Best Stock Trading Schools

Every day we get bombarded with all kinds of ads and case studies that laud the benefits of stock trading. However, stock trading is not something you can easily dive into and make it. It takes training to become a consistently successful trader.

Whether you’re just getting started or simply looking for a way to beef up your current strategy, few things can contribute to your success as much as undertaking a well-made trading course. You know, the best stock trading schools do more than just teach you how to open and close trades – they help you develop the flexibility you need to gain financial independence over time.

Luckily, you don’t need to meet the super-competitive criteria required for the Harvard School of business to join these institutions. There are quite a few reputable trading schools that teach you virtually everything you need to know no matter your background or level of experience.

Best Training Schools for Stock Traders in 2024

Now that you have a rough idea of what it takes to identify a good stock trading school, let's delve deeper into some fantastic options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders alike.

benzinga hot to trade stocks

1. Benzinga Pro’s “How to Trade Stocks”

Benzinga is known for many nice things and particularly its powerful newsfeed. But did you know that they're also behind one of the best training programs for stock traders?

Their “How to Trade Stocks” course goes for a one-off $47 fee. Yup, you read that right. $47 is one of the lowest fees charged by online trading training schools of repute.

So, what’s contained in this massive course? Well, the course is made up of 7 modules, each one of them covering a different stock-trading-related lesson.

The first two lessons cover the most basic of all topics i.e. “Why Trade” and “How to Pick a Broker.” Those two courses are only important if you’re a complete beginner, but if you’re an intermediate trader, you’d probably be better off skipping them and focusing on the other five.

Of the seven, the two that caught our attention are Module 5 (Technical and Indicators), and Module 7 (Trading Psychology). The discussion about technical analysis and indicators covers some practical techniques that one can use to enhance their trading strategy. Also, the topic on trading psychology is extremely important as it helps you to acquire trading discipline in all kinds of situations.


  • Affordably priced
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Friendly user interface
  • Top instructors involved
  • Benzinga is a highly trusted brand


  • Advanced traders might find it too basic
investors underground e1534188069432

2. Investors Underground Day Trading Courses

If you’re one of those who find the course by Benzinga too basic for your liking, you might want to sample out some of the courses offered by Investors Underground (IU).

Home to 1000+ pre-recorded video lessons and live trading sessions, IU provides you with a hands-on approach to mastering the art of trading stocks.

One of their most popular courses goes by the name Textbook Trading and is all about beginner training. It comprises over 8 hours of content and covers everything you need to know to get started trading on the right footing.

Then there’s the Swing Trading course and as its name suggests, this is a training package meant to prepare you for the ebbs and flows of swinging.

The course (Swing Trading) comprises over 6 hours of content and covers all manner of topics among them:

  • Swing trading methodology & strategy
  • Chart analysis & trade management
  • High probability chart patterns
  • Tools of the Trade

Behind the Swing Trading course is a seasoned instructor called Michele Koenig who boasts over 20 years of experience. 

The Textbook Trading course is by Nathan Michaud who needs no introduction as he is the man behind the entire Investors Underground brand.

Another highlight of the IU line-up of stock trading courses is the Tandem Trader manual. It comprises 12 hours of content along with live commentary from Nathan Michaud himself during trading hours.

What you get in this school is probably one of the most comprehensive and result-oriented training programs available out there. However, their services don't come cheap.


  • Great learning materials
  • Friendly user interface
  • Interactive training provided
  • Investors Underground is a trusted brand name
  • Experienced instructors


  • Pricey packages
  • Complete newbies might get overwhelmed
The Bellrock Accelerator

3. The Bellrock Accelerator by Silvia Bellrock

Silvia Bellrock has over a decade of training experience and once even had her work featured on Benzinga. Today, she’s behind The Bellrock Accelerator course which is fast gathering pace.

Now, there are two things we absolutely love about this course. The first one is that the course is beginner-friendly and so if you find Investors Underground too challenging, you might find Silvia's approach a lot easier to grasp. Besides that, the first 40 minutes of this course are available entirely for free allowing to gauge whether this course is really the perfect choice for you or not.

The free part of this course covers several introductory concepts among them:

  • The Basics of Technical Analysis
  • Trends
  • Support
  • Resistance
  • Market cycles

Should you determine that this is the right course for you, you can pay-up and continue with other advanced courses such as “Technical Analysis for Reopening Stocks” and “How to Scan for Growth Stocks.”

An important part of this course is that it has an entire section that’s all about risk management. The reason why we think this part of training is extremely important is that no matter what you do, you’ll one way or another open a couple of loss-making trades.

With the kind of risk management training offered by Bellrock you'll be able to cut down such losses and maximize your profitable outcomes.


  • Partly free
  • Experienced instructor
  • Great course outline
  • Good customer support
  • Friendly user-interface


  • Mostly suited for beginners and intermediates
  • The Bellrock brand is relatively new out there
bulls on wall street e1534188563383

4. Bulls on Wallstreet

Bulls on Wallstreet has been running these “streets” since 2008. During that time, they have established themselves as a leading name in the provision of stock trading education.

Their 60-Day Bootcamp course is one that particularly captures many a trader’s imaginations. The beginner-friendly course comprises 4 phases and its curriculum is designed to last for at least 60 days.

