EquityFeed Review




EquityFeed is a powerful, real-time stock analysis and trading platform. It provides traders with a wide range of tools and features, including real-time news and market data, advanced charting, and customizable alerts, to help them make informed trading decisions.

If you are a regular in the stock world, chances are that you've already heard about EquityFeed. As most reviews so far claim, this is one of the most effective stock scanners on the market. While that may be true, figuring out whether this is the right program for you or not is quite important before you key-in your credit card number to secure a subscription.

EquityFeed Overview

equityfeed platform

Put simply, EquityFeed is an online program which acts an informational platform that is designed for individual traders like you and me.

It fetches real-time information from the market and relays it directly to your feed with the goal of helping you make informed trading decisions. Worth noting is that this is a subscription-only platform which means you have to part with a small enrollment fee in order to access its contents.

Perhaps it is worth clarifying that EquityFeed is not an online brokerage firm. This is simply a software system which interlinks various, legitimate online brokerage firms in addition to real-time sources of trading information.

You can, therefore, use this platform to confirm whether your broker is legitimate or not – and most importantly, whether that particular broker’s platform is compatible with EquityFeed.

Program Features

Looking at it from a technical perspective, this platform runs on Java which means it is pretty light and loads quite fast.

Even if you’re in a remote part of the world with poor internet connectivity, chances are that you will still be able to access this platform with no qualms. The site saves its layouts through cloud computing and that means you can access all the essential files even while on the move with no issues at all.

However, the platform comes fully loaded with dozens of features and tools and you need to activate more than one screen in order to operate optimally. Let’s break down the features further for you:

1. Level 2 Screens

equityfeed level 2 2

Equity Feed comes with level 2 screens that provide you with in-depth market information. Through these screens, you can get an idea of the levels of liquidity at any given price level. Of course, this gives you a vantage point as far as judging what’s going on the markets is concerned.

2. Market News

equityfeed marketnews

Looking for a platform that will help you get instant access to market news? Well, as we all know semantic analysis matters just as much as technical analysis in the word of trading. Luckily, EquityFeed has all it takes to access all the important happenings of the day, from 10-Qs reports (also known as quarterly reports) to Form 4s (insider sales), 13Ds (major stakes) and even 8Ks (major company events and changes), you access all these at a simple touch of a button. What’s more?

You can always filter the news feed so you only access information that is tailor-made to suit your specific needs. If you’re a new-based momentum trader this is certainly a great feature to look forward to.

3. Real-Time Trading Alerts

equityfeed trading alerts

This is perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of EquityFeeds. As such, you can use this platform to find gapers as well as identify stocks that are hitting new highs and lows.

You can even play around with the alerts tool so it filters trades and alerts you when information that would be extremely helpful to your trading strategy is available. If you are a visual person, the unique color codes that accompany each alert should make using this program even more interesting.

Overall, the goal of this popular penny stock information platform is to keep you abreast with all the essential tidbits you need in order to maximize your success as a trader.

4. Platform Differentiators

equityfeed marketview

Besides helping you keep tabs on the latest happenings, this platform stands out for being extremely stable. That means you only get to access quality data that is free from any errors or accuracy issues.

Beyond that, you can always adjust the Market View window to get a clearer picture of how the weakest/strongest currencies or even ETFs are performing. If you are a seasoned trader, you probably will find this feature quite useful. 

Just to give you a rough idea on how you can utilize this functionality if you find that WMT, TGT, and M are hitting all-time highs while MGM, LVS, and WYNN are on lows, then that gives you the impression that the retailers are strong while the casinos are weak. From that point, you’ll only need to decide which stock to settle for.

Is Equity Feed Best For Me?

Seasoned traders, as well as newbies and intermediates looking for a tailor-made trading experience, would find this platform to be a perfect fit. Therefore, whether you are looking to spark up your trading career or you’re still learning the ropes and are looking for some stability, this is certainly a platform worth settling for.

Whichever way you look at it, a scanner, such as this one, opens up vast horizons for trading candidates and diversify one’s opportunities.


  • Can help you put together a solid methodology
  • There’s a free trial period that lasts for 14-days
  • Provides in-depth analytics with absolutely no errors
  • It’s a comprehensive all-in-one platform
  • Highly intuitive and interactive program
  • This is an affordable choice particularly for day traders


  • Can lead to information overload if one doesn’t use the filters
  • May seem a little too costly for first-timers


To a large extent, EquityFeed stands out as an easy-to-use platform that specifically aims to simplify trading. Indeed, the program does the heavy-lifting for you by analyzing many different markets and sending you real-time updates. As you know, in the world of trading, information is worth more than gold.

By improving access to tangible and actionable information, this platform aims to increase your winning streaks and minimize losing streaks. Of course, EquityFeed is not the goose that lays golden eggs and, therefore, it is important to remain open-minded even when embracing it.

Our Verdict: This is certainly a great platform that we would encourage you to try it out. You can use it to create a tailored trading experience and to formulate a fool-proof game plan. If you’re in online trading to win, this is definitely something that will pique your interests.