Best Forex VPS

Forex trading is, no doubt, one of the best vehicles for financial independence in this day and age. That said, its lucrative nature makes it an attractive target for scammers and government bureaucrats alike. In short, to preserve the integrity of your trading account you're better off powering it on the world's best Virtual Private Server (VPS).

The following article is about Forex VPS – how to choose right, and some of the top providers out there currently.

Top Forex Trading VPS in 2024


1. AccuWeb Hosting

With close to two decades of providing one of the leading hosting services, AccuWeb Hosting is a respectable brand and one worth working with. First off, their VPS service is highly flexible and provides you with platform support for MT4, MT5, cTrader, Interactive Brokers, Multi Charts, and even TradeStation.

Key Features

  • RAM: 1GB to 2GB
  • CPU: 2 to 4 vCPU
  • Storage: HDD and SSD

AccuWeb is specially optimized for Windows and Linux users thereby giving you the kind of flexibility you need. Needless to say, this company is highly agnostic as far as operating systems are concerned. Most of its competitors simply declare themselves Windows-only specialists and give lip service to Linux installations.

What’s more, all the tiers of AccuWebHosting come with complimentary backups enabling you to keep your data safe even in the event of a crash or security flaw.

What about server locations? Well, this company currently boasts 16 data centers spread across the world. These include 4 in USA i.e., Denver, North Virginia, Ohio, and Oregon. They also have servers in London, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney among other awesome destinations.

And to top it all up, each package entitles you to a dedicated IP address thereby upping your security and boosting your account’s reputation in the long-haul.


  • Great uptime track-record
  • Awesome customer support
  • 24/7 monitoring & backup
  • Wide variety of platforms supported
  • Multiple data centers


  • Beginners can get confused by the many options available
  • Limited email accounts for Windows hosting
trading fx vps

2. Trading FX VPS

Trading FX VPS is ideal for those who are completely new to forex trading. The services boasts a friendly user interface along with detailed manuals that make it possible to get your trading business up and running in the shortest time possible.

Key Features

  • RAM: 2GB to 8GB
  • CPU: 1 to 4 cores
  • Storage: NVMe SSD

One thing we particularly like about this company is their focus on quality. Everything from their multi-level security system to storage systems screams quality.

For instance, while other companies provide HDD or SATA SSD storage services, this one provides NVMe SSD which is a lot faster and more reliable.

What’s more, the Trading FX virtual private server is designed to support multiple platforms including MT4/5, cTrader, Interactive Brokers, Ninja Traders, and Multicharts, to mention but a few.

To top it all up, this company provides one of the most consistent uptimes in the market. In fact, the company refers to it as 100% uptime guarantee.

What about server location? Well, this company provides you with a decent selection of data centers ranging from US (New York), US (Chicago), Amsterdam, London, Singapore, and Frankfurt, to Hong Kong. And although this network is not as massive as what some of its competitors offer, it surely is adequate for anyone going after the major brokers.

Another thing, as part of the company’s standard package for forex traders, you stand to get a 2GB RAM and 1 core CPU. But if you deem that you need extra capacity, you can always opt for up to 8GB RAM and 4 CPU cores. What if you need more capacity than that? Well, in that case, you can inquire about the dedicated server packages available.

Overall, this company provides you with a decent range of well-thought-out features and functionalities.


  • Advanced hardware technology
  • Fast speeds
  • Extremely low latency
  • 100% uptime
  • Wide-ranging platform support
  • Full-time security backup
  • Helpful customer support


  • Technical experts missing from their live support team

3. Interserver

This is yet another one of the highly recommended VPS servers amongst traders. The company provides competitively priced services along with the room to seamlessly scale up when necessary. Established in 1999, the company has grown in leaps and bounds to establish data centers in all the key parts of the world.

Key Features

  • RAM: 2GB to 32GB
  • CPU: 1 to 16 cores
  • Storage: SSD (up to 480GB)

First things first – Interserver operates multiple server locations although the company keeps the exact location details concealed for security reasons. But even though the company has a high degree of secrecy on that matter, it is no secret that their machines perform quite well.

Some of them boast a decent 10Gbps uplink and provide fantastic connectivity. Other than that, you get a lot of flexibility in terms of CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage. In other words, this company allows you to grow from a small-scale user to a large-scale user based on your existing demand.

Another thing worth noting is that this company provides unmanaged servers thereby leaving you with the responsibility to set up things on your own. But just in case you happen to get confused in the process, you can always reach out to their team for assistance.

For now, the company provides you with Windows 10, 2017, and 2019 OS choices.


  • Extremely low latency
  • Fantastic uptime track-record
  • Perfect bet for scaling up
  • Big on security
  • Great customer support


  • Lacks Asian & EU data centers

4. ScalaHosting

If you have got scalability in mind, then you might want to consider investing in the self-managed FX VPS from ScalaHosting. The company has data centers mainly in Europe and USA. Plus, it can provide you with access to AWS and Digital Ocean databases for added flexibility.

Key Features

  • RAM: 8GB to 64GB
  • CPU: 4 Core to 24 Cores
  • Storage: SSD (from 240GB)

ScalaHosting comes with Windows 2019 pre-installed allowing you to get up and running in the shortest time possible.

We mentioned ScalaHosting is a scalable VPS and here's why. At any given time, you can always request a custom-made VPS based on the features your business needs at any given time.