The first phase of the course is all about prepwork and it involves getting acclimatized to the workings of its modules. For instance, first-time learners are taught the basics such as how to set up the charting platform. They are also taken through the course’s documentation and given a chance to introduce themselves to the discord community.

Phase 2 is where the much-needed Live Trading classes kick in (lasting for up to 30 days). At this stage, you'll learn the fundamentals of stock trading. The goal is to provide you with a firm foundation and the structure you need to be able to take on advanced trading principles.

The third phase of the program differs from the second one in the sense that you get to transition from theoretical sessions to practical application sessions. This stage also presents you with a golden chance to join the Bull’s swing trading chatroom.

The final phase is primarily a review phase during which you are let free to complete assignments and set targets this being a part of making an independent trader out of you.


  • Awesome curriculum
  • Skilled trainers
  • Good customer support
  • Live, interactive classes
  • Ideal for beginners & intermediates


  • Quite pricey
  • Not much value in it for advanced traders
warrior trading

5. Warrior Trading Training Courses

A brainchild of the renowned Ross Cameron, Warrior Trading is one of the few companies enjoying a solid A-rating on the Better Business Bureau. But how do they measure up to some of the leading stock trading schools out there? Well, Warrior-Trading is head and shoulders above the competition, and here's why.

First off, they provide you with a well-defined curriculum which enables you to easily get acclimatized to the training in a short time. Most cookie-cutter training programs out there barely have a functional curriculum and so they throw everything at you irrespective of your level of experience.

Besides that, Warrior Trading is backed by a powerful chat room along with a real-time trading simulator. And don’t get us started on the fact that they provide one of the best mentorship programs known to us.

Their stock trading course is provided in two packages. The first one is known as Warrior Starter and comprises 15 chapters and covers basic topics among them.

  • Becoming a Day Trader
  • Technical Analysis
  • Scanning 101
  • The Psychology of training (among others)

Then there is a second phase of the training where advanced courses are provided among them. This is known as Warrior Pro and covers topics such as:

  • Gap and Go Trading
  • Momentum Trading
  • Reversal Trading
  • How to Develop a Trading Program
  • Swing Trading Strategies
  • Options Trading 101 (to mention but a few)

In a nutshell, the Warrior Pro course primarily covers specific trading strategies that you can use to power up your performance moving forward.


  • High quality educational materials
  • Seasoned trainers and mentors
  • Well-made curriculum
  • Long-term support for budding traders
  • Warrior Trading is a highly reputed brand


  • Pricey membership packages
  • Not ideal for risk avoidance strategies
mindful trader homepage

6. Mindful Trader by Eric Fergusson

Mindful Trader is widely regarded as a go-to stock-picking service by most people. But did you know it also doubles up as a fantastic training hub?

The platform by Eric Fergusson contains an entire sub-section entirely dedicated to stock education. And for $47 per month you get to access all that in addition to trading alerts among other goodies.

The education component of Mindful Trader is good in the sense that the trainer himself is down-to-earth and patient with his students. This, therefore, gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

What’s more, his training sessions are rarely about theoretical stuff. I mean, it’s easy to learn theories on free stock trading training platforms and YouTube videos so you don’t need to pay for those. With Eric’s training you only pay to learn his time-tested trading strategy.

For instance, part of his training entails a list of stocks that he normally works with. Besides that, he educates you about the list of indicators that he likes to use. He also talks about situations when he uses discretion perhaps as a risk management technique.

In a nutshell, when you opt for Mindful Trader you get more than just access to learning materials. You enjoy access to a full suite of tools that you can use to transform from a beginner to a seasoned and independent investor.


  • It’s a steep learning curve for complete beginners
  • Backtested results
  • High degree of transparency
  • Likeable trainer
  • Friendly user interface


  • Monthly subscription cost
  • One-man show
eagle investors

7. Eagle Academy by Eagle Investors

There are thousands of stock trading academies in the world. However, most of their valuable information is either totally disorganized or scattered. This is why it is so difficult to get the kind of knowledge you need to trade successful.

This is where Eagle Academy by Eagle Investors comes in. They own a well-thought-out course structure which starts off with the simpler easy-to-understand stuff before delving deeper into the advanced stuff.

Some of their advanced training courses include portfolio management, market analysis, technical analysis, and risk management.

And the best part is that most of their course content is available free of charge.

Granted, since this is a free for all project, it’s reasonable to expect it not to be of the highest quality possible. But if all you’re looking for is a platform with learning materials that are well organized for you, then Eagle Academy should suffice.

But if you’re looking for advanced stuff, complete with mentorship opportunities, you’d be better off subscribing to one of their premium plans – the cheapest one goes for $37 per month.


  • Mostly free for all
  • Advanced packages available
  • Vibrant community & discord channel
  • 24/7 market analysis
  • Awesome curriculum


  • Limited market variety


Learning is a very important part of becoming a consistently successful trader. Remember that change is always constant. It’s either you’re the disruptor or the disrupted.

Each one of the stock trading academies we have reviewed above has the potential to make you a disruptor. However, each one of them also has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use the details we’ve provided you with to narrow down to that one course that will breathe new life to your trading strategy going forward.