How to Find Undervalued Stocks by Eliminating Biases

How to Find Undervalued Stocks

When you buy a stock, it is important to ensure it gives you the best return on investment possible. And that is where the concept of overvaluation and undervaluation of stocks comes in. Overvalued stocks are way too common out there because they are the ones that get media coverage and almost all stock gurus recommend …

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Gap and Go Strategy: Here’s How to Go About It

Gap and Go

The Gap and Go is one of the most consistent day trading strategies for active investors. While there are other gap trading strategies, this one is arguably the most profitable. The basic idea behind the gap and go strategy is to identify stocks that “gap up” or “gap down” on high volume, then enter a position …

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How To Beat Inflation in Retirement: Efficiently & Legally


When you retire, you simply want to rest, re-energize, and enjoy your sunset years in peace. And as somebody who worked extremely hard during your productive years, chances are that you have saved up your money somewhere to enable you live comfortably; long after hanging the boots. But what if we told you that your …

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How To Read Stock Charts: A Complete Beginners Guide

How To Read Stock Charts

Are you thinking of getting started in stock trading or forex trading? Well, you will need to first learn how to read stock charts. It doesn’t matter which style of trading you embrace, whether be it technical or fundamental analysis, you’ll still need to use charts to understand market behavior.Stock charts can be used to …

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How To Trade Forex With $100

trade forex 100 1

So, you want to start trading forex and only have $100 with you? Good idea! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Now that you’re willing to take that first step, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when trading with such a small account. Remember, 95 percent …

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Motley Fool Stock Picks – Can This Service Help You Beat the Market?

motley fool stock picks

Researching, evaluating, and choosing which stocks to trade is not easy. It can take you forever to zero-in on just the right combination of stocks for your style of investing.Fortunately, a well-made picking service can save you hours of research-time and ensure you never miss a good investment. And…the Motley Fool Stock Picks package is …

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Best Price Action Patterns for Stock Trading

Price Action Patterns

No matter your trading style, chances are that you will find the art of reading price action patterns literally priceless. You can use these patterns to identify potential reversals, continuations, and even support/resistance levels.In other words, this skill can help keep you one step ahead of the market, and that’s a really good thing! No?Although …

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TopstepFX Review


Visit Official Website If you’re interested in forex trading, you may have come across TopstepFX, a popular trading platform that offers traders the chance to prove their skills and get funded. But is TopstepFX worth your time and money? To start, let’s explain what TopstepFX is. This proprietary trading platform provides forex traders with a remarkable …

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Motley Fool’s Performance & Track Record

motley fool performance

As an investor, stocks can be a valuable part of your investment portfolio. However, if you want to make the highest returns possible, you will need to actively select stocks you expect to outperform the market. Of course, this can be daunting for almost every investor. So, this is where stock picking services come in. That said, …

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Are Bonds Safer Than Stocks? Our Detailed Analysis

Stock Vs Bonds

If you have ever had the chance to listen to the investment gurus, chances are that you have heard them comparing and contrasting bonds and stocks. These two investment vehicles may seem closely related but in reality, they are as different as night and day. So, are bonds safer than stocks? Let’s break this down …

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