Best Options Trading Courses

Looking for a platform where you can learn more about options trading? We have taken a look at some of the best options trading courses along with live-trading classes and here’s our detailed guide list.

Worth noting is that options trading has gained popularity in recent times probably due to the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of capital to get started. Also, if you get the basics right, options trading can prove less risky than stock trading.

Unfortunately, the learning curve for anyone looking to understand the options market can be quite long and tedious. And that’s why you need to work with a competent trainer who can equip you with the skills and the confidence needed to make it big.

Top 5 Courses For Options Trading in 2024

Each one of the courses on our list has been selected after careful examination. And in fact, all of them offer a wide variety of features and benefits to look forward to. This combination ensures that you can find something that works for you no matter your style of trading or level of experience.

Bullseye Trades

1. Bulls Eye Trades

This is an options trading course by Jeff Bishop of the Raging Bull group. Jeff has been trading options over the last two decades and has built a name for himself as one of the most successful and consistent gurus out there.

Key Highlights of this Course

  • Highly experienced and acclaimed trainer who knows a lot about options trading
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate traders alike
  • Live trading along with easy-to-understand videos for your reference
  • No use of jargon, complex terminologies are explained to you
  • Handy FAQs page provided
  • Jeff himself answers any potential questions that may arise

Besides the Bulls Eye Trades system (we'll break it down for you in a few), Jeff has been behind a myriad of other options-related courses.

The Weekly Money Multiplier is one of them. It focuses on the basics of setting up a successful trading portfolio and also has an exclusive video library of how Jeff implements his own trading strategies.

And then there is the Total Alpha Trading program which is designed for those who have tried their luck before and failed. The program provides you with the chance to rehabilitate and renew your approach to trading. And most importantly, it’s pretty easy to get started with it.

Jeff’s Bulls Eye Trades is the doorway to all the knowledge he has about the options market. In it, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the guru’s premium training series “The Launchpad” which covers important topics such as:

  • Options fundamentals
  • Comparing Different Bullish Options Strategies
  • The Basics of Technical Analysis & Charts

Apart from the pre-recorded training, Jeff provides live training in the RagingBull Elite trading room. He does this every other day and at least once every week.

This way, you get to keep up with the guru’s trading patterns and habits. Also, if you’re into copy-trading, you can get to watch him trade so you simply copy his strategy.

And the best part? Signing up for the Bulls Eye Trades options trading course is entirely free (as you get a 7-day free trial). Afterward, you get to pay $399 for a year's worth of subscriptions.


  • 7-Day Free trial available
  • Easy and straightforward onboarding process
  • Guaranteed 1 trade alert every week
  • Frequently live classes now available
  • The trainer has 20+ years of experience


  • Does not come cheap
  • Not ideal for day traders
motley fool options features

2. Motley Fool Options University

Historically, Motley Fool has shied away from anything to do with options trading owing to the high risks associated with it. However, they now seem to be rooting for the opportunities this form of trading can bring to small traders (if done right).

In fact, their premium options training platform currently ranks among the best there is out there. Behind the course are some of the leading financial analysts in the world including Jim Muller who is a CFA-charted analyst.

Key Highlights of This Course

  • A beginner-friendly curriculum spread out for easy learning
  • Backed by the reliability commonly associated with the Motley Fool brand
  • Training that can potentially double the returns you'd make from stocks alone
  • Claimed to have an 86% profitability rate

Having been in the business of giving investment advice since 1993, there's something about Motley Fool that you can't find anywhere else. And in a world where very few so-called investment gurus can be trusted, this company provides an oasis of hope for anyone looking to leverage the immense potential of options trading.

What's the cost? Well, the subscription cost for Motley Fool Options University stands at $999 a year. And while that's not necessarily cheap, we believe it's a small price to pay for the kind of quality and assurance you get in return.

Picture this, their Stock Advisor service has been beating the market since time immemorial. And so far, their options alerts service isn't doing badly either.

The curriculum of their Options U course comprises the basics along with advanced training on stuff like how to protect your portfolio and how to bet against the market.


  • Easy, snackable learning
  • Home to some of the best experts in the game
  • Ideal for beginners & intermediate learners
  • New options alerts each month
  • Live streaming even during market hours


  • Price might be steep for beginners on a budget
blackbox stocks

3. Black Box Stocks

If interpersonal learning is your thing, Black Box Stocks will certainly be your best bet. Behind this brand is a vibrant community of traders who freely discuss and share ideas. And let’s not forget that Black Box Stocks is home to one of the most reliable unusual options activity scanners out there.

Key Highlights of This Course

  • This program has a bit of everything for everyone
  • Most of their courses and webinars are available free of charge (to subscribers)
  • Backed by a powerful unusual options activity scanner
  • Provides you with high-quality charts and charting features
  • Their Fly-on-the-Wall newsfeed is quite well-equipped and easy-to-use

With regard to options trading training, the company offers a variety of training programs including free classes under the BlackBox Bootcamp.

The bootcamp is provided twice every week and covers the basics of options and stock trading. It also enlightens you on the dos and don’ts of using the features of the platform.

