Best Investment Newsletters

You invest in the stock market or plan to do so? The key to success lies in staying up to date with the latest developments, news, and other info. Great investors always strive to know everything that’s going on, and they use that information to make wise choices and good decisions. 

The quality of the information presented has a major impact on the next move you plan to make. It’s easy to think you can just Google it, but you will remain deprived of the most relevant news. After all, searching for things, stocks, and companies on Google can be time-consuming.

As an investor, experienced or a rookie, you are a practical and pragmatic person who appreciates straightforward actions. That’s why the best way to keep up with the latest developments in the investment world is through newsletters that serve this specific purpose. 

The investment newsletters prove to be the easiest way to get all the necessary information straight to your inbox, without too much hassle. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to adjust to the ever-changing investment world and make great decisions as to where to invest.

There are tons of investment newsletters, and in this post, we’re going to cover eight best options for you to check out.

Top Rated Investment Newsletters For Stocks in 2024

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1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

The Motley Fool newsletter is one of the most popular investment newsletters across the globe. Two brothers, Tom and David Gardner founded Motley Fool in 1993 to help millions of people attain financial freedom. They do so through podcasts, regular news updates on the website, radio shows, newspaper columns, and premium investing services.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a beginner, the Motley Fool website is a great choice thanks to a variety of content and tools that enable users to make smarter decisions. Their Stock Advisor service, designed in 2002, focuses on the idea that proper investing should be easy.

Instead of jargon, intimidation, and overcomplication Stock Advisor emphasizes the importance of superior performance. For $99 a year or $ 1.90-week, members get unlimited access to the library of expert stock recommendations aimed at increasing their net worth.

Every month members of the Stock Advisor receive new stock picks that are carefully selected. The service, which has over 600,000 active members, outperformed the market 3-to-1 by digging deep into every segment of the industry to find companies that are overlooked but worth investing in.

The stock picks and recommendations have a high level of accuracy. For instance, their 96 stock picks from 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 are up by 70% on average, and as of April 26, 2020, they have outperformed the market by 53%. Other investment newsletters usually don’t have this high level of accuracy and precision. 


  • High accuracy, simple, and informative
  • Affordable 
  • 1-year membership includes a 30-day membership refund period


  • The constant flow of offers to buy other products and services can be overwhelming
  • Not for short-term investors
trade ideas website 1

2. Trade Ideas (Trade of The Week)

Trade Ideas is an advanced scanning platform that provides traders with plenty of built-in scans and pre-configured scanning settings. In other words, the platform which was founded in 2002 takes the guesswork out of trading decisions by offering users a fully screened stock analysis.

According to the official website, the software can accomplish what humans can’t do, and that is to watch every trade of every stock on the markets and inform users about the profitable activity. This allows members of Trade Ideas to be the first to act. 

The platform is suitable for a wide spectrum of members ranging from investors to traders and market professionals. Users in more than 65 countries can use their services. You can view to see which stock is spiking on the news or goes up and down in real-time.

The components or services of Trade Ideas platform include artificial intelligence, oddsmaker window, alert windows, chart windows, full quote windows, top list windows, channel bar, compare count windows. The brokerage plus service enables users to create scans, identify trading opportunities, and build trading strategies.

Different payment plans are available including Standard Yearly Plan for $2.90 per day ($1068/year), Premium Yearly Plan for $6.20 per day ($2226/year), Premium Monthly Plan for $7.50 per day ($228/month), and Standard Monthly Plan for $3.90 per day ($118/month).


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Great results
  • User-friendly 


  • Subscription plans are too pricy for beginners 
  • Charts could use more indicators
profitly homepage

3. Profitly (Tim Sykes)

Profitly is a multi-package program and trading community that leverages the concept of social trading. The program was founded by Tim Sykes, a millionaire stock trader and entrepreneur best known for earning $1.65 million by trading while attending a university.

The main idea behind Profitly was to introduce measurement, accountability, transparency, and data-driven optimization into the world of trading. Sykes thought of creating this program when he was trying to help his students and then realized that detailed performance data lead to greater success.

Tim Sykes then teamed up with Michael Mosseri, and the rest is history, Profitly has become a go-to investment newsletter for many. Besides Sykes, other experts or gurus are present on the website, and members are connected to their products such as DVDs and premium content from which they can learn about trading.

Members have the opportunity to track live real money trading performance and interact with a community of more than 122,000 traders. The site has high transparency, which allows members to get an insight into what successful traders do and mirror those moves on their own.

However, to access new trades initiated by gurus on Profitly, users need to subscribe to the services of those experts. These services include training, text/email trading alerts, and live chatrooms. 

For instance, subscribing to Tim Sykes’s services costs $74.95 per month for Tim’s alerts and $149.95 per month for Pennystocking silver, which includes daily chatroom access, daily 5-10 stock watchlist, real-time push alerts, trade alerts, iPhone and Android app, video library access.

Even though the whole site is meant to help investment newbies, the services are more suitable for experienced investors and traders.

What makes Profitly different than other trading newsletters and platforms is that it allows users to journal their trades. That way, they can analyze and measure performance to improve their success.


