CityFalcon Review




CityFalcon is a financial news and analysis platform that helps investors and traders stay up-to-date on market developments. It offers a wide range of sources, customizable feeds, and advanced filtering options.

It is easy to underrate the importance of keeping up with the most significant events in the finance world. But the truth is, having lots of reliable information at your fingertips can make your ventures smoother and more profitable.

Many platforms claim to offer this kind of information. And, unfortunately, that makes it really complicated to zero-in on services that are worth their salt.

However, in the midst of the confusion, platforms such as CityFalcon stand out as potential game-changers.

So, just how good is CityFalcon and how does it measure up to the competition? Here’s our in-depth review and verdict.

What is CityFalcon?


This is a news platform that collects all the finance news that is relevant to your trading. So, you will get a feed that only displays the trading stories that matter to you. It pulls all its stories from broad but carefully selected sources such as news websites (CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, etc.), blogs, and tweets from leading players such as Jim Cramer.

A significant plus of this service is that you can refine the content you want to show up on your feed by filtering out specific sources or categories of information. 

In the end, you have a platform that is closely similar to other market news platforms, only that CityFalcon has watchlists.

How It Works

how it works cityfalcon

The platform was founded by Ruzbeh Bacha with the aim of giving you high-quality content from over 200 different sources of information. It makes use of a complex machine-learning algorithm that gives each item on your search a score.

With this method, the system gets rid of most, if not all, of the fake, low-quality, or irrelevant articles from your feed. 

Key Features of the Program

cityfalcon features

Next, we shall look at the main features that this platform has to offer. This way, it will be easy for you to decide whether it is what you are looking for in a news platform.

1. News Feed

The news feed is the central theme of this platform, and the system analyzes the stories from various internet sources in the most straightforward language possible. Then, it tags all the information according to the relevant stock or market.

Besides covering stocks, the platform also categorizes news into different topics such as asset classes, and you will find a wide range of topics such as technical analysis. 

Another thing is that you can set your feed to only display stock news and allows you to locate articles based on different assets such as bonds, ETFs, forex, indices, and commodities.

However, we were disappointed that most of the news on the feed is not up to date, including those rated under ‘trending.’ 

2. Filters

You will also find numerous filters whereby you can scan for different information based on time, language, or even the platform’s score.

This helps you narrow down your search to the most relevant information and not a lot of unnecessary junk.

3. Watchlists

Another key feature of this platform is the watchlists which you can set up to develop tailored news feeds. The outstanding aspect of these particular watchlists is their flexibility, whereby you can search for the names of individual assets, indices, private companies, people, and countries.

The significance of this width is that it becomes easier for you to spot news that does not always make it to the headlines. In addition to that, the customization is quite impressive whereby you can:

  • Filter the stories that you want to see on the watchlist news feed
  • Change the language
  • Choose the time range for publication
  • Select the minimum relevance score as assigned by the service

We felt that there should be an improvement in the archive time frame since, at the moment, it only extends 30-days back.

4. Mobile App

It is also encouraging to know that you can download the app on your smartphone so that you can keep up with the relevant market news on the road. We liked this feature as it ensures you do not have to remain stuck on your desktop for the entire day.

The app is compatible with android and IOS operating systems.

5. Languages

Lastly, the content can be displayed in over 30 languages, and it is up to you to decide which one you are most comfortable with.


There are three pricing plans that you can use to access the features that this platform offers. The first one is the basic one which is free and allows you to set up three watchlists and five topics in each watchlist.

However, you should be prepared to be bombarded by multiple advertisements.

If you don’t want to see the adverts, you should go for the Silver plan, which costs $8 per month or $80 annually. Besides the news stories on your feed, you will also get tweets while you can set up an unlimited number of watchlists.

You can, most of all, try out the service for two weeks before making up your mind to sign up.

The top tier is the Gold plan that costs $19 per month or $190 per year. The outstanding aspect of this plan is that it gives you access to approximately 225 paywalled publications, including several from mainstream news outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance.

Due to the numerous ‘Coming soon” on the Silver and Gold plans, it would make sense if you stuck with the Basic plan as the difference with the paid plans is minimal.

Which Trader is this Platform Best for?

In general, any trader who wishes to get their hands on up-to-date market news would find this platform quite helpful. However, since CityFalcon mainly avails news stories that are half a day old or longer, medium and long-term traders are the most suited categories of traders to this service.

This is because even without instant news updates, they can still keep a close eye on their watchlists.

Pros and Cons

At this point, we shall look at the benefits and drawbacks that we found with this service.


  • The watchlists are highly customizable
  • It covers a wide range of markets such as stocks, forex, cryptos, and commodities
  • The paid subscriptions are pretty affordable
  • Compatible with IOS and android systems


  • The news stories are not up-to-date
  • Little difference between the Free and the Paid plans as some features are yet to be launched


From our discussion, we can see that this platform gives you an affordable way of keeping track of all the relevant happenings in the financial world to help you in your decision-making as a trader. It is impressively fast and provides helpful, actionable headlines and summaries.

If you need more updated news, you could try out alternatives such as Benzinga Pro, although you should be prepared to pay more for their services.