For instance, you can select your preferred CPU cores from 4 to 24 cores, SSD storage from 240GB to 2000GB, and RAM from 8GB to 64GB. What's more, you still have the freedom to choose your data center of choice, control panel type, and even the operating system.

All these extras are meant to provide you with the freedom you need to adjust your virtual server along with your immediate growth needs.

The most attractive thing about this VPS service provider in our view is that they provide industry-leading server speeds. In the ever-competitive world of forex trading, speed contributes heavily to how your trades are executed. And if you want every pip to count then the kind of speeds ScalaHosting is what you need.

The speed can be attributed to the company’s LiteSpeed web servers which are currently rated among the industry’s best as far as speed and security are concerned.


  • Unbelievably fast server speeds
  • Great uptime track record
  • Scalable FX VPS packages
  • Automatic backup services
  • MT4 and MT5 Support


  • No details on cTrader, Ninja Trader platform support
  • Pricey when renewal time arrives


Launched in 2012, is renowned for its fast and dedicated servers that are specifically designed for online trading.

Key Features

  • RAM: 2 to 4GB
  • CPU: 1 Core to 2 Cores
  • Storage: 60 to 90GB SSD

Forex VPS Net has servers spread throughout the globe in areas like USA (LA, Chicago, New York), the UK (London), Switzerland (Zurich), South Africa (Johannesburg), Hong Kong, and India (Mumbai) to mention but a few. Why is this important? Well because it gives you the flexibility you need to truly trade like a global citizen.

You see, some brokerages tend to limit the kind of people they can work with based on geographical locations. But with a VPS, you can easily bypass such restrictions by choosing a data center that is within your favorite broker’s area of jurisdiction.

And as far as user-friendliness is concerned, this system offers a host of well-designed features that make for fast-speeds and enhanced security.

First off, this FX VPN runs on SSD storage which as we all know is the in thing as far as speed is concerned. What’s more, a 5-minute setup is provided for all new users making it really easy to get on board and start doing what matters the most to you i.e., trading forex. 

What’s more, each package provides you with a dedicated IP address which protects you from exposure to IP blacklisting and generally offers enhanced protection for your business.

Lastly, this VPS is specifically optimized for MT4 and MT5. The company is, however, not clear on whether their system is ideal for other platforms like Ninja Trader, cTrader, or Multi-charts.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Built-in auto-boot feature
  • Great up-time track record
  • Absolutely good reputation in the industry
  • Wide variety of data centers


  • Requires manual installation
  • Only supports MT4 and MT5


Like their name suggests, this is a company that specializes in the sale of VPS server services. The company has a wide range of machines and data centers something that makes them highly attractive to forex traders.

Key Features

  • RAM: 1 to 8GB
  • CPU: 1 Core to 8 Cores
  • Storage: 20 to 160GB SSD

VPSServer is home to 17 data centers most of them located within the US. That said, the company has put in solid measures to ensure that you get good coverage across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

This company, however, needs to keep expanding its data center locations in order to reduce latency.

But as far as user-friendliness is concerned, this firm provides you with three OS choices among them Windows 2012, 2016, and 2019. Plus, the service provides platform coverage for cTrader, MT4, and MT5.

A unique selling point of VPS Server is that they provide you with a 7-day free trial that allows you to test-drive their services without committing any funds to it.


  • Free trial provided
  • Excellent customer support
  • Great built-in security features
  • Full control over your virtual environment
  • Easy-to-use control panel


  • More data centers needed
  • Room for improvement as far as latency is concerned

How To Choose the Right Forex VPS For Your Account

In the world of computing, there exists software or hardware that makes it possible for other programs or devices to function. That infrastructure is known as a server. In the same vein, a forex trading Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a piece of infrastructure that makes it possible for you to run your trading in an isolated environment.

As you can imagine, isolation provides you with all kinds of benefits among them enhanced flexibility, scalability, and above all security.

Most Forex VPS services run on common operating systems among them Windows and Linux. However, with the advent of cloud computing, the barriers have been broken and it’s now possible to operate VPS as a web-based service and on virtually any operating systems including macOS.

So, how do you go about choosing the best Forex trading VPS? Here are the key pointers to consider.

1. Locations – It’s always wise to for an FX VPS that gives you the flexibility to operate from multiple locations. That way, you can enjoy access to a wide range of services including access to the world’s leading brokers.

2. Speed – If you’re a day-trader and use short-term charts, you'll need all the speed you can get to grab opportunities. So, you want to consider going for a service that offers speed-oriented infrastructure e.g., SSD, CDN, and even caching services among others.

3. Server Uptime – The last thing you want to do is host your trading service on a server that’s always experiencing downtime. In that case, you’re better off with a company that guarantees at least 99% uptime and is capable of living up to such promises.

4. Value – The best VPS hosting for forex trading should be reasonably priced and also backed by solid customer support.

5. Security – This is perhaps the most important factor to always keep in mind. While VPS is generally secure by itself, it’s important to bank on services that come with extra security and backup measures for your peace of mind.

Clearly, a virtual private server is an ingenious way for you to maximize your trading potential and protect yourself from unwarranted intrusion.


So, there you have it – a comprehensive list of the best forex VPS hosting services. Now you have an idea of who calls the shots in this industry and the best part is you have the freedom to choose. All the best in your currency trading forays!