Crypto Swap Profits Review




Bitcoin was one of the biggest trends in the financial market back in 2011, but not many people joined that bandwagon. Fast forward to now, and you are probably regretting why you did not do it then. 

As we speak, new currencies are taking over – think of Dogecoin that has recently set tongues wagging.

With such opportunities rising out of the blue, your best bet is to rely on a trustworthy source of crypto information and alerts. Talking about trustworthiness, Crypto Swap Profits is a digital platform apparently designed to help you capitalize on current and future “windows of opportunities.”

As we all know, it’s one thing to make a claim and another to back it up with real results. And so, for that reason, we conducted an independent review of this digital platform seeking to understand how it works, the people behind it, and key features.

CryptoSwapProfits: Program Overview

crypto swap profits overview

The Crypto Swap Profits program comprises two parts that are designed to help investors make money consistently and passively through crypto trading. These are:

  1. Core Training - Designed for beginners and intermediates.
  2. Live Mastermind and Support – A community of likeminded investors.

Indeed, there is a huge, supportive Crypto Swap community made up of traders with different levels of experience.

This community offers you a great way to interact with other investors so that you can share and learn insights concerning crypto trading.  

What’s more, the core training lessons in the Crypto Swap Profits program are easy to comprehend as they are explained in simple language. Combine that with the powerful mastermind community and you pretty much have all the ingredients for success.

How Crypto Swap Works

As previously mentioned, Crypto Swap Profits is a digital training program designed to help investors make it in the crypto trading world. It is a subscription-based service that focuses on investing, and blockchain technology, and their effect on different industries.

In the program, you get access to useful information that is not available on other platforms like Google. The main purpose of the program is to show investors that trading bots can increase their chances of making consistent and automatic profits.

Therefore, if you are interested in investing in future blockchain applications and crypto, this would be the best tool for you. What's more, it is ideal for investors of all levels.

By subscribing to the service, you get to receive, swap, and trade alerts as well as access to a community of like-minded investors.

One of the things that stands out about the program though is that it offers a trading robot that can consistently help you generate profits seeing as it operates round the clock.

What it Includes

As we had mentioned earlier, this program is a two-part series. We are now at the point where we get into the thick of that.

Part 1: The Core Training

This first part comprises 'over the shoulder' audiovisual lessons. As you begin the lesson, the Crypto Swap Profits team will take you through everything you need to understand before venturing into crypto trading.

The course begins by introducing you to the basics of crypto including what it is and how it works. After that, it goes into more advanced concepts like rule-based trading and DeFi.

Anyway, here are some of the topics that will be covered in the Crypto Swap Profits program.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: This is the preliminary part of the program where you will be introduced to crypto and what it entails.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Here, you get to learn what role decentralized finance plays in finance as well as how to make the most out of it in regards to crypto.

High Reward and Smart Risk Rules-Based Trading: Smart risk eliminates the traditional belief of taking high risks to obtain a high return. Taking smart risks allows traders to make conclusive decisions regarding trading so that they can gain high returns.

In this section, you will learn a useful Rules-Based-Trading tactic that will help you pick the right trades with reduced risk.

Altcoins: The financial market has witnessed the introduction of a broad range of crypto coins. In this section, you will get to understand Altcoins and what position they hold in the future.

The CSP Game Plan: Here, you will be provided with a Rules-Based trading system to help you increase profits and minimize risks.

Discover the Major Risks: DeFi is a new term in the world of crypto. As such, this section is dedicated to educating investors about the risks that come with DeFi and how to safeguard their accounts.

DApps and DEX: Here, you get educated about technological advancements in finance. For instance, the lessons about DEX and DApps teach you how to eliminate the need for brokers in your exchanges.

Swap" DEX: This section is reserved for lessons that have to do with the most lucrative DEX Swap websites.

Binance Smart Chain: Another new term when it comes to crypto trading has to be "Binance". This lesson elucidates what that is and what role it plays in crypto.

Crypto wallets: In this section, you get to learn everything about setting up your crypto wallet. You also get to learn about safeguarding your private keys as well as other valuable information.

How-to Fund Crypto Wallet: After learning how to set up your crypto wallet, the next step would be to fund it. As a new trader, making the right choices from the get-go can help you save a considerable amount of money.

This section teaches you how to best save in the initial stages of your investment journey so that you can experience faster trading in the future.

Rules-Based trading system: Here, professionals implement a Rules-Based trading system that is supposed to help you get lucrative returns. This is particularly useful for new traders.

Automation: In this section, you will learn a tactic that allows you to enter a trade when the price is right as well as exit at the right time.

Part 2: Live Mastermind and Support

In this second and final part of the program, you get access to:

Community: This is a forum where you get to search or ask questions. You get answers from community members and the Crypto Swap team. It is also a great place for you to engage with like-minded investors.

Trade opportunities: Trading opportunities are rarely exhibited on major platforms until it is too late. Here, you get access to useful information about projects and companies before they are live on DEX.

The Crypto Swap team posts attractive deals on its forums to allow for effective trading.

Follow "My Trades": Here, traders get to follow the Crypto Swap Profits creator and view both his daily and weekly trades. As if that is not enough, this post includes details about why the creator chose each trade and how much he made from it.

You can choose whether to copy the trades or just explore them to gain experience.

Swap Alerts: Traders get to access projects that are potentially profitable because they have been extensively researched and chosen by the Crypto Swap Profits team.

Coaching Videos and Updates: This is where traders access daily and weekly audiovisuals regarding the latest updates in DeFi.

Crypto Swap Profits Pricing

Currently, Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind charges a one-time fee of $1,497. After that, you are required to pay $97 monthly as a continuous subscription fee.

You want to note that there are no upsells once you pay the signup fee. The one-off $1,497 payment and $97 monthly fee covers all costs.

You also get to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Is Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind Legit?

Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind is the work of a man named Joel Peterson who is a seasoned trader that offers his insights and strategies to help users make the most out of crypto trading.

So, yes, it is legitimate. We can attest to the fact that Crypto Swaps is a valuable training guide for traders to learn and trade in crypto successfully. It is a reliable platform with secure payment options and a massive community of like-minded individuals.


  • It is explained in simple language making it understandable even to new investors
  • You get instant access to the program once you pay your subscription fee
  • The subscription fee is reasonably priced and can be canceled whenever through the support team
  • You get to choose from an array of payment methods including Bitcoin, MasterCard, and VISA.
  • It facilitates interaction between like-minded traders
  • The Crypto Swap Profits team focuses on educating users so that they can make informed decisions
  • Traders get to access information about what the creator of the program trades and how much he makes from each trade.


  • Traders have to commit their time to learn all the information in the training
  • Users have to use a PC to set up automation 


As you can see, Crypto Swap Profits is a well-organized and educational platform that is designed with both seasoned and beginner investors in mind. The program can help you as an investor learn everything there is to learn about crypto trading.

Moreover, the platform avails useful information to subscribers regarding changes in the crypto market as well as the lucrative opportunities available.

Save for the long learning curve and the need to use PC for automation, this platform is mostly fine and, therefore, worth a shot.