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ClayTrader is a financial education and training company that offers resources to help traders and investors improve their skills and knowledge. Led by founder Clay trader, the company provides educational courses, trading tools, and market analysis to help users make informed decisions.

Clay Trader is a hub for traders, online investors, and like-minded individuals. It's a community that mostly specializes in penny stocks and how you can make the most out of your trades. One noteworthy aspect of Clay Trader is that you'll learn how to create your own portfolio with sound trade ideas without any emotional anchors attached.

What Is Clay Trader?

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Clay Trader boasts the Professional Environment feature, where the content and design are made for professional traders and serious entrepreneurs. The trading community platform focuses more on what goes behind great investments and less on making stock trading look like a gamble.

ClayTrader is different from other community-driven stock and trade platforms as it has a more relaxed vibe to it. The site mostly caters to individuals who want to get a steady source of income to break free from the grind, and to those who want extra money on the side.

The main source of knowledge and information comes from the use of charts and in technical analyses of stocks in a variety of portfolios. Once you have the basics down pat you can start crafting your own trading strategies and building up a foundation of wealth.

In addition, Clay Trader has a blog that’s updated on a consistent basis. Here, the author tackles the latest stock charts and tech analysis reports in the professional trading landscape. The whole thought process will be based on cold, hard facts (which lessens the risk of investing with hunches) via charts and graphs that come from credible sources.

Clay’s success story has stemmed from the fact that he only started making a profit when he left his emotions out when making critical trade decisions. Since then, Clay has started turning in profits in observing the charts.

Clay Trader Trading Courses

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Interested users can sign up on the Clay Trader platform and learn everything there is to know about day trading. Among the most notable training content that can be found on the site includes a variety of training courses that tackle important points.

You get access to blog articles, podcasts, YouTube tutorials and basic guides packed in a well-organized library divided into sections, which includes Trade Management, the Psychology of Trading, Trading 101, etc. Then, there’s the Clay Trader University, which is the more advanced version for professional traders.

Clay’s podcast tackles upon important trading aspects, with Stock Trading Reality podcasts dedicated to interviewing renowned retail traders who share their thoughts and tips on stock trading matters. The podcast hosts Chezz and Clay sometimes bring in day traders who have started from nothing and rose up the ranks by listening to Clay’s advice and chart strategies.

Each week brings in a new podcast episode designed to get you motivated in trading stocks for profit, along with a newsletter that includes the newest in option trading and stock information.

Inner Circle Community

Financial experts often say that in order to become great you’ll have to be surrounded by great people. The Inner Circle community was created with this maxim in mind. Joining the Inner Circle means you get advice from the best trading minds the platform has to offer.

Inside the community is a Behind The Scenes feature which displays real examples from successful traders who consistently turn in profits. Plus, there are some testimonials you can read before you access the platform. Active participation in the chatroom is encouraged in order to facilitate the exchange of trade ideas.

Here, you’ll have the chance to mingle and network with traders who were just like you before joining Clay Trader. You can go back from time to time and gain invaluable advice from the experts in the field.

Live Trading Chat Room

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Get real-time alerts, commentaries, and news regarding the biggest moves and stock information in the Live Trading Chat Room. It’s one of the major hubs in Clay Trader where traders gather and exchange information in real time. It’s worthy to note that access to this chat room is only unlocked when you get the Inner Circle membership.

The Live Trading Chat Room consists of 3 major chat platforms in total. The Lounge is your typical virtual hangout spot where traders from all walks of life gather and talk about topics unrelated to trading.

The Under $1 room focuses on penny stocks that are priced below $1; the Over $1 room features a discussion on stocks that are $1 and above.

Power Profit Scans

Clay Trader offers an exclusive look at Clay’s very own watch lists and personal scans via the Power Profit Scans channel. The Newsletter gives you a peek at what’s inside Clay’s watchlist, complete with charts and a personal analysis.

You get a newsletter that’s sent to all Inner Circle members, showing them what’s the hottest stocks to consider trading in.

If you’re one of the few who can’t wait to get started in the morning, Clay has you covered. You can access morning watchlists so you can scan them and get a chance of doing some productive trading at the start of the day.

Live Interactive Webinars

If you like webinars, you’ll find Clay’s live sessions to be particularly helpful. Interactive study sessions are set on a free-for-all exchange of thoughts and ideas. The schedule themselves are optimized for maximum participation but don’t worry if you didn’t make it because each webinar is recorded and posted on the Clay Trader for later viewing.

You also get a free training event which you can sign up for by clicking on the available dates and confirming the reservation link. The webinars reflect Clay’s style of trading- easy, simple and relaxed, free of emotions and any risks.

You’ll learn about how you can reduce stress while trading and thinking clearly to minimize the risks of losing. This is key to becoming a more successful trader who isn’t swayed by emotions and sticks to the facts.

The webinars are somewhat of a sharing of personal experiences and the lessons that Clay went through before turning in profits. The chatrooms are classified under 2 categories- the Coming to Life and In Play.

Clay or any of the trading moderators will send out alerts regarding a stock in play, complete with analyses and whether or not it’s “coming to life”.

The creator of Clay Trader allows the members to think through the set-ups and decide if ultimately the stock is worth it. There aren’t any specific sell or buy alerts here, but Clay does a good job of notifying those who may be interested.

Clay Trader Pricing

Users can sign up for Clay Trader membership and pay a flat rate of $99 per year to get full access. In retrospect, you’re only charged $2 per week, which is good value. Access to the Clay Trader University Program is only at $1,997 and this includes access to everything you need to start trading smartly.

Training courses range from $99 to $3,000 overall, so you get a deal with the Trader University which unlocks hundreds of hours in training courses, newsletters, forums and chatrooms.


  • The website is professionally designed and visually appealing.
  • Pay only $99 a year for Clay Trader access or $1,997 to get the University Trader full access.
  • Swing trading and day trading tips and strategies are plentiful here.
  • Training guides and lessons are simplified and easy to understand.
  • The community of traders is excellent and very helpful to newbie traders.
  • There’s a mobile app at no extra cost when you become a member.
  • Get lots of informative content- free videos, behind the scenes and free training webinars.


  • Most of the content is for newbies and beginner traders.
  • The alerts are unclear and the site doesn’t do a good job of explaining the feature fully.
  • There’s no consistent daily track record or proof of bank statements either.
  • Penny stocks are inherently riskier as compared to other stock types.


So, is Clay Trader any good when it comes to investing in stocks and making good money from it? The short answer is yes, it does have pros that could be useful if you’re just starting out. But there’s actually a better platform out there, and its name is Investors Underground.

Investors Underground is an excellent chat room platform made up of day trading pioneers. Nathan Michaud or Nate has made Investors Underground be the all-in-one solution you’ll need to start trading and making a profit.

As you might know, Nate is a household name when it comes to the trading industry, with experience coming from equities of OTC and NASDAQ. You get invaluable day trading strategies spread out across long and short trades.

Investors Underground caters to both amateur and professional day traders with its easy to use interface and impressive interface. What’s more, you can choose from 3 chat rooms that are moderated by financial experts 24/7.

You can peruse the training videos, blog posts, e-courses, and webinars anytime you want. Signing up for the Elite membership only costs $297 and is well worth the price of entry.