Best Monitors For Stock Trading (Day Traders)

As a newbie, you may want to kick-off your trading career on your laptop or phone. However, if you’re really serious about making it big in this competitive world, it’s recommended to get yourself the best monitor for day trading. Indeed, a good monitor can help you access more details on price history. This way, you can spot more support and resistance regions. It’s easy to miss these details if you’re using a miniature screen.

However, in a world full of options, picking the ideal monitor to complement your style of trading requires some research. Luckily, we’ve already done the heavy-lifting for you and here now is a run-down of various stock trading computer monitors.

Top Rated Monitors For Day Trading in 2024

ASUS ProArt Display

1. ASUS ProArt Monitor

There are so many stock trading monitors that claim to be good, but honestly, none of them comes close to the level of sophistication offered by the PA278QV from ASUS. Also known as the gold-standard of a color-critical display, the PA278QV is pre-programmed with the ability to support Adobe RGB, sRGB and SMPTE-C color spaces without any compromises.

In fact, this monitor gives you the freedom to pre-configure one color space for yourself or alternatively use the “Full” gamut mode. Indeed, this monitor surpasses every other unit we have reviewed in terms of screen uniformity and color saturation. What’s more? Thanks to its vast array of calibration options, it stands out as a friendly deal to beginners and pros alike.

On the flipside, though, it goes for a steep price tag meaning that it’s only best to go for it if performance is paramount to your trading life. So, if you’ve reached a point whereby you feel like you’re ready to go full throttle, this might just be the pro screen to bank on.

As its model number suggests, the PA278QV presents you with a 27-inch screen which comes complete with dark gray panels that generously extend an additional 1.4 inches backward to provide adequate ventilation. This goes a long way in keeping this monitor fast and efficient which is definitely a plus every day trader would like to leverage on.

If you’re wondering what ergonomic options this ASUS product offers, then we can confirm that it comes with a swivel of 45-degree left to right flexibility, 35-degree tilt, and 90-degree pivot. There’s also the flexibility of making a 4-inch screen height adjustment.


  • Enhanced ergonomic options
  • Powerful display screen with enhanced contrast
  • Impeccable color reproduction ability with direct black level control
  • Customizable OSD alongside Picture in Picture feature
  • A superior aspect ratio of 16:10 on the 1,920×1,200 pixels backdrop
  • Includes VGA, DVI HDMI, DVI(2) and DisplayPort video pots
  • Nearly 100% uniform backlighting with the industry’s lowest backlight bleed level


  • Extremely pricey
  • A 27-inch screen is small than what its main rivals offer
Dell U2415 24 Inch Led Monitor e1526250729377

2. Dell U2415 Ultra 24-Inch Monitor

You can’t go wrong with an Ultra Range stock trading monitor from Dell. This 24-inch screen, though smaller than the PA272W from NEC, offers superb flexibility at a reasonable price.

Being an IPS LCD monitor that’s loaded with a 1920×1200 resolution makes it a darling to anyone who would like to take note of unique moments on the stock trading market-place.

Thanks to its super-high refresh rate of 60Hz, the screen offers wide viewing angles with an aspect ratio of 16:10 to ensure that you enjoy every bit of your trading journey. Away from the screen itself, the U2415 is small, smart and sturdy. Its stand feels quite stable plus it offers smooth movements with a superb range of ergonomic adjustments.

As far as picture quality is concerned, this monitor produces decent pictures with a respectable contrast ratio. However, its level of contrast isn’t really the best and to add salt to injury the machine doesn’t support variable refresh rates.


  • Built-in power nap feature for enhanced energy efficiency
  • Decent contrast ratio
  • Decent contrast ratio
  • Great body and overall design
  • Adjustable height, pivot, and tilt
  • Above average refresh rate


  • The contrast could have been better
  • Blacks are cloudy
Dell U27117D Ultrasharp 2 e1525198220145

3. Dell U27117D Ultrasharp 27 Inch

A bezel-free QHD monitor can make all the difference in your trading life and that’s pretty much what the U27117D is all about. Designed to deliver crisp-clear and accurately vibrant images, this monitor leaves nothing to chance when it comes to presenting you with a high-quality display.

