Day Trading Academy Review




Day Trading Academy is a financial education and training platform teaching individuals how to trade stocks, options, and other financial instruments in the short-term. It offers courses, webinars, and coaching programs to help traders improve their skills and achieve financial goals.

If you are a day trader, chances are that you would like to know what it takes to become a successful trader. But what if you could follow what is known as an “organic approach to trading”?

Well, that’s what the Day Trading Academy is all about. Instead of exposing you to the usual stuff, this program gives you an opportunity to swim with the sharks in the live markets.

Day Trading Academy Overview

day trading academy

Behind this academy is an open source project which rides on the input of different professionals from across the world. This strategy to training is informed by the fact that the forex market is ever-changing and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this business.

Therefore, once you join Day Trading Academy, you become part of an ongoing learning experience. By ensuring you never stop learning, this strategy ensures you never run out of options at any step of the way.

Who Owns Day Trading Academy?

Marcello Arrambide

The founder of this program is none other than Marcello Arrambide. He has been in this industry for close to two decades and has been developing and sharing trading techniques for the last 8 years. One unique aspect of Marcello is his love for travel – in fact, he has been to over 110 countries and 5 continents since he started trading. And that’s not to mention that he has lived in 12 countries.

From an experience perspective, Marcello is one of those traders who started on a losing streak. His first investment, worth $25,000 went down the drain as he watched. This motivated him to want to help other budding traders by showing them a bunch of tricks that he uses, to-date, to avoid losing money in the world’s highly volatile markets.

What’s Unique?

The Day Trading Academy is unique from other day trading platforms in the sense that they don’t sell any software, bot or indicator to you. You get to work with real trainers who are actively involved in trading. This is far much better than other platforms whereby you’re trained by people who trade on demo only to share fake screenshots to depict “success”.

The idea behind this academy is that the students who successfully go through this program are required to offer training after completion. As a beginner, this means two things. One, it means you will always learn from live traders who are armed with the latest market information. Two, it means, once you successfully complete the course, there is an opportunity for you to train as well. You see, that means this is a fantastic growth opportunity for you – but provided you’re willing to learn the ropes.

This being a congressive trading system leaves you with added flexibility. That’s the kind of flexibility you need to make profits in any sort of market conditions. Best of all, the training takes place when the markets are live which is unlike other programs that are offered based on recorded videos that may not necessarily reflect the fast-changing nature of this market.

Trade Without Indicators

Let’s make this clear, there’s nothing wrong with trading using indicators. However, some trading strategies require you to invest in a bunch of indicators and these eventually complicate things. What if you could just trade based on clean charts? All you would need to do is look at the candles and make an informed and voila – you end up making some quick cash.

Well, that’s what DayTradingAcademy does. Although you may need to use an indicator or two toward the beginning, the end objective is to make you confident enough such that you can dive in – full throttle and make some sure choices.

Tailor-Made Learning

This training is facilitated on the basis of four stages. Each stage prepares you for the next one – and that, of course, leads to smooth and highly adaptive kind of training. To break it down for you, the training comprises of different phases as follows:

1. Beginner Phase

This section is recommended for those who know absolutely nothing about day trading. Here, the trainers take you through every nook and cranny required to eventually become a master trader. However, just the fact that this is a beginner’s package doesn’t mean it is exclusively meant for greenhorns. In fact, some experienced traders still to choose to enroll in it as a strategy to build on consistency.

  • Comprises 19 chapters
  • Introduction to technical analysis
  • The psychology of training and emotional intelligence

2. Intermediate Phase

This is where you learn the real stuff that makes DayTradingAcademy traders unique is taught. Once you master all the basics at stage one, stage two will get you all set on risk mitigation strategies. For instance, you will learn when to and when not to take trades. In addition, you will learn how to maximize risk management and also how to go about maximizing profit targets.

This phase of the training entails using a module known as NinjaTrader and Emini basics. In addition, you’ll be exposed to advanced skills of dealing with market movement exercises and reversal pattern exercises.

  • Real exercises for active, accurate trading
  • Mastering the NinjaTrader and Data Feed modules
  • Understanding different market behaviors

3. Advanced Phase

After you demonstrate your ability to read the market, you are now fully-fledged to take a bare-knuckles approach to trading. The advanced phase helps you to do exactly that by training you on how to gauge momentum direction. Using these strategies, you can tell valid from invalid trades without even having to risk a single cent from your account.

The beauty about this phase is that it is feedback-based as well meaning you can always send in your feedback or even share any other trading approaches you might have come across for review. Some highlights of the advanced phase include:

  • Learn how to set dynamic profit targets
  • Unconventional trading strategies that don’t fit the “classic rules”
  • How to study the markets without the need

4. Pro Phase

By the time you reach this phase, you have the muscle to withstand any market storms. The goal of this program is to help you achieve a deeper understanding of the online trading market. Due to the complexity of the facts taught in this phase, the pro classes are exclusively set aside for traders who are really serious and have already proven themselves in this vast industry.

Here, one is exposed to techniques used by DayTradingAcademy’s most successful traders on the live markets. By this time, you should be in a position to dip you fit into the live markets.

  • Putting your skills to use
  • Interacting with the pros as they trade
  • Making profits

Who Is This Training Be Suited For?

This training is best suited for any person who is warming up for success. If you’re tired of working in your constraining 9 to 5 job or are just out there looking for a real way to succeed, this would certainly be the best package to go for. What you need to note, however, is that they are currently accepting only a limited number of students.

If you’re lucky to be accepted into the program, you will enjoy the highly specialized attention. The classes are held live on the internet meaning you can access from any part of the world using an exclusive link. Best of all, you are enrolled in an exclusive member area where you can access other pre-recorded classes.

The point is, these classes are not offered by any other trainers. Instead, they are taught by real traders – not employees surviving on the company’s payroll but real traders who make real money in the day trading markets.

Think of this as a platform where knowledge is dispensed so you can benefit. Indeed, this is not another one of those courses that talk to you about some basic definitions and practices of trading. What you get here is exclusive training – the kind of stuff you cannot find elsewhere.


Thinking about enhancing your day trading experience? Knowledge is power. You need to find a training platform that exposes you to the real art of analyzing news and events that affects market performance. You cannot learn this through some pre-recorded training videos. Likewise, you may not get the much-needed skills if you’re trained by an employee who uses a demo account.

With a program like the Day Trading Academy, you might even lose a few dollars as you start trading. However, in the long-run, you will end up recovering your money as you quickly learn how to strike a healthy balance between winning and losing trades alike.

The main advantage of enrolling in this system is that it gives you an opportunity to start small. 95% of new traders lose their money in this industry. A seasoned player may help you recognize unique market trends and how to pick entry and exit points. 

As a newbie, you may find it extremely hard to make sense of this – and this is where the good guys at DayTradingAcademy come in handy. So, the next time the opening bells ring, be sure to work with the veterans who’ve got your back.

Verdict: Day Trading Academy’s 12-week course can help you keep 80% of profits. This is certainly something worth investing in.