Firstrade Review


Visit Official Website In this review I am going to show you what Firstrade is all about. I will tell you who I think it is best for, how it works, and even provide my personal experience with it.The goal of this article is to provide you a well-rounded look about how the program works, …

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Moomoo Review


Visit Official Website Wouldn’t it be great to have a reliable market overview tool so you know what’s happening in the world of stocks? This would be incredibly beneficial to you as an investor as you’d always get to keep your finger on the market pulse. If you have been looking for the perfect platform to offer …

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Coinsquare Review


Visit Official Website Cryptocurrency has emerged as a strong force and a challenge to the traditional currencies. Although some people still doubt it, cryptocurrency is making a big impact in the lives of many people. A good example is Bitcoin. Most companies have started using it as a payment option. This means that cryptocurrency has a …

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CapTrader Review


Visit Broker Deciding to invest in stocks or forex is a wise move, but only if you make the right choices. If you are new to investing, you may find it quite a hassle and, in such cases, finding a dependable broker can really make the journey easier.CapTrader is one of the best-known brokerage platforms …

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Robinhood Review


Visit Official Website I was constantly trading, and the commission fees required per transaction started to become a burden. I was looking for a long time for a system that would allow me to freely trade stocks, options, and cryptocurrency from my mobile phone.Well, Robinhood’s commitment and idea do really work! For me, the ability …

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M1 Finance Review

M1 Finance Review

Visit Official Website Have you ever felt like your money was not working as hard for you as you worked for them? I know I have. I was investing through different platforms, but I was never satisfied when some hidden fees popped up, or the system was not working.I also know that many others have …

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AmiBroker Review


Visit Official Website However much of a pro-trader you are, there is always something new you can learn. You may be having all the tips on technical analysis, back-testing and charting, but gaining new tricks would give you an edge over other traders. But, learning and understanding this technical stuff is not always a walk in …

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ZacksTrade Review

zackstrade review

Visit Official Website Zacks Trade is a licensed brokerage firm that has been in the business since 1978. One thing that stands out about them is their ability to remain relevant despite the changing face of the FinTech industry.The platform has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most sought-after online brokerage …

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SpeedTrader Review

speedtrader review

Visit Official Website SpeedTrader is one of the oldest day trader brokerage firms in the market, having established itself as a leader when it was created in 1999. The whole SpeedTrader organization is housed within Mint Global Markets Inc., a member of the prestigious FINRA and SIPC association.SpeedTrader is the go-to day trading platform of …

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eToro Review

etoro review 2

Visit Official Website eToro is one of the biggest names currently in the FinTech space. In fact, it’s hard to believe that this giant was founded just recently in 2007. In just one decade, the Israeli-based company has grown to rival some of the age-old brokerage firms. But even then, the company is no stranger to …

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