Interested in advanced options training? You can sign-up for continuing education at no extra cost. However, you’ll be required to book a slot in advance in order to access their live training sessions.

One thing we like about BlackBox is that it gives you a bit of everything. From the opportunity to interact with likeminded traders to training and market insights you need to be successful in options trading.

However, if you are looking for something specifically tailored for you, you might want to look elsewhere. As a primarily free options trading course, Black Box Stocks falls short of expectations with regard to personalization.


  • Free training materials and webinars for all subscribers
  • A warm community of traders to facilitate inter-personal learning
  • Continuous learning (Rather than one-off training)
  • Simple and easy-to-understand design
  • Amazing newsfeed for real-time updates


  • You have to be a subscriber to enjoy the free training
  • The curriculum could be deeper
options geeek homepage

4. Options Geek

One thing that makes the Options Geek options trading training tick is the “3 Steps to Profit” course. It is a well-thought-out program that comes packed with in-depth information about trading options.

Key Highlights of This Course

  • In-depth options trading training broken down into easy-to-understand nuggets
  • Complex concepts are broken down and simplified for you
  • Training by an experienced Wall Street veteran (alumnus of Wharton)
  • Educates you on low-risk options trading approaches

Behind this program is a famed options trading expert by the name Felix Frey. He’s a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), a leading investment banker, and above all a Wall Street veteran with more than two decades of experience.

His program is primarily designed for anyone who is struggling with the basics. So, when you sign up, you are welcomed with a letter that breaks down the three aspects of his course “3 Steps to Profit.” The three steps are

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Profits

The only problem with this approach is that it requires you to be patient. The trainer starts all his training sessions with education because he believes in empowering the mind. This is a departure from a world where some so-called trainers seem to put the promise of profits before everything else.

With regard to technology, Felix provides a tool he calls “The New Options Chain” which enables you to analyze the markets with ease. You simply need to enter the stock symbol, set a target price and your level of confidence and the system will give you the clues you need to make accurate trades.

The guru also provides live training as well as access to his old live options training recordings.

Taking all these points into account, we feel that this is easily one of the most comprehensive options trainings available currently.

How much does this course cost? This course requires a one-off payment of $397. Yup, you read that right.

However, that payment only qualifies you for options education, access to a private community, and 1-month worth of access to trade alerts under “Winning Picks.”

After that one-month elapses, you’ll need to part with $197 per month for the Winning Picks (or $1997 per annum).


  • Clear emphasis on education over a quick profit
  • Useful technological tools provided
  • A beginner-friendly approach to learning
  • Live options trading seminars provided
  • The trainer has a good history


  • The “Winning Picks” package can be pricy for beginners
options insider stragies homepage

5. Option Strategies Insider

Operated by a legendary trader called Chris Douthit, Option Strategies Insider is a training and alerts service worth checking out. It comprises various packages all targeting different trading strategies and levels of experience.

Key Highlights of This Course

  • Courses designed for beginner and intermediate traders alike
  • Live webinars provided on a regular basis
  • Intelligently designed training hub split into 3 distinctive sections
  • 6 Trading alerts per month

Chris boasts 20 years of experience in the options industry and from his trainings, you can tell that he’s really good at what he does. Talking about training, his training modules are normally divided into three sections.

The first section comprises eight (8) lessons targeting complete beginner. It’s called the “Beginning Options” package and mainly comprises introductory topics.

The second section comprises six (6) lessons meant for intermediate traders. The 6 lessons package contains some highly converting ideas and strategies. In fact, Chris claims that since he started the training, he has maintained a 90% success rate.

The third and final phase of the training module is known as “Advanced Options Strategies” and comprises 11 lessons. As the name suggests, this is the kind that’s designed to make you completely independent so you can formulate your own trading strategies.

Some of the key strategies covered in the advanced phase of this training include:

  • Long vertical spread
  • Iron condor
  • Strangle
  • Straggle
  • Butterfly Spread
  • Calendar Spread

What about the cost? You might be wondering. And well, the good news is that Option Strategies Insider is actually available for free. The free membership entitles to access to video materials that can help you master the basics at your own pace. However, the free training might not be enough to make you a pro and that’s where the executive membership package comes in.

The paid membership package will cost you some ninety-seven bucks per month or $970 if you shoot for the full-year package. And for that, you get to access Chris’ most advanced training package along with 6 trade alerts every month.

Do 6 alerts per month sound inadequate to you? There’s an ultra-membership package available for those looking for extra trade alerts with a potential for as much as 300% returns. However, to access that package you need to cough out $167 per month or $1,670 if you go for the annual package.


  • Highly experienced options trader and trainers
  • Well-structured learning materials
  • Free package is available for 60% of the materials
  • The packages are reasonably priced


  • 6 trade alerts might prove too few for active day traders


The learning curve for mastering options trading can be long, tedious, and even downright frustrating. And this is why it is important to identify and enroll in good options trading courses. Good trainers know how to handle new students. They also can make it easy to start making profitable trades in a couple of months.

The good news is, all the courses on this list are quite well made. And so, if that’s what you’re after, you now know where to sign up.