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Earn2Trade is a platform that offers education and training to aspiring traders. It combines coursework with live trading simulations to help traders develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in financial markets.

Listen up, guys and gals-the trading business is just difficult. If you’re new to this game, it’s hard to find a right place where you can begin to educate yourself about good trading practices.

You are going to find an endless source of gurus and courses that claim they will make you rich. I felt like I was a piece of meat in a piranha tank when I was first learning about trading.

Thankfully, I found Earn2Trades. This company is a lot like a recruiter seeking only the best and brightest for their trading business, and this means people who are willing to put in the work and learn.

According to the creator, Ryan Masten, Earn2Trade is an educational program and company that aids traders in learning what the Forex and Futures markets are all about.

They also offer a program called Gauntlet which is a futures funded trader program. If you manage to get into this program, you will be able to trade using a funded account with Helios Trading Partners.

The Gauntlet Mini

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It was only in August of 2019 that the newest product, Gauntlet Mini, was launched by Earn2Trade.

Upon hearing about it, I figured it centered upon mini futures contracts. There is so much more to it than that, however!

It is a variant of their standard Gauntlet program. This program allows you to gain access to a funded trading account in just 15 days instead of the 60-day competition period the regular Gauntlet program uses.

Granted, you have stringent criteria to meet during those 15 days, but it is worth it.

Gauntlet Mini Pricing

gauntlet mini

Pricing will be dependent upon the funded trading account you’d like to get.

For instance, it will be $150 a month for a $25,000 a month account and increases to $350 a month if you want the $150,000 account.

So, let’s look at the $25,000 one. In the best-case scenario, you will start with $150 for the first month. You will trade in adherence to the rules of Earn2Trades, and get to the profit target, which is $1750 within month one.

Should you meet this goal, you will then get a funded account for trading from the trading partner of Earn2Trade.

Stuff Included with Gauntlet Mini

As you have probably already figured out, you’re definitely paying a pretty penny to be in this program. That being said, you get some decent bonuses here:

  • Access to the Beginner Crash Course, usually this would run you about $250. You get lifetime access.
  • Access to the reporting tool called Journalytix.
  • Use of the trading simulation tool

The Features of Earn2Trades Mini Gauntlet

earn2trade features

The Dashboard-this dashboard is available to you for sign in once you get registered. You will have access to the important areas of Earn2Trade by using the dashboard.

Some of the options include:

  • Simulator
  • Lessons
  • Webinars
  • Calendar

And then from there, it will take you to the Gauntlet, Journalytix, and of course Settings.

There are also areas for help should you have concerns or questions.

It has all the tools you need in a quality trading platform.

1. Charts

Charting options like Indicators and Chart Types are available to you through the Earn2Trades platform.

Important dates are also included, and this way it becomes easier to see when an important date is closing in-for instance, a recent event that just happened is the Iowa Caucus in the USA or the Brexit vote that just took place.

It is great to have around because you can see what the markets’ reactions are to various news events.

There are also long lists of indicators for you to peruse. Here are some of the indicators I saw:

And if widgets are your thing, there are lots of widget options for you simply by clicking on widgets on the top bar. I personally like to use the Time and Sales and Orders widgets. Let’s talk about a few widgets now.

2. Market Depth

Level 2 info is included in the price you pay for a monthly subscription, and you can integrate the information on whatever trading platform you use.

One-click trading is possible, which you can do right from the DOM chart or even by clicking on the DOM prices.

3. Time and Sales/Reconstructed Tape

Alongside the standard Time and Sales window, you have the chance to get a closer look at the tape when it is compressed using the Reconstructed Tape widget.

4. Chart Types

Whether you want to look at candlestick, ticks, volume, or range style charts, you can do that. It just takes a few easy clicks, and you’re in.

5. Order Tickets

So, we already know about the option to do one-click trades. Now here is how you put in those complicated orders. The order ticket is the way to go, and you can use either the simple or advanced mode.

You can select quantity, symbol, and order details, plus margin needed, and the commission for the traded located at the bottom of the order form.

6. Journalytix: Tracking Your Trade

While in your subscription period, you can take advantage of Journalytix. The trades you make can be sent to this tool.

There, you can put the trades into various categories, and figure out the strategies that work for you. It’s also very easy to export this to Excel and evaluate it there, too.

Rules for Gauntlet Mini

As you may already know, funded trading accounts have rules you must follow carefully. They are there to determine if you can trade using a rule set or not.

For example, would you give somebody a quarter-million dollars to let them trade your funds if they haven’t proven themselves to be a competent and skilled trader? Of course not!

It is why we have the rules in place, and they are pretty easy to grasp:

  • Trade for a minimum of 15 days
  • Do not reach or go below max daily loss
  • Do not go above the max position size
  • Do not reach or go below the trailing drawdown
  • You may only trade during appropriate times
  • You must follow the progression ladder

Sample of The Gauntlet-Mini

Suppose you choose the 25,000-dollar competition. You will do the following:

  • You must trade for at least 15 trading days
  • You may now go at or below the daily loss limit, which is $550
  • You may not go above the up to three contracts max position size
  • You may not hit the trailing drawdown which is $1500
  • You can only trade during approved hours, and progression ladder must be followed

Progression Ladder

Earn2Trade is pretty upfront about their progression ladder. It is easy to click on the asterisk next to the Max Position Size part of the Gauntlet Mini area of the program and see the details.

Nonetheless, let’s talk about them here:

  • Suppose you have a 25,000 contract. You begin with a max 2 contracts until you are up at least $1500.
  • Once you meet and maintain these criteria above that level, you can add and trade a total of 3 contracts all at one time.
  • It may seem complicated, but it will become easy-and important-for you to learn this.

Who Created Earn2Trade?

earn2trade foudners

A trader by the name of Ryan Masten created Earn2Trade, and his goal is to help you learn about futures and forex markets.

The majority of the work is done through the Gauntlet program, which lasts 60 days. They also are a recruiting company for proprietary firms that need to find good quality traders.

Ryan Masten is just one of the many people behind the program. It is also created with the help of educators and traders with plenty of experience in the field, and they LOVE to help others navigate the crazy and exciting profession.

Every one of the mentors you encounter are highly educated. They have all achieved passing scores on their FINRA Series 3 and 34 exams.

Where Is It Based?

Earn2Trade has offices stateside in Florida, Wyoming and Texas. There is also a support office located in Hungary.

Is Earn2Trade For Me?

Yes, if you are looking to start trading but would like a professional, gimmick-free educational course or some one-on-one help with the pain points of your trading career.

Gauntlet is excellent if you are already experienced and want to take things to the next level.

You can take advantage of the following program modules:

  • Crash Course for Beginners
  • Boot Camp
  • Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet Mini

Is There A Free Trial?

At this time, there is no free trial available for this program.


I think this program is great because yes, you are making a pretty significant investment into it, but it literally has all you need. The course is just $249 for the beginner’s section, which I think is pretty reasonable.

And, the Gauntlet Mini is only $150 a month and doesn’t have any reset fees- at least none that I was able to find in my research.

So, don’t hesitate. If you want to get into trading, go get into Earn2Trade. It’s the real deal.