Biotech Breakouts Review




Biotech Breakouts is a financial analysis and research platform focused on the biotech industry. It provides investors and traders with resources and tools to stay up-to-date on market trends and developments and identify high-potential investment opportunities.

I’m broke. I have a full-time job in a low-income area, and my bills are barely getting paid. In the world of Upwork, Guru, and Fiver, you’d think it’d be easy to make money online.

I was getting tired of scrolling through suspicious-looking freelance jobs online. It occurred to me: trading stock! So here I am, sharing the gospel of Biotech Breakouts.

Are you barely getting by on $10 an hour? Are you exhausted after work? Are you coming home to work on a meager paying online job for 4 more hours?

I get it. It is going to be an in-depth and honest review because I understand completely. No one should be tired, broke, and financially frustrated constantly.

What’s Biotech Breakouts All About?

biotech trades

First thing’s first: Biotech Breakouts is not a trading algorithm. If you want an app to place trades for you, look somewhere else.

Biotech Breakouts is an educational service. It offers some programs that teach and advise you on how to approach trading biotech stocks.

I will be the first to admit that I was a little iffy when I first discovered it. Kyle Dennis founded biotech Breakouts in 2016. He was previously a student of Jason Bond, who runs a similar trading advisory program.

Dennis graduated UCLA in 2012 with $80,000 in debt. By 2015, he was a millionaire just from trading stock. That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Why Biotech Breakouts?

It sounds too good to be true. The company had a Cinderella story beginning. Why Biotech Breakouts and not some other service?

I looked it up. It has 4.6 stars on Statistically, out of 26 trades, 15 saw an average gain of 17.6%.

One customer updated their review after a week of joining Biotech Breakouts. There total profit after only 7 days was over $4000.

Customers weren’t the only ones singing its praises. Biotech Breakouts has also been featured on several prominent financial news websites. These include; Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, TheStreet and Seeking Alpha.

Everyone else was saying it worked. It does what it said it would do: taught you how to make money trading biotech stock.

How Does Biotech Breakouts Do It?

Biotech stocks are known to be volatile. They can be unpredictable, and stocks can plunge, or spike based on FDA approval. So, Biotech Breakouts offers 4 different services that help you up your trading game.

These 4 services are:

1. Sniper Report Service

Sniper Report is an introductory subscription – Kyle Dennis took the leading 1% of all his trades and included them in a report. Sniper Report is meant to focus on trades that will return 100% to 300% per trade.

Sniper Report includes the following:

  • Entry Price Alert
  • Initial Stop Target and Loss Target Prices
  • Exit Price Alerts
  • Daily Trade Updates
  • Trade Concept Reasoning and Research
  • For just the introductory service, all of these perks kind of blew my mind.

2. FDA Insider Alerts

I mentioned that biotech stocks are fickle. That’s where FDA Insider Alerts can really help you out. It has a 3-step process that picks biotech stocks with the most potential before they get FDA approval.

The goal of this program is to hold companies anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks. It’s not something that’s really helpful for day trading.

FDA Insider Alerts includes:

  • FDA Events and Daily Watch List
  • Expert Top and Commentary
  • Priority Catalyst Buy and Sell Alerts via text and email
  • Educational Guides and Library

3. Option Rocket

Option Rocket includes:

  • Wide Range of Options Trades
  • Educational Support
  • Tools to Help Up Your Option Trading Game

Also, FDA Insider Alerts would be an excellent option for people who can’t day trade. Waiting 1 to 4 weeks is more something for someone with a full-time job.

4. The Nucleus

  • It is for those of you who want to be in biotech trading for the long-term.
  • Dennis lets you watch his computer in real-time while he’s trading.
  • He mentors you via chat and email.
  • You get a special private chat room for Nucleus members only.
  • You get access to live intraday scans and Daily Market Talk commentary.
  • Basically, you become Kyle Dennis’s best friend as well as a biotech trading master.

5. 24/7 Customer Support

  • It isn’t exactly one of those 4 services that Biotech Breakouts offers as educational content. I just like 24/7 customer support.
  • Have you ever called a support line only to get an automated message that they were closed? Kyle Dennis won’t do that to you! End tangent.

The Big Question: Cost?

We’re here; we’re talking about it: broke people paying to make money? Well, you’re here reading about trading stock, and that means spending money to make money.

The Sniper Report service costs $99 per year. That’s not bad for the generous introductory subscription that it is. Compared to similar services, it’s a great bang for your buck.

FDA Insider Alerts runs about $400 a quarter. That means it’s $1600 a year. That’s… a pretty big jump.

What about Options Rocket? It rings in at about $1500 a year.

The Nucleus? It’s membership by application only, and Kyle Dennis must first approve your application. Only then will you learn the learn the price; mysterious, isn’t it?

I did find one review that said The Nucleus was a whopping $10,000 a year. It is safe to say that I have not tried out The Nucleus. It’s basically Biotech Trading University.

Pros and Cons

I just told you that you need a student loan to afford The Nucleus, what do I mean ‘cons?’


  • So many options! People with less money can afford Sniper Reports! When they’ve made an excellent return after a bit, they can afford FDA Insider Alerts, and so on! I’m going to add in here that’s it’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of learning to get adept at trading, especially trading biotech. That’s what Biotech Breakouts is here for; teaching and guiding you.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • A generous introductory service. If you’re still a beginner, then you would love Sniper Reports. I paid $99 4 months ago, and I’m already far past making a return on that investment. If I ever get over having broke-brain, I might be able to join FDA Insider Alerts eventually.
  • It delivers. As an educational service, this may be obvious. I have learned so much, and it has changed how I make money.


  • The Nucleus costs $10,000.
  • Biotech Breakouts doesn’t have a free trial policy. I went in head-first and forked over $100 bucks, knowing I wasn’t ever getting it back. On the other hand, trading is a risky business, anyway. If you aren’t ready to take a few risks, then maybe it’s not for you?

That’s all I have. Only 2 cons. I honestly believe that the fact that Biotech Breakouts does what it claims outweigh those two cons.


Biotech Breakouts will teach you how to navigate biotech trading. It’s better to become a master of one sector of stock than a jack-of-all-trades of multiple. It’s safe to say that I recommend it.

The introductory program gives you far more than what you pay for. You learn beneficial information that’s going to be significant in the long-term. Biotech is an exploding industry; dig in before everyone else does.