Best Day Trading News Feeds

Being an investor is not easy especially when it comes to choosing the right places to invest. You need guidance and real-time news to help you make the right decisions.

However, most sources of news either contain irrelevant news items or are flooded with content. A good news feed is one that enables you to filter things out so you can access the news that matters to you and in real-time.

In this article, we are going to review some of the best day trading news feeds that you can use to access real-time news.

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Top 12 Trading News Feeds in 2024

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1. Benzinga Pro

This is a real-time and premium news service so it shouldn't come as a surprise that we are reviewing it as the first one on our list. 

You may want to note that Benzinga PRO is an upgrade and as expected, it comes at a fee. It stands out from other day trading news feed because it delivers news fast and allows direct access to the news desk.

The platform also offers a significant amount of news content but for premium subscribers only.

What we found to be most appealing about the platform is that it is remarkably configurable and able to run on multiple monitors and multiple windows. Moreover, the platform is extremely user-friendly yet very powerful.

This is not an easy balance to strike and as if that is not enough, the service now offers real-time quotes. This allows you to see when news breaks the instant effect on the stock price.

bloomberg logo

2. Bloomberg

This has to be one of the most resourceful tools when it comes to day trading news. Primarily, it caters to institutions such as Wallstreet that pay good money to access real-time news.

Now, you probably Bloomberg from TV as it is broadcasted in many countries and is available online. This is quite understandable considering that it is a multimedia experience that is resource-rich and contains high-quality reporting opinions and debates.

It may also interest you to learn that almost every CEO worth their salt has been in the Bloomberg studios for interviews.

If you are a day trader, you can benefit from having Bloomberg running casually in the background and effortlessly keeping you up to date with the newest developments in the market.

The only major downside that we noticed when it comes to this tool is that it has too many recurrent adverts. If you can look past that, Bloomberg is an excellent stock trading news channel.

meta stock logo

3. MetaStock

We would certainly recommend this platform for those investors who are in the market for access to large stock systems, comprehensive real-time news, and a solid technical analysis topped with exemplary customer service.

MetaStock is worth your time and investment just for their news service but you also want to keep in mind that the platform offers more than just news.

MetaStock 16 comes with full Refinitiv Xenith incorporation that features analysis, outlook, and institutional level news. We dare say that this is the fastest news service you can get and it includes translations into some of the most common languages.

Reuters provides TV news coverage via smart TV applications and smartphones but this is not surprising because it is one of the most renowned and largest news agencies globally.

With this package, you get exclusive content, Reuters insider alerts, and research findings provided by professional analysts.

On this platform, you get access to special news features including comprehensive financial information of companies, charts, stock quotes, and analyst estimates among others.

Wall Street Journal

4. Wall Street Journal

Most people know of or have heard of the Wall Street Journal. What you probably do not know is that it is a website offering a broad assortment of news and as you may have imagined, there is a lot of financial news included.

Now, the website does not claim to offer streaming or real-time news which may be a deal-breaker for some investors, but the website does boast of insightful journalist insights and thought-provoking opinions.

The Wall Street Journal features statistics and market-specific news including portfolio tracking tools and stock screeners. Generally, the service has a paywall and what that means is that you will have restricted access to the platform's articles after a while of browsing.

If you need to browse some more, you would have to subscribe.

MarketWatch logo

5. MarketWatch

This is a well-established company and it may interest you to know that it makes part of the Dow Jones business network which includes the BigCharts, Barrons, and Wall Street Journal. 

Surprisingly, the platform offers news for free and this allows investors to go about their usual tasks of viewing standard stock information and tracking their portfolios using their free accounts. 

There is also the MarketWatch News Viewer that allows you to rapidly scan the latest in news and we can confidently say that it is the best part of the site.

That said, there are many adverts on the site and the News Viewer is annoyingly small. This affects its usability negatively. We cannot fault the platform for the same as it gains its revenue primarily from the said adverts.

That should not deter you from using the platform though as it is one of the several free real-time news tools available.

The platform does have several premium products that come in the form of the Technical Indicator Newsletter that costs $199 annually, Revolution Investing for $99 annually, and the Retirement Weekly that goes for $59 yearly.

CNBC Markets

6. CNBC Markets

We have to say that this website contains a lot of information. That is a good thing because you get a lot of insight to help you make the right investments. What's more, the site aggregates news from credible sources like Reuters as well.

