Kyle graduated from college with $80,000 in debt and $15,000 in savings, but in a few short years he earned millions through the stock market and was debt-free.

I don’t know about you, but I want to make the money I earn work for me. Does that sound fair? I listen to people talk about how they invest some money in stocks and then make a substantial profit when the stock splits. If you are like me at all, I stand there totally lost.

I do not understand stock trading. Day trading…what is that? So, I took to the internet and did some research. I was told Biotech stock is huge. Again, scratching my head confused. I did end up hearing about a cool service offered by a stock genius.

I checked it out and was happily surprised by the results. They are proven, and the best part, you do not have to watch the stock all day long.

What Is Fast Five Trading?

Fast Five Trading is a stock alert service. Basically, it is for those of us who do not understand the trends and ups and downs.

Kyle Dennis was a Biology student turned trader and made a little bit of money turn into a lot of money in a short time. Why is this good? Because when you sign up, you get Kyle’s stock tips.

It is really simple. Kyle picks his idea on Monday. In the alert, he lets you know what price range to look for when you purchase the stock. Even better, you don’t have to watch the stock market all day.

Kyle even lets you know what the projected profit range is for the stock, should you decide to purchase them. It is all up to you. You literally have a stock market genius holding your hand to help you invest.

When you purchase your position in the price range you choose, you sell the position within a week for a nice profit. It takes about fifteen minutes of your time.

Why Trust Kyle?

You should trust Kyle because he is self-made. He found his talent, and he is happy to share it. He started out with $8,000 and turned it into $100,000 in a short time by using an educational alerts service.

He was still a junior in college. He realized he was great at trading stock. He was also able to share his knowledge among his fellow traders in his group. As it turns out, he was also good at helping others make money.

The Method Behind the Madness

Anyone who pays a little attention to the TV knows about big pharma. It is where Kyle honed his skill well.

Finding a stock that is going to have a big announcement in the near future. Pay attention to the press and news about upcoming announcements.

It is why Kyle has mastered the art of trading Biotech. A new drug or therapy hitting the market or going public will cause a surge in trading, and prices will soar.

Kyle figured out how to look for the “buzz” that comes about, and he would buy while the stock was at a lower price. When the media and investment companies started buzzing, he made a massive profit because he got in position to sell when the stock prices rose. Kyle also sold before the huge announcement in case the deals did not go through.

What You Get In Fast 5 Trades

For about $100 a year, Kyle will send you a stock tip each Monday morning.

For example; A drug company has increased activity on Friday. Said company has released a snipped that they have submitted their drug in England.

After submission, bioengineers will have the next phase of rollout in six weeks.

Buy while under $1.00
Profit at $1.40 or higher.
Stop at $1.20

It is an example of your Monday morning stock alert. Kyle gives you a very simple breakdown of when to buy in, when to sell, and if you need to get out at what price.

You can net about ten to fifty percent per trade depending on when you decide to sell.

You get the stock tips as well as access to Kyle’s other trading courses that he has honed over his years of trading and education in trading.

You do not get the alert when to sell, though. You have to check in on your own and decide when you are going to take the risk.

Kyle does offer other stock tip services and alerts. The Sniper Report, Dollar Ace, and FDA Insider Alerts. It is not included in the Fast Five Program, though.

What to Expect In The Service

When you sign up, you can expect to be able to have access to Dennis’s free Webinar. It is chock full of tips and strategies that he has developed and perfected.

He will explain how to average profit of 20-40% consistently. Kyle will also guide you through the process of what his tips mean.

Kyle will do the research of companies that are showing steady growth with some buzz around their product.

You can expect that you will have the necessary information to make an informed judgment of when to buy and for a neighborhood price, give or take fifty cents or so.

You can look forward to having complicated reports and information deciphered and laid out in terms that even I understood, and I have no clue whatsoever when it comes to stock trading and trends.

You can also feel confident that these are not “quick money” schemes. Kyle uses proven tactics that have already made him rich. Paying attention to what he says and advises puts you way ahead on Monday morning.

You can actually enjoy a lower risk investment that if you were to take ten thousand of your money to someone who does this for a living.

Investors have many customers. You are technically your number one client. Kyle makes sure you have up-to-date information while giving you tools to help with your decision.

You can make your money work for you. If this program cost one thousand dollars, you could make that back in one trade. This program practically pays for itself when you sell your first trade.

You also do not have to worry as much. Kyle picks stocks that you hold on to for a while. Sometimes you will luck out, though, and that buzz will cause the stocks to soar quick, and you can sell if you choose.

Why Is It the Fast Five?

Very simply put, you get a solid stock tip on Monday and buy-in for an affordable price. By Friday, you can sell and make yourself a profit.

Now you do have to pay attention to the trends and prices. Kyle lets you know about in your Monday morning tip. That being said, it is almost passive income.

I would challenge you to shop around like I did. See if any other investment firm that you hand money can offer you information this solid.

I would also suggest a “trial run.” Start small. Buy stock coming in under a dollar. You will have to do what Kyle advises and watch the prices. When YOU feel confident, sell. Let’s face it. If you make a couple of hundred dollars for ten minutes of your time, you cannot beat that.

The reason the fast five caught on because Kyle has honed his trading skill to Biotech. He knows the cues and watches how reports come out. It is like Kyle is holding your hand but giving you the freedom to make fast money in five days.

Ease Your Mind…

As with any other investment, I was nervous. I am sure you would be too, not having any idea about stocks like me. I would like to ease your mind.

I wholeheartedly believe Kyle is the real deal. This is why. While he is teaching you and helping you along, he is STILL making his own money.

He is not going to just hand all this information out and not follow through himself. He is in the same position as you.

  • He was broke in his hometown of LA. Kyle joined trading groups.
  • He worked with others and built his skills as well as his bank account.

I know they say if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Not with Kyle. He is not going to lie to you and say you will always make a profit. With the Fast Five, YOU are still in charge of your own money.

It is a stock tip service. Kyle will give you the parameters that he will also follow to make money as well. Kyle wants to make money with you, not at your expense.

Kyle does charge, of course. He went to UCLA and did the groundwork with his fellow students. Kyle is willing to share his education and tips for an affordable price. $97 a year for the Fast Five Trading program is very affordable and less than some fine dining experiences.

Final Thoughts

The Fast Five Trading program is like having your own investment firm in your pocket. Those cell phones have stock apps. You can literally take Kyle’s Monday morning tip and set your app to watch the stock.

I am the person who needs stocks dumbed down so to speak. I was a nurse for years, so I did not have time when I worked to be bothered with trying to invest my money.

What I will tell you, this is probably one of the best programs for investors old and young to take advantage of. Kyle is young and has made a significant mark on the trading world.

The way I see it, taking advantage of Kyle’s program, is one of the best ideas I have come across to consistently make money with as little as ten minutes a week.

Let’s face it, wouldn’t you just love to say, I made a 50% profit in five days? I know I would!!! Happy Trading!