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Bulls on Wall Street is a financial education and training platform teaching individuals how to trade stocks, options, and other financial instruments. It offers courses, webinars, and coaching programs to help traders improve their skills and achieve financial goals.

Have you ever tried trading stocks only to be disappointed with the results? Maybe you’ve been trading using a demo account and are worried about putting real money on the line. We all know how challenging that transition process can get. But what if you could get someone to hold your hand so you can minimize the losses and get more profits?

The Bulls on Wall Street program by Kunal Desai is a platform designed to provide you with the support you need to start making sense of day trading.

The Truth about Bulls on Wall Street Program

bulls on wallstreet

Founded in 2009, this is a two-prong learning platform which provides a springboard for new and struggling traders. The training is offered in two separate packages. The first one, the “Boot Camp,” is the starting point. It provides you with all the foundational skills you need to kickstart a successful day trading career.

Phase two of this program, known as “CliqueFund,” is a broker-dealer platform. This provides you with the opportunity to make a deposit into your personal trading account. This money is added onto the pool of funds to create a mega trading account.

The idea behind pooling together of funds is that regulations are very stiff for those with accounts under $25,000. For instance, you wouldn’t be allowed to make more than 4-day traders per week with less than $25K. Also, there are some restrictions on the kind of leverage you can use and so forth.

From our analysis, Bulls on Wall Street devises a clever mechanism of circumventing those strict requirements through the “CliqueFund.” That, therefore, provides you with a rare opportunity to swim with the sharks, without breaking the bank.

Boot Camp

This course is further divided into three different segments. The first phase takes place between Day 1 and Day 30 and comprises live training classes from Kunal Desai himself. This happens every day for four days every week. Some of the topics covered in this program include:

  • Market fundamentals
  • Charting
  • Analyzing market indices
  • Trading psychology
  • Risk management
  • Trading styles and so forth

As you can see, this is a preparatory stage which is meant to give you the much-needed strength to get started.

The second stage of the 60-day journey takes place between Day 31 and Day 59. Unlike the first stage which is theoretical, this phase allows you to discuss real-time stuff.

For instance, you get an opportunity to join instructors every day to discuss market recaps and trade reviews. In a nutshell, these sessions provide you with the opportunity to go over anything that might have happened in the market. This is done on a trade-to-trade basis so you get an opportunity to put all the stuff you already know into practice.

The third and final stage takes place from Day 60 onwards. This entails the use of a Trading Simulator. As a learner, you’ll be taken through a simulator which is designed to mimic real-life conditions. You’ll be required to upload the trades to allow the instructors to review them and provide feedback.


This is a hedge fund which enables you to deposit your money into a pool account. This account is partitioned and shared out in tiny portions. That enables you to avoid the limitations that make it nearly impossible for ordinary traders to succeed.

It is, however, worth noting that the minimum amount required to join the CliqueFund is $2,500 per trader and the maximum is $10K. This is an innovative, but controversial method of circumventing the system. It has, however, been working since 2009 and judging from the reviews we came across; it offers an unbeatable value proposition to all.

Benefits of Using This Platform

benefits of bulls

1. Learning Takes Place Live

Unlike other day trading courses that are made up of pre-recorded videos, Bulls on WallStreet takes place live. The trainers conduct live webinars. All you need to do is listen in, interact with the instructors and raise questions. In other words, you get personalized attention throughout the learning process.

2. Mentorship

Learning the theory of trading alone may not be enough to enable you to become a successful trader. Luckily, this program is home to some of the most sought-after mentors in the online trading world.

So, from the minute you sign up for foundational training, a seasoned mentor will also be there with you, at all times. This will help you build the bonds that matter as you also get the personalized support you need to make big money.

3. Recaps

In case you happen to miss the training or fail to understand what was taught during the webinar, some free recaps will be stored for you. Indeed, each class is normally recorded and stored for playback. That also gives you the opportunity to cross-check facts and also learn at your own pace.

4. Trading Simulator

Beginning to trade without testing the waters in a trading simulator is folly. You see, the markets can get really volatile at times and you need to have the confidence to know when to hold on or let go. Likewise, you need to identify potential entry and exit points on your own. At the same time, it’s always wise to test strategies and conduct scans without putting your money on the line.

So, we’re indeed happy to note that this platform comes with a built-in package known as TradingSim simulator. The beauty about this simulator is that it enables you to replay trades from past days in real time.

5. Lifetime Access

Once you sign up, you’ll not be required to pay additional subscription fees. Given the fact that learning is a life-long process, this policy provides you with a great opportunity to grow. What’s more? You get to enjoy full access to all features and tools you need.

This is unlike tiered systems that would limit your access to certain features to lure you to upgrade your subscriptions. Likewise, the program has no upsells and so you get to learn in an environment free from any marketing gimmicks.

6. Private Student Community

When you join this program, you become a part of a large and fast-growing community. This community is drawn from across the world and comprises traders at different levels of learning. This adds a whole new level of accountability to the system. Likewise, it gives you a unique opportunity to work with an enthusiastic group of traders.

Having any questions? Wondering how to use a specific setup or any trading related recommendation? This private member forum provides you with all the information you need to engage in peer-to-peer learning.

Is This The Right Program For Me?

This learning system is best suited for upcoming traders who are yet to get acclimated to the fundamentals of trading.

Even better, the service doesn’t limit you to the penny stock and small-caps. So if you’re an intermediate learner who is looking for a much-needed boost to make more cash, the advanced levels of this training program would be perfect for you.

About The People behind This Program

The two main instructors behind this program are Kunal Desai and Paul Singh. Kunal has been a full-time trader since 1999 and has operated as a trainer since 2008. Singh is a mentor who also trades as a swing trader. People go to him to learn more about stuff like price action, money flow, and catalysts.

Other than those two, Haim Bodek, Maribeth Willoughby, and Chris Zielinski act as guest speakers from time to time. Maribeth and Zielinski are both former students of Kunal. Lastly, Bodek is a specialist in high-frequency trading.

What We Genuinely Think About Bulls on Wallstreet

Without sugar-coating it, we’d like to note that though this system is quite helpful, detailed, and comprehensive, it’s also quite expensive. But is the hefty investment worth it? We think it is. With a team of dedicated mentors working with you and a growing team of past and current students, this is probably the best shot you’ll ever take at success in day trading.

We’d recommend it for any open-minded person out there who is willing to learn. That said, this is not a platform of day trading couch potatoes. You have to be willing to stay focused and disciplined throughout the learning process to experience progress.

Lastly, the Bulls on Wallstreet isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to be willing to take the staircase, not the elevator if you want to get the most out of the program.


  • All classes are recorded and videos availed for playback
  • Simplified learning through quizzes, flashcards and homework assignments
  • 140-page coursebook complete with insights, trade setups, and chart, provided
  • Handy, trading simulator for safe testing of trading strategies
  • Personalized, constructive feedback offered
  • Lifelong support and mentorship provided
  • Experienced instructors with decades of hands-on experience
  • Supportive and helpful customer support team


  • You have to invest a minimum of $2,500 to access the CliqueFund
  • Some pundits have raised doubts about regulation issues around the CliqueFund
  • This is a life-long learning process and you need to be fully dedicated to taking part in it


This is a must-have for every open-minded stock trader who is committed to doing everything it takes to succeed. If that sounds like you, we’d encourage you to give Bulls on Wallstreet a shot.

However, I would still have to recommend Investors Underground over Kunal Desai course.