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Capitalist Exploits is a financial newsletter and research service that provides insight and analysis on global macroeconomic trends and investment opportunities, with a focus on alternative assets and unconventional strategies. It helps investors diversify on emerging markets and trends.

How many times have you told yourself that you need to invest and not gotten around to doing it? We presume many times. Well, your thoughts are in the right place the only issue here is that the investing world is filled with insights, tricks, and tips. 

Of course, that makes it harder for you to get information about the same from a credible source. What if you could get information that you can trust about investment services? The Capital Exploits Platform promises to give you that.  Keep reading to find out if this service will be worth your while or not.

About Capitalist Exploits

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Capitalist Exploits is a newsletter that represents a team of committed investors who focus on ideas that target weighty expansions in the markets. The investors aim to outdo their competitors by checking out the global scene in search of the best investments.

Simply put, the platform is supposed to identify asymmetric reward and risk opportunities regardless of where they are in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for useful and dependable information as far as where to invest, this would be your best bet.

How Capitalist Exploits Works

The Capitalist Exploits is a company structured on unique investment strategies that offer clients an asymmetric trading technique and other practical market-related efforts. You get a bunch of ideas on how to diversify your investment tactics and discover the proper trading approach to switch for higher returns in the end.

The asymmetrical investments happen when there is an imbalance between the return and the risk. An asymmetric trade constitutes a positive result compared to a negative result. The return on such a trade guarantees a 30% chance of success and 10% failure.

So does Capitalist offer its services and products? Well, the company works uniquely, and that sets them apart from its competition. It accomplishes its goals through the delivery of information and this enables them to distribute funds in the hope that it will make a high return. 

With a subscription-based service, this information is accessible to interested clients through insider information.

You may want to note that the service avoids investments that show signs of risk and leans towards opportunities that are likely to grow.

What's Included?

Capitalist Exploits is essentially three different projects in one. The company offers a free newsletter along with its insider trading service at a fee. The company also has a third project known as Resource Investor that is ideal for accredited investors.

Let us look at that in detail, shall we?

1. The Insider Weekly

This is a newsletter subscription-based service that you will get through your email each week. 

The Capital Exploits newsletter attracts a huge following of industry leaders and serious investors alike. About 30, 000 people get a regular analysis of asymmetric opportunities from the newsletter. This helps them navigate the tricky investment market.

Having that kind of information is paramount with social tensions and global pandemics at a high and causing a dramatic shift in the market. Ultimately, the newsletter performs outstandingly well for a free product.

As for the resources, you get a link package associated with trading services. The company's newsletter readers and insider members get several educational materials on topics such as internet privacy, creating offshore entities, and recommended brokers. 

2. Deep Value Stock Tips

Here, Chris and his team carry out research on deep-value stocks trading below their net worth. They let you know about the low-risk trades in the hope that they will lead to bigger returns.

3. Global Macro Commentary

Capitalist Exploits also takes the time to study how global events linked to international relations and national economies affect investments. You will get the prediction of such events through commentary.

4. Bonus Content

Another benefit of the newsletter is video content that takes you through the investment process from how the company picks stocks to the investing thought process.

However, the subscription-based platform is a bit costlier. You may also want to note that Chris and his team invest their money into all the ideas they recommend. That means if you lose, they lose as well and that just goes to show you that they know what they are doing.

5. The Insider

The Insider is Capitalist Exploits primary product and flagship service. It comprises more than 450 paying members. Here is what the service offers.

  • Trade Alerts – Here, members get text and email alerts on the trades they are interested in and how to implement them.
  • Existing Portfolio – This is a list of all "buy-rated" alerts as well as the shared point about when the service closes the trades out. 
  • Investor Forum – This is a chat room that links users to more than 450 members.
  • Newsletter – Here, you get a weekly review of the opportunities and trades available as well as bonus tips for members.
  • Live Questions and Answers – This is a webinar-like setting where members are allowed to pose their questions to the founder of the Capitalist Exploits platforms and other members of the company's team.
  • Video Insights Database – You get an indispensable resource with this feature that contains more than 300 videos answering investment questions.
  • Educational Resources – Here, you get an assortment of how-to guides and reports on different topics ranging from bitcoin trading options to long and short trades.
  • Access to Guru – This site gives you direct access to the founder of the Capitalist Exploits platform and its other members.

Resource Insider

This is the newest trading service from Capitalist Exploit. It is made exclusively for accreditors with a net worth of at least a million dollars. The Resource Insider started by recommending gold and uranium deals but it now focuses on private placement deals. 

Equally, it considers different kinds of asymmetric commodities. Those who subscribe to this service get access to:

Insider Ideas

Here, you get basic financial and technical research, site visit reports, and exclusive content among others.

