Bullseye Trades Review




The key to big profits is not to trade more, It is to trade less. Each week Jeff Bishop hunts down one trade that has 100% profit potential, and then he makes sure you get your hands on it every Monday morning

Who wouldn’t like to find a way to simplify their options trading strategy (and rake in more wins)? We all know that it’s not easy to digest tons of market data on any given trade day.

Luckily, some services do all the hard work for you enabling you to find just the right options to trade. One such platform is Bullseye Trades, an options picking service by Jeff Bishop.

It’s hailed as one of the finest alerts services out there. Plus, there are tens of reviews on independent platforms that seem to support this belief. But just how good is the service? Is it worth subscribing to? Let’s find out.

What Is Bullseye Trades?

This is an online options trading alert service that gives its members a new options trade alert every Monday morning. When you subscribe to this service, it will send you a trading recommendation every week before the market opens.

Bishop does sufficient analysis on each pick, and every alert comes with detailed instructions on how you can maximize profits. The idea is to enable you to double your investments every week. Further, with the service, you can get a return on investment while putting in minimal effort.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Another impressive bit about this program is that it lacks the guesswork that is common in similar platforms out there, offering stock picks to their subscribers. This makes it highly accurate and easy to use.

About the Creator: Jeff Bishop

Before we get deeper into what the product entails, who is this jeff Bishop we keep mentioning? Any expert trader in the stock market would tell you that Bishop is a legendary guru who has vast experience spanning over 20 years. He has grown into a millionaire by trading in options.

Besides having a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the University of Texas, Jeff has been featured in leading financial publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, and US News & World Report. One of his greatest achievements is the formation of the Raging Bull company, which he has done in collaboration with Allan Marshall and Jason Bond, other giants in the trade.

Raging Bull is a fast-growing brand that focuses on options/stocks trading and is associated with services such as:

  • Daily Profit Machine
  • Weekly Money Multiplier
  • Jason Bond Picks

What You Get in Bullseye Trades

As you would expect with an alerts service, there is not much to be found in Bullseye Trades program. This should tell you how simple the whole system is designed, and the main thing is the alert that will be coming every Monday morning.

Let us now see the key features of this program in great detail.

1. Monday Morning Trade Pick

This is the main idea behind this service. Every Monday morning before the markets open, the service sends you an email or text message with a stock option trade idea or recommendation for entry and exit. 

The next step involves entering the trade specifications on your brokerage platform and then wait for the trade to happen. It is that simple!

Setting up an entire week’s trade should not take you more than ten minutes, and since this is an automated trading system, your level of experience in the game does not matter.

2. Weekly Money Multiplier Service

The WMM is an educational service on options trading that aims to educate and guide subscribers on options trading. With this service’s inclusion in the program, Jeff expects you to learn the ideal ways of maximizing your potential returns while keeping your risks at the lowest level possible.

From what you learn, you could either tag along and piggyback on Jeff’s trades, or you could strike your own strategy.

Keep in mind that it is an educational service that you may end up never using at all.

3. Free Options Trading Book

You may have heard of Bishop’s book on options trading called the ‘Options Accelerator.’ Once you sign up for Bullseye Trades, you will receive a free eBook format of this book, which divulges more details on options trading. Further, it also talks about Bishop’s trading strategies that you find in the program.

If you want to understand how Jeff settles on his weekly picks or want to learn how to come up with your own hot trades in the future, this book will turn out to be very handy.

4. Free Options Trading Webinar

If you feel like you need more convincing before you invest in this program, you should consider signing up for this webinar. All you need to do is provide Jeff with your email address, and he will register you in his webinar.

Here, he will explain how this program works and analyzes real trades to psyche you up to invest in stock options.

5. Customer Support

This is a crucial part of any stock picking service, and Bullseye Trades got their math right in this aspect. The customer support runs under the Raging Bull umbrella, and the options of contacting the team include a phone call, email, or live chat.

The team handles a range of issues, including technical ones or those to do with the trading strategy. However, do not expect to get direct access to either Jeff Bishop or Jason Bond.

How It Works

You may be surprised at how Bullseye Trades works. The service encourages you to trade less but more profitably. There is no day trading, and you receive a weekly stock options trading pick and idea every Monday morning in an email or text before the market opens.

Your target should be emulating Bishop’s successful trade with a score ranging between fifty to three hundred percent. And to ensure that all the subscribers keep up with the trade, Bishop sends out his trading screenshots as either text or email alerts.

How does Bishop settle on his best trade? He uses a pattern and also examines the SMA simple moving average on the 13-period simple moving basis. Jeff waits for this moving average to pass the 30 period SMA on an hourly chart.

Once he notices this pattern, he knows that this is the right time to make the call option to maximize his potential profit.

There are three vital phases that Bishop uses to swing the trades to his advantage. These are:

  • The Breakdown
  • The Sideways Action
  • The Bullish Breakout

When he combines this pattern with another secret trend line that he follows, Jeff can now cash in on each of the above phases of a particular stock and its price movement.

Pricing and Payment Plans

We believe that Bullseye Trades is one of the most affordable stocks alert services with a very straightforward payment plan. A full year’s membership goes for $48, which we could break down to $4 a month or approximately 18 cents per trading day.

Considering that this is a program developed by an options trading guru, we believe that it is fairly priced for all that you will be gaining from it, i.e., education and growth in earnings.

Who is this service best suited for?

If you are looking for an effortless way to join the often unpredictable stock trading world, Bullseye Trades will be of great use to you. This is because all the hard work of market analysis and surveying will be done for you by a stock market guru who clearly knows what he is doing.

If you have some money and would like to make significant earnings from it, this is a program that you should consider going for.

Is It Legit?

Yes, it is, and we shall tell you why. First, the founder is Jeff Bishop, who is not only a veteran in options trading but is also a self-made millionaire. So, there is little reason for him to come after your money.

Then, the service is very affordable at $48 per year. When you break down this amount into monthly or weekly payments, you will see how cheap it is. Wouldn’t a scam ask for more?

Another thing is that the service features Jeff Bishop’s book, ‘Options Accelerator’, absolutely free. It is rare to find free stuff in scams.

Pros and Cons

As we conclude, we will touch on both the advantages and drawbacks of this service. Let’s briefly check them out.


  • Very affordable
  • Founded by an Options Trading guru
  • Simple and effective
  • Takes up little time and effort
  • The system is straightforward to understand


  • Some users complain of the Bullseye Trades website as being too visually loud
  • One stock pick per week tends to limit the users’ trading capacity
  • Not everyone is comfortable placing the contact details on a marketing list


With that, we hope you have understood why we recommend anyone looking for a simple and effective way of joining the options market. A solitary trading idea on Monday morning would be enough to provide you great returns even with a small investment.

The tips come from a reliable individual, Jeff Bishop, whose success in options trading is well-documented. 

Most of all, the service is very affordable, and any beginner should have an easy time signing up for it.