One of the biggest advantages of using this tool is that it is a business news broadcaster. That means that they have a reliable network of reporters as well as a good number of viewers. Besides, they also have a paywall.

In case you want access to all the content offered there, you will be required to pay $29.99 a month or $299 annually. By paying, you get access to three major live streams with region-personalized information from Europe, America, and Asia.

Aside from that, the platform claims that by using it, you get to discover data trends that will help you trade better. This sounds like an outlandish claim and the package seems quite pricey but if all you want is a live streaming financial news broadcast to any of your smart devices, the price is more reasonable compared to Bloomberg Tv live streaming.

The Economist logo

7. The Economist

The Economist has been in existence for more than ten years and its longevity can be attributed to the fact that it is a first-rate weekly periodical that covers technology, economics, finance, and global politics.

With the highest quality of long-form journalism, the Economist is a breath of fresh air when it comes to being a beacon for a free world, democracy, and open markets.

Considering all this, what you will probably love most about this platform is that with a digital print subscription, you get the entire spread in print and are digitally accessible every Friday.

You can also get it in audio format via the Economist App online or on your phone.

An annual subscription for this service will cost you as little as $195 in the US and this is also one of the reasons why it is popular with investors.

CNN Money logo

8. CNN Money

The first thing we have to tell you about CNN Money is that it is free and available all over the globe. From its reporting network, you get some original content.

However, as you may have guessed, freebies sometimes come with disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages with CNN Money is that it has to fund its independent journalists seeing as not many people buy into the idea of paying for quality journalism currently.

Since the service is free and the platform has to make money, they then have to resort to advertising.  

CNN Money is free, available globally, and has some original content from its reporting network.  But sometimes cost-free is not so good, and this is certainly one of those times. 

I understand that CNN has to fund their independent journalism as few people are willing to pay for quality journalism anymore. If the service is free, then advertising is the only route. But CNN has taken it too far.

Financial Times logo

9. Financial Times

With Financial Times, you get a highly credible financial print news network. This is also one of the oldest sources of financial news in the world and we feel that the job they have done with the feel and look of their site.

That is not all they have to offer though seeing as there is a lot of resourceful financial content as well as in-depth market analysis on offer there.

Nonetheless, most of the content can only be accessed behind a paywall and that will cost you about $20. Once you pay, you will get a copy of the Financial Times delivered to your home from Monday to Saturday along with the platform's newspaper and weekend paper in digital format.

This is a renowned paper that offers huge amounts of content on a daily basis so if you want to be eco-friendly compliant, you can go for the digital daily that will cost you $6 every week or the Digital Daily Plus that goes for $10 weekly.

Forbes logo

10. Forbes

Who hasn't heard of the Forbes rich list? That is probably where you know the Forbes magazine from. But did you know that this magazine contains a lot of original and engaging content? Not only does it focus on investing and money; it is also a lifestyle and business magazine.

The Forbes magazine is available globally at a subscription. Now, the subscription prices vary but you can expect to be set back about $100 for an annual subscription.

The website content is free, but as you can imagine, that comes with a lot of adverts. That said; the adverts are not overbearing and the content there is useful so you can work with that.

Barrons logo

11. Barrons

This would have to be the ideal print trading news tool for retirement and investing. It is another of the Dow Jones line of products and its market niche is that it focuses exclusively on periodicals that talk about retirement and investment topics from Dow Jones.

Although the Barron business model leans towards print, it also has some digital offerings with its digital pass that are worth checking out. Note that if you are not living in the UDS, you only get the digital option.

On the Barron website, you will see a real-time tab that when clicked on, takes you to the latest news. To see the most recent updates, you won't keep refreshing the tab.

Besides, the Dow Jones Network does share articles across so do not be surprised if you see several Wall Street Journal articles while browsing.

yahoo finance logo

12. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo Finance is yet another free news service that comprises some restricted self-generated content. In the past years, it has made massive steps to improve its usability. The result of that is that it now has a much better-looking and functional interface.

As you browse the charts and news on the platform, you will realize that there are Sell and Buy buttons. Interestingly, YF has put a lot of effort into broker integration where investors can directly trade with their online brokers from Yahoo charts


If you have tried investing in the stock market, then you know that having the latest information regarding the stock market makes all the difference when it comes to making profits.

You see, the stock market is extremely volatile so you need all the information you can get that will help you make the right investments. By using the tools discussed here, you get just that so you may want to make use of one or several of them.