Private Placement Deals Access

The objective of this service is to offer at least ten private placement offers annually. To ensure that there are adequate spaces and that the deals are accessible to members who want them, the company limits the number of subscribers that can belong at a particular time.

Note that the deals require a minimum investment of $2000.

Networking Opportunities

Capitalist Exploits recognizes that all its members are qualified investors in the market for good opportunities. This enables you to expand your network of similar-minded investors.

Guru Access

Again, you get access to the creator of Capitalist Exploits as well as other service gurus.

To join this service, you must apply and show your accreditor investor status. The annual fee is  $3,499 and is supposed to be paid for in advance. The limited number of slots available and the exclusivity of deals have a lot to do with the price of this service.

About the Creator

Chris MacIntosh e1625758481652

Chris MacIntosh is the guru that we have been talking about previously because he is the founder of Capitalist Exploits. Chris is originally from South Africa and he worked his way to New York, London, and New Zealand working with high net worth clients in investment banking.

More than a decade ago, he decided to begin trading his capital in little-known markets worldwide. Chris comes off as an investment guru that wouldn't mind sharing his past failures and investments to stop others from making the same mistakes he made.

Is Capitalist Exploits a Scam?

We can confidently say that Capitalist Exploits is not a scam. This is because the founder, Chris MacIntosh has been in business for years investing in different markets and he has proved to be among the best in the game. 

All the individuals he works with are seasoned and qualified in the field as well.  They work hard to do it right and they are passionate about what they do. Moreover, they go as far as investing their money just to show how dedicated they are to their work and credibility.

Seeing as the company does not have access to your investment cash, you do not have to be concerned about its security.

What is the Pricing?

capitalist exploits pricing

With Capitalist Exploits, you get three different platforms to invest in. 

To get access to the Insider Weekly newsletter, you will be required to pay a subscription fee of $35 every month. This is after the $1 trial month period elapses. The best part is that you will not be automatically billed every month when you sign up for the trial period.

As for the Insider, you will have to pay a subscription of $1,999. It does come with a money-back guarantee as well.

If you are an accredited investor who wants all the valuable information in the Resource Insider, you will be required to pay an annual subscription of $4,999. This will unlock all its services.

Money-Back Guarantee

Capitalist Exploits offers a 30-day money-back guarantee when you subscribe to the Insider platform. That means that if you feel the service is not working for you, a refund is always available.

That said. there are no refunds or money-back guarantees on Resource Insider or Insider Weekly purchases.

Capitalist Exploits Track Record

capitalist exploits reviews

Judging from reviews on sites like TrustPilot, Capitalist Exploits has been a lifesaver for many investors as it has recommended worthy investments. Now with new ideas every week, the team at Capitalist Exploits is constantly looking for new ideas to match the demands in the market.

Needless to say, the company's track record is high because all the team members invest in the opportunities they present. No one would want to put their money into a worthless investment after all.

Who is Capitalist Exploits For?

Capitalist Exploits insider weekly offers a great tool for both experienced traders and potential business owners. It provides practical trade ideas every week so if you have even a basic comprehension when it comes to investing, the newsletter can deliver great value.

The Insider platform also targets business persons of different experience levels and relies on the newsletter along with all its other services. The services include educational material that helps investors understand how asymmetric investments function and how to utilize the service to create long-lasting wealth.

Of course, the $1,999 fee can be too much for some investors and you to consider Capitalist Exploits requires you to have a minimum of $25,000 to assign for trades. That said; hedge fund managers and money managers use it so you will not be alone.

What's more, is that you will lose nothing by trying the service because it comes with a money-back guarantee that makes your purchase risk-free.


  • The service is not limited to particular markets or assets
  • Its subscriptions are top-tier
  • The newsletter contains many investment ideas
  • You get a higher chance of getting a return on your investment because the service only focuses on investment opportunities with the potential to grow.
  • The service provides an assortment of educational information about investing
  • Insider subscribers get monthly webinars
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee making your purchase risk-free


  • The subscription fees for the insider must be paid upfront a year in advance
  • The founder does not disclose how he sources investment opportunities
  • There is no guarantee that you will get six times the return on your investment even though the service focuses on investment opportunities that have the potential to grow


At this point, we can say that Capitalist Exploits has taken its position in the financial industry as an investment service. Other than that, the information provided by Chris and his team is invaluable and has been proven to be the same for investors all over the world.

As if that is not enough, the company often delivers on its promises as far as its weekly newsletter picks. If you are an investor who wants to take your business to the next level subscribing to the service can unlock many opportunities.

As such, we would advise anyone who is looking for a credible source of information when it comes to where to invest to try the platform.