With a generous screen size of 27 inches and a QHD resolution of 25560×1440, this ultrawide monitor for stock trading offers superb flexibility and enhanced contrast.

What’s more? With a refresh rate of 60Hz, this unit ensures you never miss out of a great moment on the markets. As if that’s not enough, the Ultrasharp monitor from Dell offers a 350 cd/m2 of brightness, making it possible to adjust the screen to your liking. Just to make sure your comfort isn’t compromised on, the machine comes with a pivot, swivel, and tilt.

The external design of this monitor is quite good. We’re talking about the matte black plastics complete with gunmetal accents.

And to crown it all up, the U2717D comes with a USB 3.0 hub which is all you need to charge your mobile phone as you continue to trade the markets. In a nutshell, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to using this super-duper monitor.


  • Superb sRGB coverage
  • Excellent contrast ration that can even be used for photo editing
  • A generous screen size of 27 inches
  • Highly response with a 25ms average input lag
  • Shares slot with industry’s best monitors


  • Feels a little delicate
ASUS PA328Q 4K Ultra HD Professional Monitor e1525198651145

4. ASUS PA328Q 4K Ultra HD

If you’re tired of tolerating a small screen and would like to work with an ultrawide 4K monitor for stock trading, this 32-inch screen from Asus would be something worth mulling over.

In addition to the generous screen size, this monitor offers you a 144Hz refresh rate which gives you a significant advantage especially when faced with a volatile trading scenario.

The professional grade monitor is renowned for its outstanding gray-scale, UHD-image performance. Its display utilizes In-Plane Switching which as you know does a really great job of delivering fantastic color accuracy especially when paired up with I/O ports.

To top it all up, the PA328Q presents you with a 3840×2160 resolution panel which is just enough for you to display all the trading charts you may be interested in watching.

The bezels are extremely thin and black in color, to an extent that the image seems to appear from an unrestricted background. This is a big plus for big-time traders who might be interested in enjoying an abundance of display options.

As far as performance is concerned, this monitor does an incredible job of delivering UHD picture quality with sharp image details and vibrant colors.

Even better, the shades of gray are evenly gradated achieving a clean dark to light contrast. The monitor’s viewing angle is also quite something – there’s no loss of color fidelity or luminance meaning you end up with crisp clear images.

On the flipside, though, despite having a larger screen, this monitor is an underdog compared to the likes of HP DreamColor LP2480ZX and NEC PA272W in terms of performance. However, this difference may only be noticed in gaming and, therefore, this monitor would still be good enough for basic day trading.


  • Superb color and gray-scale
  • Fantastic, wide viewing angles
  • Decent UHD performance
  • Five video connection ports at your disposal
  • Comes with built-in speakers


  • Poor speaker quality (treble)
Dell U4320Q

5. Dell U4320Q Screen LED

This is probably one of the best professional-class monitors to grace the stock trading realm. Armed with a 43-inch QHD screen, this powerful hardware offers a high degree of adjustability and flexibility. With a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, the Dell P Series leaves nothing to chance in ensuring you capture all the subtle details of your trade.

What’s more? The monitor offers a maximum resolution of 3840 x 21609 which as you’ll agree presents you with acres of space so you can monitor every aspect of the volatile markets.

To top it all off, the Dell P Series comes with an ever-reliable Adobe RGB Native Gamut. If you aren’t already aware, the Gamut is home to all color tones and that gives you the flexibility to play around with a wide range of color spaces and sizes as you may wish.

On top of that, this high-end calibration is easy on the eye – meaning you can even stare at the monitor for a whole day without really straining.


  • Energy efficient, consumes 37% less energy compared to CCFL backlit monitors
  • Offers enhanced AdobeRGB color space with 99.3% coverage
  • A superior contrast ratio of 1000:1
  • Offers a generous 340cd/m2 of brightness
  • You can always switch to the picture by picture or picture in picture mode to maximize productivity


  • A bit pricey


As any other business, day trading cannot be done without a few essential works that will give you all the information you need to become a successful day trader.

Depending on your level on day trading, the list above provides you with any book you may need to find out more on this fascinating and complex business, so you can ultimately become profitable and make a living out of it.