate this because then, they do not feel restricted or at the mercy of account managers. The team at Augusta Precious metals is trained and capable of helping you complete most of the paperwork required so that you can have an easier time.

2. Precious Metal Cash Purchases

Some people would rather be in physical possession of their assets (precious metals) instead of having an IRA. Augusta Precious Metals understands that and makes provisions for it to happen if that is what you prefer.

The process is simple and also allows you total control of your precious metals including how they are secured and stored. All you have to do is open an account with the company and transfer funds to it. Then, you want to pick from one of the pre-selected silver and gold options offered by the company. 

Lastly, you will be required to sign for the delivery and take charge of your precious metals.

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Lifetime Customer Support

Investing is essentially putting your money, (or in this case your assets) on the line. You will love that Augusta Precious Metals is a company that strives to retain an ongoing relationship with its clients. The company assigns you a personal agent whose job is to walk you through the account opening process as well as help you with most of the paperwork.

The following are some of the trained professionals put in place to help you.

  • A customer support agent – This individual is specifically assigned to you to answer any basic questions that you may have once you show interest in opening an account with them. After that, the agent will connect you to another department as required.
  • Financial analytics department – This is a team of specialists whose job is to monitor the economy as well as precious metal markets. Because of that, they are able to keep you updated through web chat or phone. They can identify any impending threats to your savings as well as educate you on how markets operate. This comes in handy when it comes to helping you decide how to move forward as far as maximizing your retirement savings.
  • IRA Processing Department – Again, this is a team and their job is to handle your paperwork as well as get in touch with a custodian on your behalf.
  • Portfolio support – These are agents whose work is to help you create a personalized gold and silver portfolio.
  • Order desk assistance – These are professional individuals whose job is to help you in case you want to purchase more silver and gold for your portfolio. They also manage buybacks and so they are in the best position to help you rebalance your portfolio when required.

You expect to enjoy some benefits when you join Augusta Precious Metals and that is within your rights. Here is what to expect.

Total Transparency

Other investment companies tend to conceal information about their operation but not Augusta Precious Metals. In fact, they are quite forthcoming with information even on their website. They do not have any hidden fees; they always update your transaction details and operate round the clock to offer any support you may need.


It is very easy to buy precious metals as a cash account or within an IRA on Augusta Precious Metals. This is done with a simple and straightforward gold IRA process in part by the personal agent that we have talked about previously.

With the team at the company, doing up to 95% of the work as far as setting up your account and pre-selecting precious metals at competitive prices, you couldn't have it any easier.

Knowledge and Proficiency

Augusta's precious metal agents are experts in the field but what is more appealing about them is that they share that expertise and knowledge to help you build and diversify your investment portfolio with precious metals.


Just as with anything else under the sun, Augusta Precious Metals does have its drawbacks including:

  • The company only sells silver and gold. Other precious metals aren’t in their catalog
  • The minimum investment is quite high

Why Choose Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals clearly has a unique approach that is guaranteed to work well. Many companies can provide precious metals but only a few can stick with their clients educating them about the market and generally offering support.

We dare say that we have not seen a company committed to offering the level of support and education that Augusta Precious Metals does.  The way the company is set up makes it quite efficient with the different departments doing their best to make investing for customers straightforward, simple, and time-saving.

The analytics team at Augusta is always available to provide useful information to customers so that they can make informed decisions regarding their investment portfolios. The company promises to stick with you even after the completion of transactions. That has to count for something, wouldn't you agree?

Is it Safe?

Augusta Precious Metals holds your assets in secure non-government facilities and the best part is that you get to choose from seven spread across Canada and the US. As soon as you complete your gold or silver purchase, the company begins arranging to send your assets to a facility of your choice.

The metals usually arrive at the facilities within 10 days and you get access to them. The company also ships metals that are not within your IRA to your post office address or home anywhere in the US. 

It is important to note that it is extremely risky to store precious metals in your home. Augusta Precious Metals offers free insured shipping and has not once lost a package.


At this point, you already know that Augusta Precious Metals is a reputable and dependable company. The company has proved that it is committed to offering education and transparency to its customers so that they can have an easier time investing.

It has many positive reviews as well so that is something that we also considered. As such, we would recommend it to anyone who wants to diversify their investment portfolio and especially retirement savers who are venturing into precious metals for the first time.