Dollar Ace Review




Dollar Ace is an online platform that helps users save and invest their spare change by rounding up everyday purchases and investing the difference into a diversified portfolio. It is designed to be simple and accessible, and helps anyone start saving and investing for their future.

How many of you watched the famous movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas? This blockbuster exposed the “ugly” of Wall Street. “Ugly” for the investor, not the trader. I really think this movie shaped my distrust of investing with firms and trading on Wall Street.

I can also remember hearing how a couple of friends built this thing called a computer in their garage. While they had the brains, they did not have the bucks to get their product on the market. These young men had to ask for investors.

I also heard of a person who got in on the “ground floor.” This person had inside information that indicated this computer was going to be a success. With two men and a lot of faith, Apple was born.

Fast forward about 30 years. Kyle Dennis goes to UCLA for Biology and ends up becoming one of the more successful stock traders in the United States. How you ask? I am about to tell you and explain why I plan on paying attention to him.

In the Beginning…

introduce kyle

Kyle Dennis grew up in Los Angeles. He went to UCLA for Biology. Sadly, his college debt broke him.

Kyle worked as a real estate agent for a while but always fell back to his true love. Stocks and options trading. He made more money in one year in his trading account than he did selling real estate.

Kyle paid attention to trends. He learned a lot about this in his Junior year. Although he did not get to work in his beloved field, he definitely found a way to make the college experience work for him.

Imagine having the intelligence to realize when you read stock reports; you can understand the buzz surrounding a big move about to happen. While Kyle lets the world in on stock tips, he also knows how to spot insider trading.

Do Not Panic!!!

As I said before, the movie Wall Street depicted the ugly side of the trade. Kyle has taken that negative and turned it into a positive with The Dollar Ace Options Trading Strategy. Kyle spent enough time watching and trading that he can recognize trends in trade.

Kyle scans the stock reports and trends and can spot when a catalyst event is imminent. It is common sense if you think about it. Who is going to spend millions of dollars on options that are not going to make the investor money?

It is what The Dollar Ace Options Trading is all about. Kyle has honed his skills so that he can spot insider trading that is technically illegal. I had a friend explain it to me in two words. Marth Stewart.

That said, Kyle knows how to spot this happening and helps the “regular folk” profit as well, so to speak. Let’s face it, it is a free market, and following others in an investment trend can be very profitable.


Kyle’s Options Strategy Broken Down

dollar ace

Kyle has actually developed a scanning program that allows him to share the tips. Kyle is doing this totally legally, though. He spots the “buzz” and includes it in his tips.

Basically, you enter into a contract, giving you rights, but it does not mean you are obligated to buy or sell the asset on a specific day or at a certain price. I am just letting you know how options are different because I had no idea at all.

What I love, Kyle took a very complicated subject (for me) and literally put it at a grade level that even I can grasp. He does the legwork.

I will share a common example that is all over the internet. Kyle alerted others to the UBER options activity going on just before earnings were announced.

Kyle noticed a lot of activity of people buying puts on UBER just before earnings were announced, basically indicating that it was not going to be favorable. Many people were betting against UBER. Kyle took note.

Kyle simply copied what everyone else was doing, and it was all legal!!

Copying trends is not illegal. Kyle was spot on, though. He made a 90% profit on his options trade. Kyle is literally able to spot what corrupt insiders were doing.

It has also been noted across the web another trait people admire a lot about Kyle is he is not greedy. Kyle shares the knowledge (wealth), and while he could really be greedy, he is not.

How to Get Started

Kyle offers a free webinar explaining his Dollar Ace service. It is another endearing quality. Kyle is transparent with his methods. He gives you enough information for free, so you know you can make an informed decision.

As with Kyle’s other strategies that he has offered over the years, Dollar Ace Service gives you the tools to turn a small trading account into large accounts in a short time.

What to Expect For The Program

kyle dennis alerts

I am fond of this service because Kyle sends video alerts. I am the type of person who likes to see and not just rely on reading. The video leaves little room for error when it comes to interpreting the message.

The way I see it. If you have a proven strategist for investing who is actually willing to come from behind the curtain and show himself in a video tip, you hit pay dirt. Seeing is believing, though. Search for yourself.

What is also a great help is that he will alert you to abnormal options action happening, so you can also be aware just like him. As with his other products, he is helping you as well as himself.

Kyle sends text and email directly to his subscribers. Put that cell phone to work for you. Kyle will make sure you are in the know all the time when he sees the activity happening.

The selling point for me is as simple as this…Kyle lets you access to his own portfolio. Never in my life have I heard of the “teacher” giving the answers to the test away. You can literally do what he does!!!

What I love about his Dollar Ace Service is that when Kyle sends you an alert, you can make money on a ten-minute break from your day job. I expected that I would be kept in the loop with Dollar Ace. I did not dream that I would be allowed to copy from the teacher!!!

With Dollar Ace, you are given access to even more education. Kyle has classes on his site that allows you to study while you are already employing Kyle’s techniques to make money. It is what I love about Kyle, the transparency you get with his products.

What Does This Cost?


When you compare the cost of this service to his other products, this may make you pause. The cost runs you about $1500.

Look at it as an investment. You are gaining access to Kyle Dennis himself. You can watch exactly what he does all day long. You could make it your job.

Seriously though, for all the access you get to his portfolio streaming live and the access to the classes he includes, it will pay for itself in the first transaction.

As with anything, there is a risk. The trade industry is a roller coaster every day. Kyle Dennis has found a way to make sure the climb pays off.

Kyle will show you how to do it step by step. He will send you alerts and emails and give you behind the scenes access.

$1500 is not a lot for some security and help in trading and making money.

What Are The Average Returns?

Kyle will advise his subscribers to buy into options that are under $100 mark. This way, you can invest but not have to break yourself.

Kyle explains Unusual Options Activity and knows that the very top traders are putting their own money down on these options knowing there will be a catalyst event coming up.

Watching the options activities, Kyle will share why he feels the returns could be astronomical. People have reported, on average, 33% returns on most options trading activity following Kyle’s tips and alerts.

With Biotech trading, clients have reported 298% returns on paying attention to what Kyle tells them. He knows that when a company reports a Phase II trial of a cancer drug, that is going to compel investors to get in on the action.

Riding the coattails of the best traders on Wall Street is how he can do all this for himself and us every day, and all legal.


I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get a great nest egg built without having to work ten extra years to take advantage of Kyle’s programs. The way I see it, he has made it almost foolproof with Dollar Ace Service.

Being able to follow a live portfolio is unprecedented. You have a financial wizard who knows how to follow the money stocks and is willing to share it all with you.

Investing in yourself is never a bad idea. $1500 is a chunk of money for some, but let’s face it. It is not every day the answers to the test are there for the students to see and use.