Daily Profit Machine Review




Daily Profit Machine is a financial analysis and research platform that helps users identify and track potentially profitable investment opportunities on a daily basis.

Let’s face it; making profits in the stock market is not the easiest thing to do. We can bet that if you ask most of the successful traders today, they would tell you that they learned their art through trial and error. Not only that, but before they made any profit, they had to incur substantial losses!

In your quest for success, you are likely to come across tons of advice from different individuals, some helpful while others will lead you to failure. That’s why we insist that you only listen to people with a proven reputation in the stock market.

One such individual is Davis Martin, and he is the brains behind the Daily Profit Machine program, which is designed to help you boost your profits in the market. Check out our review of the program and decide whether it is worth your time or not.

A Brief Overview of the Service

This is an online course that compiles all the tips that you need to be successful in the stock market into one easy-to-manage package.

Even though it is designed with beginners and intermediate traders in mind, the most advanced traders looking to make sustained profits in the stock market would find it to be of great use.

The service aims to guide you into making substantial profits while minimizing risks to almost zero. So, if you like playing it safe, this program is just for you. 

From other reviews that we have read, the Daily Profit Machine is a reliable tool that has helped other investors to make great and sustained profits, minimize the losses and analyze the risks that exist in the market.

Before we go further into the product, let’s know something about the developer.

Who Developed/Runs the Daily Profit Machine?

davis martin

This program was launched in 2017 by Davis Martin, a seasoned expert in the stock market. His ability to identify the patterns that lead to success in the business world is the main reason behind his meteoric rise in the stock market ladder.

Besides being a successful investor, Martin also has a reputation for sharing knowledge in the stock market with upcoming traders so that they can find their footing in the trade more easily.

With time, Martin passed on the responsibility of running the program to Ben Sturgill, who is considered one of the best swing traders. He holds an MA in teaching and a BA in History from the University of New Hampshire.

Sturgill deals with stocks, options, and ETFs and provides the subscribers with alerts of his trade signals to help you generate profits every trading day. These alerts come in the form of text and emails.

Before we forget, this service is part of the Raging Bull network known for services such as Weekly Money Multiplier and Jason Bond Picks. This connection should be enough to point out the legitimacy of this program.

What You Get in The Service


By now, you must be wondering what features you will get access to once you subscribe to the Daily Profit Machine. We were hoping you could get a clear picture of what this program is all about. So, we shall break it down into its individual components.

1. Educational Video Library

We all know how tricky the stock market is, and we always rush to the internet to find useful information that may help us navigate this world successfully. However, the online world is full of a lot of useless and untrue information.

What the developers of this program have done is they have filtered through all the information and remain with only what they deem to be useful for you. They compile this information into educational videos to help you learn your trade in the stock market.

In this library, you will find videos covering different topics such as profit-making strategies, winning trades, and analysis of risks in the market.

Another thing about these videos is that they are presented in a simple format that is easy to understand. 

These videos aim to build your confidence as you enter the unpredictable options and stock trading world.

2. Swing Trading Videos

One thing about the stock market is that it is never constant. So, it would be best if you always did sufficient market analysis to enable you to take advantage of every movement.

Sturgill is one of the best swing traders you may ever meet, and his input in this service is invaluable. The Daily Profit Machine updates you on the latest market positions daily so that you can take full advantage of it when the opportunity to make profits presents itself.

3. Performance Calendar

This track record calendar tells you how the daily SPY options trade and other options trades have performed that day. Here, you will see both the winning and losing trades, and you will notice that the former outnumber the latter.

An overall analysis of Sturgill’s trading strategies would tell you that they do not do well in the rising markets only but are also impressive in the falling markets.

4. Courses on Live Trading

These include regular courses and webinars that keep you updated on emerging trends, strategies, and techniques in the stock market.

This world is constantly moving, and if you want your trading skills to remain relevant, you ought to ensure that you are never left behind.

5. Realtime Alerts (Texts and Emails)

The Daily Profit Machine team comprises experts who keep a strict vigil on the stock market. They do this to ensure that you do not miss any relevant event that impacts the profits you make from your investments.

So, you will get real-time alerts with crucial information concerning vital trades, their risk profiles, and their entry and exit strategies. They will come as texts and emails, and you should act on them in good time. 

6. Expert Mentoring

Davis Martin has a passion for helping new traders find their way in the unpredictable stock market world. In this service, he goes out of his way to mentor the novices through live videos and resourceful updates so that the market no longer looks as mysterious as it previously did.

When everything starts looking clearer to you, making profits should not be such a complicated task. Further, Martin also analyzes low-cost penny stocks to ensure that you still bag huge returns without making large investments.

7. The Morning, Premarket, Trade of the Day

Before the markets open in the morning, a video will be sent to your email, and it will provide you with information about a particular trade that has the potential to earn you quick returns. Each week, you will get 3-5 trades that will enable you to maximize your profits.

The Pricing

If you want to access the contents that this service has to offer, there are three pricing plans, and you can select the one that is friendlier to your pockets. Let’s look at them individually.

I) The Monthly Membership

This plan will cost you $199, and you will get access to some features such as:

  • Morning watch lists
  • Education webinars and video library of previous recordings
  • Profitable trades of the day
  • Real-time buy and sell alerts

II) The Quarterly Membership

At $149 per month, you will get access to all the features in the first plan, plus a quarterly live education webinar and a video library of past recordings.

III) Annual Membership

This is the highest tier of the pricing plans, and it has a monthly subscription of $75.

In addition to all the features in the first two plans, you will also get a chance to participate in the Millionaire Boot Camp. This camp features eight videos that have a collective value of $2,499.

Is It A Scam?

No, it is not. The main reason for this conclusion is that the developer, Davis Martin, is a known swing trader whose success in the stock market is well-documented. He is part of the Raging Bull team which we believe you are familiar with some of its services.

The service is then packed with educational resources, which points towards someone keen to teach rather than scam you out of your money. After all, what effort would a scammer put towards educating you?

Who Is It For?

If you are a trader that wants to make huge profits with minimal risk, this is a service that you will greatly appreciate. The Daily Profit Machine helps you identify low-risk and high-profit potential trades that you can use to boost your numbers.

Another thing is that although the program was specially designed for the novice and intermediate traders, even the veterans can make use of the service.

Pros and Cons

Let’s now look at some of the advantages and drawbacks that we found with the program. Here they are.


  • The alerts ensure that you are not stuck in watching the markets
  • Packed with education and advisory content
  • Not restricted to a particular platform, i.e., desktop, mobile, or tablet
  • Deals with high-profit and low-risk stocks


  • Lies on the pricey side
  • You need to be careful with the exit strategies


With this program, you no longer have to worry about market changes catching you off-guard since you will be receiving constant trade alerts. And when you are up-to-date with everything, you will know the right time to make your move.

The service may be pricey, but you will easily recover your subscription in a very short while. Most of all, Daily Profit Machine ensures that you maximize your profits and you minimize the losses.

If you are looking to make significant profits in the stock market, we would advise you to try out this service. We can assure you that there is little chance of regret.