Skyview Trading Review

Visit Official Website It’s safe to say that most people associate investing and investment with buying stocks on the stock market. After all, this still is and has been the case for the past decades and it’s mainly addressed to those who are looking to make long-term gains by buying and holding on to stocks.This … Read more

Trendspider vs FinViz

If you’re on the quest for a powerful stock screener, chances are that you have come across Trendspider and FinViz. Both are highly popular out there – and indeed have many features to marvel at. The former has a long-standing industry reputation while the latter is relatively new but still managing to turn heads.So, which … Read more

Gap and Go Strategy: Here’s How to Go About It

The Gap and Go is one of the most consistent day trading strategies for active investors. While there are other gap trading strategies, this one is arguably the most profitable. The basic idea behind the gap and go strategy is to identify stocks that “gap up” or “gap down” on high volume, then enter a position … Read more

PowerX Optimizer Review

Visit Official Website Are you having a hard time stock trading? Chances are that you are and it’s probably why you are here in the first place. The answer is simple – you need a trading software because it helps you to be more efficient.PowerX Optimizer is one such software that will help you in … Read more

Ben Sturgill LottoX Review

Visit Official Website If you want to make the most out of the stocks markets the guesswork is the last thing you need to engage in. There’s a lot to be learned from this space and luckily, we are living at a time when technology has made it really easy to borrow from the wisdom … Read more

Scalping Detector Indicator Review

Visit Official Website If you’re like most people who are curious about online forex trading, you probably have already downloaded the MT4 platform and tried to make a few demo trades on your own. If not, then chances are that you have scoured dozens of online platforms until you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with the contradictory … Read more

How To Beat Inflation in Retirement: Efficiently & Legally

When you retire, you simply want to rest, re-energize, and enjoy your sunset years in peace. And as somebody who worked extremely hard during your productive years, chances are that you have saved up your money somewhere to enable you live comfortably; long after hanging the boots. But what if we told you that your … Read more

Best Vertical Spread Strategy

It is normal to see people enrolling for options/stocks trading expecting to be overnight millionaires. However, in reality, there are a lot of strategies and tools that you need to acquire and perfect in order to make it as a trader.In this article, we shall discuss one example of these strategies, i.e., the vertical spread. … Read more

Tradingview Vs ThinkorSwim

Want to trade stocks? Apart from finding an online broker, you’re going to need some high-quality tools to help you take full control of your trading decisions. And it is with this particular need in mind that the Tradingview (TV) and ThinkOrSwim (ToS) were established. The two systems, though built by different companies, seek to meet … Read more

Motley Fool Everlasting Portfolio Review

Visit Official Website Every day, we use different stock-picking programs developed by the gurus in the game. The creators always assure us of getting the perfect results if we follow the strategies as laid out in the platforms. The question at the back of our minds is, do these established investors follow the same steps they … Read more