BGASC Review

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BGASC is a leading online retailer of gold and silver coins, bars, and rounds. With a focus on customer service and competitive pricing, BGASC has become a popular choice for both seasoned investors and first-time buyers looking to add precious metals to their portfolio.

Of late, there has been a considerable surge in the global gold demand owing to the increasing uncertainty and inflation levels in the financial markets. As such, many investors and collectors are looking for more reliable and stable investment options.

BGASC, as an online retailer, deals in precious metals, currency, and rare coins. Most investors seeking to add physical assets to their investment portfolio perceive the company as a trusted source from which they can access quality coins and bars.

This BGASC review will cover what the platform offers and how it helps you build a secure financial future.

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BGASC Overview

BGASC Homepage

In full, BGASC means Buy Gold And Silver Coins. This is a privately owned company located in the U.S. and deals in precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum coins.

The company was founded in 2012 and has constantly provided its clients with a vast precious metals inventory. Its primary product for investors seeking to invest their cash is gold and silver coins.

Why Buy From BGASC?

Here are some reasons to go for BGASC as your investment partner in a market with many companies retailing precious metals:

  • Wide selection of products to choose from. 
  • The company retails its products at very competitive prices.
  • They also provide 100% secure trades online and by phone. 
  • The company provides fast shipping of products you purchase. While in transit, the products are insured, so they are safe.
  • The company has a dedicated customer service team ready to assist you with any issues or queries.

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BGASC Custodians and Preferred depositors

For custodial services, BGASC customers have several options to choose from.

Their first Self-directed IRA custodian is GoldStar Trust Company. They provide custody of investments such as Precious metals IRAs, church bonds, privately offered investments, and real estate IRAs.

The other preferred Self -directed IRA custodian is Equity Trust. With this custodian, you get to grow your wealth your way, exclusive benefits not found with any other self-directed account custodian, and leading-edge technology to simplify your investing.

Another preferred custodian is Strata Trust Company. With over 350 years of collective experience, over 40,000 empowered investors, and over $4 billion in assets under custody, the company can provide straightforward self-directed IRA options to empower you to carve out your retirement investments.

BGASC also has a preferred depository, A-M Global Logistics, LLC. This is a full-service depository located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It provides top-tier depository storage alongside other services such as shipping, evaluation, and fulfillment.

What Investment-Grade Products Does BGASC Sell?

BGASC Products


BGASC allows you to invest in gold products. 

Gold is a good investment option since it is not directly related to other assets such as bonds or stocks. As such, its price is less likely to be affected by fluctuations in other asset classes, thus reducing your overall portfolio risk.

Some of the gold products BGASC provides include American Eagles, Maple Leafs, and American Buffalos.


Silver is a good investment option since it is perceived as a safe-haven asset. This means that it can shield you in times of uncertainty. So if you are looking to preserve your wealth in difficult times and when tension is running high, silver would be an ideal asset to invest in.

Some of the silver products they provide include American Silver Eagles, Maple Leafs, and Valcambi Suisse Bars among others.


Platinum is another good short-term investment option available on the BGASC platform. This is because platinum normally performs well when the economy is growing. When the industrial and manufacturing sectors boom, the prices of platinum also tend to shoot up. Thus, it provides more immediate returns than other precious metals.

Some platinum products BGASC provides include Platinum American Eagle and Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf.


Palladium is a good precious metal to add to your investment portfolio since there is a strong anticipation of it being scarce in the future. On the other hand, its industrial demand will continue growing. This imbalance between tight supply and high demand suggests high palladium prices in the future.

Some palladium products BGASC provides include American Palladium Eagle and Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf.


BGASC also gives you a chance to invest in copper products.

Copper is a good investment option since its prices are growing more than any other precious metal. Despite being cheaper than silver and gold, its value is more likely to increase due to its increase in demand.

Some copper products BGASC provides include Walking Liberty Copper Round and Bitcoin Commemorative Copper Round.

IRA Precious Metals and Rollover Process

Being an open and transparent company, Buy Gold and Silver Coins is clear about its rollover process. Transitioning from 401(k) to precious metal IRA with this company is pretty straightforward. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Open a self-directed IRA account

The persons who make sure that your IRA account satisfies all the IRS standards are the IRA custodians. So notify your custodian of your intention to open a Self-Directed IRA and buy precious metals from Buy Gold And Silver Coins.

If you don't have any favorite custodians, you can settle on one from BGASC’s list of recommended custodians. The custodian you choose will assist you in selecting the most dependable gold depository.

Step 2: Fund your IRA account

After opening your Self -Directed IRA, you need to deposit funds to it. The IRA custodian you settle on should be able to assist you with this process.

Your custodian will then notify BGASC of your contribution once you fund your account. Now, you are set to order precious metals from BGASC.

Step 3: Buy products approved if your IRA

After successfully opening and funding your account, you can now reach out to BGASC for them to facilitate your purchase of IRA-eligible precious metals in their catalog.

The minimum purchase amount for IRAs is $30,000, handled specially over the phone.

During the delivery of IRA precious metals from BGASC to your preferred depository up to their storage, the precious metal products are properly insured and sufficiently protected. 

Upon the arrival of the products at your preferred depository, your IRA custodian will inform you. 

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How Good Is Their Customer Support?

Buy Gold And Silver Coins has decent customer support. They provide a toll-free phone number and an email address, which you can use in case you have any issues or need further clarification.

In addition, they have social media handles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You can find the links to this on their website’s footer. However, the company is not active on these social media platforms, so you may not get speedy customer support if you reach out to them using these.

The company also provides a quick contact form on its website. You can use this to get answers to several issues such as orders, shipping, precious metals IRA, and other general questions. All you need to do is fill in your accurate details in the form and state your issue to be sure to receive a response. 

Customer Reviews

Trustpilot states that BGASC has 4.8/5 stars, an excellent rating. 87% of the total ratings are solid 5 stars, meaning that most customers are satisfied with the company's services and products.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), BGASC has 4.1/5 stars, which is still good. Some customers commented that they received great customer service with very reasonable pricing.

There are also a few negative comments on the two platforms that you should note and do more research on.

Accepted Payment Methods

Buy Gold And Silver Coins accept several payment options. This makes it flexible to accommodate a wider clientele. The payment methods they accept include:

  • PayPal, credit, or debit card
  • Paper check by mail
  • Bank wire/ bank transfer
  • ACH/ eCheck
  • Crypto
  • Google pay
  • Apple pay

Is BGASC legit?

Yes, BGASC is legit. It has been in business since 2012, which is now 11 years. Over this period, people have interacted with their products and services, which have been delivered as expected.


Are there minimums or maximums when selling to BGASC?

When selling to BGASC, the minimum is $1,000, and there is no maximum.

Do they charge sales tax?

BGASC charges sales tax. However, the amounts and products to which taxes apply are determined by individual state laws.


  • Offers precious metals at reasonable prices
  • Safe payment systems
  • Shipped products are delivered on time
  • All shipments are insured
  • Free shipping for $5,000+ items
  • Tracking number provided for items


  • Doesn’t ship outside USA
  • 3-day return period (too short)


Whether you seek to purchase gold bars, high-value coins, start a tax-advantaged IRA, or sell precious metals, Buy Gold And Silver Coins can assist you in achieving your goals.

It is a superb company that has received many positive reviews from its customers, thus indicating its legitimacy. In addition, the Better Business Bureau recognizes it as trustworthy.

Generally, it is a solid company since it has been straightforward and honest with all its customers from the onset. This has enabled it to maintain its proficiency within the industry.

With such a stellar reputation, it’s worth considering BGASC for your precious metal investment needs.

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