Darqube Review




Darqube is a fintech company offering tools and resources for investors, traders, and financial professionals. Its platform includes a stock screener, real-time news, market data, and analytical tools to help users identify and track investment opportunities and optimize portfolio performance.

In your search for the perfect trading platform, you might have come across the name Darqube. We are sure you must be wondering what this service is all about and whether it can help you make smarter investment decisions.

Well, you have come to the right place as we have put together this piece to help you decide whether this platform is worth trying out. In short, the company rolled out the service with the aim of equipping traders and enthusiasts with trading analytics, financial technology instruments, and algorithmic trading tools so that they can have an easy time making investment decisions.

Check out our Darqube review to find out more about the service.

What is Darqube?

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This is a relatively new trading platform that is broken up into four separate apps (that can also be accessed via a web interface). Some of its main features include the terminal app, messenger, a bot builder, and a bot marketplace.

An outstanding aspect of this platform is the amount of customization it offers and is an alternative to more established platforms such as MetaTrader 5, Trade Ideas, and ThinkOrSwim

However, the separation into different apps may make the platform a bit harder to use. The only consolation to this issue is that you will find yourself using the terminal app most of the time.

It is also worth noting that the service has different financial products that you could trade in, including mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, forex, and bonds. 

The company has been mentioned numerously in various publications such as Yahoo Finance and Business Insider.

We felt that there is a lot that could be improved with this platform. For instance, its charting capabilities are quite limited plus it lacks comprehensive scanners.

Further, you cannot connect to any broker.

Key Features of the Program

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We will take a deeper look at this platform’s key features so that you can fully understand what it is about and how you can get the most out of it.

1. The Terminal

This is both the main app and feature of the service with which you can create numerous workspaces and organize them with other features such as news feeds, technical charts, and watchlists.

The service helps you get started by providing you with various workspaces focused on stocks, forex, indices, market-wide news, and cryptocurrencies.

In the terminal, you can find up to eight different widgets that you can use to create the workspaces, some of which can only be used to monitor cryptocurrencies. We found the handiest tool to be the info widget which features a summary of the asset that you are looking at, which may be cryptos, stocks, ETFs, forex, indices, and mutual funds.

The summary comes with a basic line chart and also features fundamental data and analyst recommendations.

Also worth mentioning are the tabs that vary with the asset in question. For instance, the stocks tab includes a company summary, earnings history, and statistics regarding insider and institutional holdings.

As for the ETFs and mutual funds, their tabs allow you to explore the assets within that particular fund.

Other widgets that you may find useful include:

  • Screener- this tool is quite basic and only allows you to sort stocks, funds, and ETFs based on performance and valuation.
  • Charts- the chart widgets are provided by TradingView and offer dozens of common technical overlays. However, they are not customizable at all.
  • News- this widget can be sorted based on the asset in question, and it pulls its information from various sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Twitter, and Business Insider. 

2. Bot Builder

The next app we shall look at is the Bot Builder, which is specially designed to enable you to build automated workflows for trading in a drag-and-drop environment. Here, you can add countless conditions to your workflow while there is a wide range of options available for each conditional step in your workflow.

For instance, you could choose from common candlestick patterns, numerous technical indicators, and fundamental metrics.

Keep in mind that the workflow can stop if a condition is not met or passed onto an alternative routing of conditions. This implies that you can develop complex trading bots that can consider multiple trading conditions in tandem when deciding whether to execute a trade.

The only problem with this app is that the endpoint of your workflow can only be either a sell or buy order. So, you cannot use a workflow to send alerts or add assets to a watchlist. We hope that the creators can fix this issue at some point in the future.

3. Bot Marketplace

Rather than developing a bot from scratch, you could also purchase one from the marketplace. At the moment, the bots available in the marketplace for purchase are in a price range of between $0.50 to $19.99 per month.

Plus, you can even publish yours to the marketplace. We liked that the platform allows you to monitor how the bots are performing since you published them to the market, how they performed in backtesting, and how many traders out there are using them.

Unfortunately, although you can inspect the backtest parameters, you cannot access the underlying conditions that a bot uses to trade.

4. The Messenger

The fourth app making up this platform is the messenger, which you could either access on its own or within the Terminal app. However, we did not find this feature to be such a valuable addition to this platform.

First, the number of people using this service is not that great, while the platform does not give you ways that you could use to find other traders with whom you could share ideas with. Instead, you have to know someone who uses the Darqube and then use their email to search for them within the platform.

So, it would be best if the developers came up with a feed within the messenger app that resembles social media platforms. Other than that, the app would be restricted to traders who already know each other.


At the moment, Darqube is free for all its users. However, the creators have mentioned plans of introducing paid tiers in the future. We do not know when this will happen or how the different features will be placed in the different tiers.

Which Type of Trader is this Platform Best For?

We have already stated that Darqube is a work-in-progress, and at the moment, it is a basic news and research platform. This means that traders who want to monitor the market are the ones who will find it most useful.

Some of the markets you can keep an eye on include forex, crypto, and stock markets. There are also tools that you could use to generate trade ideas, but the overall utility of the platform is still limited.

Pros and Cons

Let’s now look at the benefits and drawbacks that we found with this platform. We will mention them below in brief.


  • No payment required to use
  • The work areas are highly customizable
  • The bot builder features advanced conditionals
  • A reliable news feed on different assets with information pulled from various sources


  • No advanced stock or fund screener
  • Messenger app only connects traders who are already familiar with each other


In the end, we believe that this is a service that you should consider trying out. It may have numerous limitations, but this is probably because new features are being rolled out with time. 

Even better is that using the service is absolutely free, and you can monitor the various securities’ markets out there, which will help you make smart investment decisions.

So, try out the platform, and we believe that it will help you develop into a better trader in the future.