Best Stock Research Websites

The art of investing, buying, selling, and trading is one that requires a lot of research and foresight. Getting opinions from experts isn’t such a bad idea, either. Naturally, we seek out reliable sources to help us make responsible trading decisions. 

But with so many sites out there, which ones are the Best Stock Research Websites? We’ve narrowed it down for you. 

Each site is great for research about your preferred method of trading; some are more suited to a certain style than others. Just what do we mean? Jump to the next section to find out.

Top Stock Research News For Beginners in 2024

Here’s what you came for- the best stock research websites we found so far.

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1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool has been around as long as we can remember, and for a good reason- they’re the go-to for those that want a solid stock recommendation. They are great at picking winners, and the average return is 30% higher than the overall stock market in the past two years.

A person’s long-term success can really be impacted by such a solid website. If a person was to invest $10,000, that means an extra $3000 in their pocket. It puts you at a great advantage!

Aside from monthly recommendations emailed to you twice each month, you get great analysis and updates about individual stocks, plus various market sectors. It’s a great place to begin your queries when thinking about investing in a new sector. It’s a great way to find out about a particular stock- is it undervalued, overvalued? Motley Fool can help. 

The news and analysis part of The Motley Fool is entirely free. However, their newsletter costs $100 per year or $19 a month.


  • Great track record of picking winning stocks
  • Great for beginners and vets alike
  • There is no obligation to invest in any stock recommendations


  • Tech analysis is not so great. 
  • Users complained that once they signed up, marketing emails appeared in their inboxes.
benzinga homepage

2. Benzinga Pro

The first thing to know about this site is that it will cost to use- no free stuff here. That being said, there is a real value-add when you do pay for the service.  

Firstly, their charting is done via TradingView- instead of dealing with a wonky proprietary viewer, you have a program we all know and love. 

Second, everything is real time. Yes, some sites may offer you free updates, but with a five minute or so delay. It gets you all you need the second it happens. There is even a “squawk box,” which can deliver you the info before it hits the media.

The news feed is very fast loading. Benzinga has its own writers, meaning the news hits quickly, and they don’t need to glean info from other sources before it gets to you. You can select categories of news that mean the most to your trades.

The screener service is minimalist, but it is practical. Using the filters provided, you can see how the news has affected a particular company or stock.

All in all, the fact that you can get your news straight from the wire and, in real-time, makes a HUGE difference.


  • News comes to you direct
  • Their “News Desk” feature puts you directly in touch with analysts
  • Screener offers helpful filters such as Period and Session


  • The service is pricey- $99 for Basic plan. 
  • Their focus is primarily equities.  
finviz homepage

3. Finviz

Those of you with a fundamental trading style, listen up. This a site that features free, classic trading tools that fundamental traders like yourself swear by. You get free data for futures, currencies, stock markets, and crypto.

We noted the site hasn’t really changed a lot in the past ten years. It is not necessarily a bad thing- the site is still quite intuitive and is excellent for scanning and fundamental research. All you need to do is type in the symbol, and quickly, the information you can use populates.

They offer plenty of good reading material; we personally like the “Top Gains and Losses” lists offered on their site. These lists show you top stock gains and losses during a particular day. You will also find news from helpful sources like Bloomberg right on the site. 

Add in the fact that they have technical analysis scans and their results posted- things like channel movements, support, and resistance alerts- and you have a website that just keeps on winning. 


  • Scan results can be displayed in list form, heat maps, and bubble charts
  • Scanner parameters are very advanced
  • Site layout is simple and classic.


  • Free tools are nice, but get ready for lots of ads
  • Realtime data not given unless you are a FinViz elite member.
zacks trades

4. Zacks

It is another excellent research platform, and they are what you might call a “jack of all trades” sort of site. They have lots of functionalities on their site, but no specific or standout strong suits. Lots of info is offered for free on their site, so it is hard to see where they really shine.

Market news, personal finance, and financial news are all offered as part of Zacks. You can easily see how a stock is performing by typing the symbol into the search bar.

Immediately, research comes up that is pertinent to your style: on the left, fundamental traders will find deeper information about the stock. For technical analysis, Zacks is integrated with TradingView to bring you charts that will get you the info you need- and it’s done with a charting platform we all know and love. 

Indeed, I found the site to be complicated whilst first using it, and if I were an absolute beginner, I would probably get frustrated trying to figure it out. However, many free tools are worth it.


  • Many of the tools you find on the site are totally free. Includes tools for both fundamental and technical analysis
  • Includes tools for both fundamental and technical analysis
  • Analyst ratings are used to categorize stocks into “growth, income, or momentum” types.


  • Best suited for experienced traders- some data and tools are not suited for beginners. 
  • The website is quite complicated for beginners.
tradingview main page

5. TradingView

It is the best thing yet for investors with a primary focus on technical analysis /charting. There are free resources to enjoy, and their charts are used on many other finance education and stock research websites.  

The entire stock industry accepts TradingView’s standards. It is the place for you if you want to examine a stock based on trading indicators and charts. However, those with a tendency toward fundamental analysis will want to stay away as this is not the site’s primary focus.

As you might expect, data on this free site is somewhat limited, and the data is not real-time. However, you can subscribe to get such services; prices range from $5 to $100 and up based on the exchanges you’re subscribed to.


  • The site has many free resources
  • Those looking to do stock research will find plenty of information
  • Charts are smooth and utilized on other popular trading sites 


  • No real-time data unless you subscribe
  • Not ideal for those seeking fundamental analysis

Different Types of Stock Research Platforms

Perhaps you’ve gone on the hunt for a good research site, and you’ve noticed the many different “shapes” these sites take.  

For example, some focus upon showing you stocks available for purchase right away, while others are a bit more hands-off and focus on offering tools or add-ons you can use in your own trading adventures.

Here are some of the more common varieties you will find: 

1. Recommendation Sites

Are you curious about a stock on your watchlist, or have you seen a stock in the news you’re wondering about? Check out a stock recommendation site. Their job is to show you companies worth looking into, using that particular company’s technical or fundamental merits.

You can use these sites to discover new stocks or zoom in on a solid pick. Make sure you look at WHY the site is recommending it to you: is it fundamentals, or is it a technical pattern? These sites aren’t the end all, be all- you will need to do your own research before you buy a stock.

2. News Sites

We aren’t talking CNN here. These are financial news sites and include research aimed at traders in both long term and short term. The articles are written in a manner that lets you discover new stock choices and tools you can use to research them.

These tools sometimes use algorithms to recommend you stocks you might be interested in. They use your trading history, watchlist, and more to keep you in the loop.

What Does It Mean: Fundamental V. Technical?

You have to find a site that is best tailored to your trading style in order to get the most out of it. Are you a short-term trader? Then research that identifies chart patterns and tools geared toward technical analysis are going to be your go-to.

These sites offer tools that include alert features, scanners with filters relevant to what you seek, and advanced charts to study. 

If you are a long-term investor, fundamental research tools are going to be what you want. These tools seek to discover long-term trends of a particular industry and calculate fair value. These tools are great for taking critical financial info and comparing it between companies in a specific industry.

Common tools include scanners. However, you will find the filter options will be less targeted chart patterns and more about financial data.


Thank you for reading! We hope this article has been helpful for you as you perform research and analysis related to stocks you’d like to buy.