Binary Options VS Classic Options: The Difference

In the modern world of investments, people have been interested in digital investments for quite a few years. There has been a lot of attraction for bitcoin and cryptocurrency in recent years. However, the majority of the hype and attraction is received by binary options. Another one of the trading options is the classic option, also known as the day trading option. Both these digital investments are a way to make or lose money, but each with very different rules and strategies.

A binary option is an option in which the outcome totally depends on the result of the proposition of a yes or no market. People trading via binary options will face a complete gain or a complete loss. In contrast, a classic option is an option in which propositions are opened and closed several times during the same trading session. The investor’s profit or loss will depend on a number of factors rather than just one.

With such interesting and advantageous options of digital trading to choose from, people are compelled to know the difference between two of those very popular trading options, binary and classic. This is why, in this article, we have discussed some of the very important differences between these two options so that traders can have a better insight before choosing their form of investment. 

Differences between binary options and classic options

The difference in style of trading

The outcome of the binary option completely depends on the yes or no proposition. A binary trader will either make a set amount of loss or a set amount of profit. In a classic option, the propositions are opened and closed several times during the same trading session. In this kind of trading, the profit and loss of the investor will depend on many factors, such as the number of shares, entry price, exit prices, the number of contracts that the investor bought, and more.

Period of expiration

Binary options have long expiration periods, whereas classic options can have short-term as well as long-term expirations. For example, classic options can have expirations as short as a week or as long as a year. However, in binary options, the time interval for placing a bet is only sixty seconds, which is done mostly without conducting any research.


In binary options, the trading of the contract is not allowed. You would have to hold the contract until one of the two possible outcomes is concluded. Plus, in the binary option, there isn’t a possibility for trading as you will be trading against the broker. In options trading, you can trade and sell options with other traders before you reach the end of your expiry period.

Limitation of profits

Binary options have a limited amount of profitability when compared with options trading, which gives a wide array of profits. This is because, as long as the rate of the asset increases, the number of profits will increase as well, which means that a trader can receive an unlimited percentage of profits if things work out in their favor. In contrast, a binary option has only seventy-five percent of the rate of the asset, so it offers only a fixed, limited percentage of profit to the trader in the case of winning.

Percentages of losses

Binary options have a defined risk of awards and losses. The customers are provided with the certainty of maximum losses, that they will face a loss of eighty-five percent of their initial investment if the outcome of their trading is negative. Whereas, in classic options, the customers are too provided with the certainty of maximum losses, but they will face a loss of a hundred percent from their initial investment.

Accreditation on a public exchange platform

Classic options trading involves the trading of contracts that are listed on authentic public exchanges. They can be bought and stored as equity in your asset. However, binary options are not financial instruments and are not listed on authentic public exchanges. This is because it is like a computer program on which you place your bets, which is the same as doing so in a physical game or casino.

Money deposition

Depositing money for a classical option is very hard when compared to a binary option. This is because classical options work with authorized financial institutes, which are bound by the law not to accept money through credit cards as it would not be the trader’s own money. Whereas depositing money in binary options is extremely easy as they are not bound by the rules of the financial institutions.


As discussed in the article, there are quite a handful of differences between binary options and trading options. Binary options are often considered as a synonym for gambling, and if you are good at doing so, then binary trading is the one to give a shot to. Plus, the stakes of losses and profits are known in binary options, which makes it easier for the trader to decide if he wants to buy the option or not.