  • Transparency
  • Growing community of traders
  • Various subscription levels for every budget


  • Thousands of people can copy someone’s moves and investments which may lead to the unwanted effects
  • Too many products and services are overlapping
zacks trades

4. ZacksTrade

Zacks has become a popular choice for people who are looking for stock research, analysis, and recommendations. Founded in 1978, Zacks has more than doubled the S&P 500 with an average gain of +24.13% per year.

The platform is most suitable for active traders, investors seeking access to a human broker, investors who want to trade on foreign stock exchanges, and options traders. In other words, Zacks is ideal for people who spend a lot of money and trade frequently.

The newsletter from Zacks reaches your inbox each weekday morning and delivers summarized information on the latest developments on the market. Members also receive articles featuring Zacks top stock, ETF, and mutual fund picks.

Although the platform doesn’t have any account fees, you do need to have at least $2500 just to open your account. Free registration delivers news and information, but more advanced actions require signing up for premium plans. 

Zacks premium costs $249/year and features daily updates of Zacks Rank, equity research reports, focus list portfolio of 50 longer-term stocks, and more. Zacks Investor Collection costs $495/year and is a bundle of top subscription services or long-term investors. Zacks Ultimate costs $2995/year and gives access to market insights and most private picks from all portfolio recommendations.


  • Subscription account plans have 30-day free trial option
  • Access to international exchanges
  • Three trading platforms (Client Portal, Zacks Trader, and Zacks Trade Pro)


  • Users need at least $2500 to open an account
  • Too complex for beginners
Fidelity Investor

5. Fidelity Investor

If you’re looking for a simple investment newsletter, then Fidelity Investor could be a good choice. Fidelity Investor, published since 1998, is the leading independent award-winning newsletter dedicated to making investments safer and more profitable.

The newsletter focuses on a proprietary approach to selecting, evaluating, and investing in Fidelity fund managers. 

Fidelity Investor is ideal for retirement investors, active traders, premium research, low fees, and options trading. The newsletter is issued monthly, but they do send separate pieces of information more frequently if necessary.

Subscribers to this newsletter get weekly emails about performance updates, quarterly reviews of their 401(k) plans, and more. The price for 1 year i.e., 12 issues, is $99.95, whereas the cost for 2 years i.e., 24 issues, is $189.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Simple and useful for beginners
  • Correlation tool that helps members avoid having too many funds that are similar


  • Lacks diversity in offers and tools
  • The website could be more informative
Kiplingers Personal Finance

6. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Kiplinger is an online magazine that published since 1947. The personal finance magazine offers advice on managing money and achieving financial security. It helps readers learn about trading, investing, saving, planning for retirement, and how to make major purchases in a smart way.

The online magazine advocates for long-term investing and low-cost investing. That’s why this newsletter is ideal for young investors and beginners. Each month you receive newsletters where columnists cover a wide range of subjects such as latest financial trends, individual stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs, bond investing, bank accounts, and more.

Not only does it cover an array of topics, but the yearly subscription costs $12, making it suitable for people who don’t have a big budget but want to start investing and reach financial success.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Covers various topics
  • Issues available in both print and digital format


  • No thorough charts and analyses 
  • No platform to log in, journal investments and trades, etc.
Stansberry Research

7. Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a subscription-based publisher of financial information and software. The platform provides actionable investment recommendations and research for people who are self-managing their portfolios.

Stansberry Research believes in long-term investment, transparency, and accountability, and promises to bring the safest, most profitable investment ideas in the world, regardless of what’s happening in the markets.

The platform, which has over 500,000 subscribers, delivers both free and paid products and services. Some free services include Stansberry NewsWire, Stansberry Digest, Stansberry Investor Hour, and more. Some services such as The Stansberry Alliance, Stansberry Choice, and Permanent Wealth Program are invitation-only.

It’s worth mentioning that each newsletter, among a wide range of them, delivers different investment strategies, so it’s up to you to choose the one that fits you the most. You can sign up for their newsletter and pay $199 per year.


  • A wide spectrum of free and paid products and services available
  • Different investment strategies to suit different people
  • Informative


  • No thorough investment advice 
  • The website isn’t overly user-friendly, and it can be difficult to navigate your way around
Nates Note

8. Nate’s Note

Nate’s Notes has become one of the most popular newsletters for individual investors as it focuses on helping them grow their wealth through a sensible and long-term approach to investing.

Founded in 1995 by Nate Pile, the newsletter is easy to understand and suits both rookies and more experienced investors who want to stay up to date with the latest developments. Nate’s Notes is broken up into two model portfolios the Aggressive Portfolio and the original Model Portfolio.

The model portfolios hold about 20 stocks on average each month. The aggressive portfolio is more suitable for investors who don’t mind taking risks. In the newsletter, you can expect to receive information on what to buy or sell and when to do it, how much to pay for each stock, what the newsletters portfolio is buying or selling, and how many shares, among other things.

The one-year subscription to Nate’s Notes is $289, and for many, it’s worth every penny.


  • Easy to understand even if you’re not experienced, investor
  • Established long-term record
  • Teaches others by showing his own buys and sells


  • Aggressive portfolio has suffered significant losses 
  • Needs more variety


Nowadays, there’s a wide range of investment newsletters that can help you get started or keep up with the market. Consider your needs and preferences, visit their websites, and choose the newsletter that suits you the most. Good luck.