Best Day Trading Discord Servers

Discord Servers are platforms or communities where people (in our case traders) meet to share ideas, and technical analysis among others. They are mostly exclusive and what that means that you can only join them on an invite-only basis. To ensure you get the best; we have reviewed a few discord channels that we believe are … Read more

Best Free Stock Charts

Stock trading is not easy – neither is it cheap. Of course, this can be a stumbling block especially for beginner investors who do not have the funds to spend on premium tools.The good news is that there are free stock charts in the market that such investors can take advantage of. Of course, these … Read more

Best Desktop Computers for Stock Trading

Stock trading may seem straightforward and simple on paper until you actually try to put all those tools and theories to use. Your computer too is likely to bear the brunt of this build-up in demand. With trends to keep up with and money to make, technology failures should not drag you down. And while it’s … Read more

Pattern Day Trader Rule Workaround

Before you can figure out how to work around the pattern day trader (PDT) rule, you need to understand what it is and if you’re affected. Once you do, we’ll walk you through several different ways you can get around it without using an offshore broker. What is the PDT Rule?Established by FINRA (the Financial Industry … Read more

Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner

Want to make it big with options trading? The thing with options is that they have a greater degree of risk, unlike stocks. But like in every cloud, there’s always a silver lining even in such unpredictable marketplaces.In fact, the greater the volatility, the higher the chances of making good money. And that’s precisely where … Read more

Best Day Trading News Feeds

Being an investor is not easy especially when it comes to choosing the right places to invest. You need guidance and real-time news to help you make the right decisions.However, most sources of news either contain irrelevant news items or are flooded with content. A good news feed is one that enables you to filter … Read more