Earnings Whispers Review




Earnings Whispers is a market analysis firm that provides accurate and actionable earnings expectations for individual stocks. Its proprietary algorithms and analysis help traders and investors make informed decisions about their portfolio holdings and trading strategies.

When it comes to the stock market, good trading, analysis and strategies are key. It is always fun and interesting to trade in the stock market. Just imagine sitting behind your computer and earning money at the comfort of your home?

It might not be easy at the beginning but when you start to understand how the stock market works, that’s the day you will focus all your energies on the stock market. Unfortunately, most people expect things to work in a split of a second.

Trading requires patience and persistence. You need time to learn and look for platforms that can help you make the best out of the stock trading. This is not something that can happen in a matter of hours or days.

I once almost gave up when I was getting started with the stock market. In my imaginations, I thought that money will start flowing immediately after I make my first trade.

I already knew people who were making big money. But what I didn’t realize is that those people started from somewhere.

It took months before I could earn decent money from my trades. You probably understand the excitement that comes after quitting your day job to pursue your passion. Well, that’s how I was feeling at the beginning.

Fortunately, I was introduced to several trading platforms that made life a little bit easy. I got tips on how to make the right choices while trading. One such platform was Earnings Whispers, that turned out to be a great companion in the course of my trading at the stock market.

About Earnings Whispers

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Earnings Whispers is a trading software and strategy meant for long-term traders, interested in trading around earnings announcements. Analysts and professionals from the company generate EPS estimates on their own for several hundreds of shares.

Earnings Whispers has done an exemplary job since it was launched. In fact, it is estimated that the service has been more accurate with its estimations more than the Wall Street consensus.

There are several other platforms that do almost the same thing as Earnings Whispers. This review seeks to unearth what’s sets the platform apart from the others.

Pricing options

Earnings Whispers provides two unique services to its users: Trader and Investor. The company charges $129.95 monthly for the Trader service or $299.95 quarterly.

The service comprises of all the resources and features via the Trader service. This includes recommendations or suggestions for short-term trades around announcements and earnings.

On the other hand, the Investor subscription goes for $25 every month. It is basically designed meant for traders who would like to use earnings to help them make informed investment decisions.

Investor Service Features

1. Whisper Report

The major resource available in the Investor service is the weekly report. It is a long report, usually 25 pages, that provides a general overview of the conditions of the market. The report picks resistance and support levels, that help traders to make the right choices.

The other thing the report does is to highlight a number of stocks expected by Earnings Whispers.

There is usually no detailed information but just a chart indicating resistance and support trendlines. Although the information is helpful, you still need to do a lot of your own research.

2. A+ Stocks

Earnings Whispers also contains a portfolio model known as A+ stocks. This is comparable to the Motley Fool’s picks or Zacks top-ranked stocks. They are basically stocks that analysts at the company expect to shoot up as a result of an earnings announcement.

The timing for the stock in this portfolio is normally six months – because they are not released until the next earnings announcement. You should treat the A+ stock with caution. By the time I was writing this review, very few A+ stocks had yielded a positive gain.

3. Earnings and Guidance

The rest of the information on the Investors service can be accessed by anyone. Earnings Whispers sorts results of the earnings using calendar views. This is meant to give traders an idea of what to expect in the following earnings announcement.

Trader Features

trader performance

1. Earnings plays

Earnings Whispers’ Trader service lays emphasis on providing short-term insights to traders. Most of the information includes recommendations accompanied by data, instead of plain data for a trader to analyze.

A good example of this is the Earnings Plays. There are basically two types of plays recommended by Earnings Whispers; before and after plays.

Before plays require that a trader purchases stock days or even weeks prior to the earnings announcement and then sell it right before or after the announcement.

On the other hand, after plays demand that an investor purchases stock right after the announcement and hold it for at least two or three days, to see the price movement.

2. +5 Stocks

Earnings Whispers normally gives a score of negative or plus 5 for all the stocks being followed by its analysts. The ratings are supposed to indicate the chances of a negative or positive gap, after the earnings announcement.

All the negative and positive rated stocks are made available for investors to browse. This makes it easy for them to see the EPS estimates made by Earnings Whispers against the consensus estimate.

3. Breakouts

The service also gives recommendations for breakouts. The recommendations basically concentrate on stocks that have positive earnings announcements. The good thing about breakout guidance is that all recommendations come with a price target.

Platform differentiators

There are several other platforms like Earnings Whispers that are trying to give the Wall Street consensus a run for its money when it comes to stock earnings reports.

However, so far Earnings Whispers has demonstrated that it can beat the giant in the room. It has proved this by a more than 70 percent success rate.

The service also offers more than just compiling accurate earnings projections. It utilizes that data to suggest short-term trades and estimates. The information given by the platform is highly dependable, particularly if an investor is using the Trader service.

The Investor service falls short of making recommendations but traders can easily use the data provided such as the forecast of earnings and other reports to make informed trading decisions.

Who needs Earnings Whispers most?

Earnings Whispers is designed for two types of traders or investors, through its two major services. The Investor service is ideal for long-term traders who are interested in establishing discount positions along with earnings announcements.

On the other hand, the Trader service is mots ideal for people who are keen on making short-term profits, taking advantage of price volatility right before or after earnings announcements.

The Investor service requires more research and time to realize maximum benefits whereas the Trader service is simple and straightforward. This means a trader has to weigh between the two services and decide which one is best for them.


  • The platform gives accurate forecasts on earnings
  • It has several grading systems that can easily be interpreted by users
  • It has weekly reports containing detailed analysis on various stocks
  • The cost of Investor service is reasonable
  • It has highly actionable breakouts


  • The Trader service is unreasonably expensive
  • The A+ graded stocks often give mixed track records