Fast 5 Trades Review




Fast 5 Trades is a financial education and training platform that teaches traders how to profit from short-term market movements. With a focus on fast-moving, high-impact trades, Fast 5 Trades helps traders develop the skills and strategies needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of day trading.

Have you been hearing about people making significant gains in the stock market and are wondering how you could join in? 

If you want a trade that is almost guaranteed to rake in some huge profits, consider going for biotech stocks. This is an industry that is characterized by huge jumps and falls in the market price (read: volatility).

Normally, huge volatility provides numerous opportunities to cash in especially if you’re a small investor. However, to get this aspect right, you need the right platform to help you analyze the market patterns.

Fast 5 Trades by Kyle Dennis is probably one of the most sought-after tools on the Raging Bull staple. It’s hailed as one of the finest biotech analysis tools available out there currently. But just how effective is it? It’s time to find out.

What Is Fast 5 Trading?

fast 5 trades

Fast 5 Trades is a stock alert service specially designed for the traders who have a hard time grasping the market trends of up and down. If you are wondering where the term ‘Fast 5’ came from, it simply refers to the trading tips that Kyle Dennis recommends.

He provides one trade tip on Monday, and it has the potential of giving you significant yields five days later, i.e. on Friday. Each alert gives a number for a buy-in price, a sell price, and in case things do not go very well, there is a stop zone to minimize losses.

Dennis generates the picks each week by using a reliable system that analyzes the market patterns in Biotech trading. By simply observing past trends, Kyle came up with a creative way of generating great returns. Then, he uses the Fast 5 alerts to share this information with subscribers to the service.

Why Trust Kyle?

introduce kyle

Before getting into other details on the product, there is one pertinent question that we need to answer; who is Kyle Dennis? He is a stock trader who started his journey in the corporate world in the real estate. However, eventually, he ventured into stock trading, which was his first love.

Jason Bond, a stock market guru, mentored him into acquiring the skill set needed to be a successful stock trader. Kyle realized that he could easily point put patterns in the stock market, and he used this skill to make great yields.

He shares some of these skills with other traders and is a member of, which is a platform that offers valuable education to upcoming traders. Here, you can find several of his books, newsletters and webinars that he has hosted. All this material aims to teach ordinary individuals ways of growing their wealth by making calculated moves.

What You Get in the Program

fast 5 trades alerrs

One thing you should know is that this program is not entirely a stock picking service. It has a host of features which a day trader could make use of. 

Let us now look at some of the key features of Fast 5 Trades in greater detail.

1. Monday Morning Stock Alert

This is the main feature of this software. Every Monday morning, the service sends you the hot stock picks of the week. The alerts are sent as emails and text messages, and they arrive just as the markets are about to open.

In these alerts, you will get all the relevant information that you need including what to buy, the price to buy, the sell point and the point to abandon the trade to stop losses. Kyle expects you to make net gains ranging between 10% and 50% and it all depends on the point that you take the profits.

However, Kyle does not provide a sell alert, which is something no one really understands. Therefore, the decision to cash out lies squarely on you.

2. Kyle Dennis Free Webinar

Kyle discovered that he had a passion for teaching, and the free webinar is one of the ways he exploits his love for teaching to help others. The impressive bit about this webinar is that you get access to it without making any financial commitment. Further, the content is not something that you would expect to get for free.

The webinar is packed with handy tips and strategies that Kyle has developed himself over the previous seven years. Besides giving details on how to perfect consistent trades, Kyle also gives an insight on how he arrives at his Monday stock picks.

The thing is that he researches firms that have consistent growth and also have a product or two that is causing excitement on Wall Street.

3. Training Academy and Training Guides

Once you subscribe to this service, you will benefit from the stock market training that it offers. The first thing that you get is the Training guide which links you to three ebooks put together by Dennis himself. They include:

  • The $2.9 million
  • 7 Deadly Trading Sins
  • Middle-Class Millionaire

We found the Training academy to be more exciting as it gives you links to 68 webinars covering a wide range of constructive topics. They (topics) include:

  • Day trading
  • Trading psychology
  • Catalyst trading
  • Trading platform setup
  • Options trading
  • Catalyst trading

With the webinar recordings, you as a subscriber would have a lot of information in your hands to give you a deeper understanding of the different parts of the stock market and the trading practices involved.

4. Stock Options Course

As you may have gathered by now, Fast 5 Trades is part of the Raging Bull services. So, once you subscribe to the service, you gain access to a course by Jeff Bishop entitled ‘Stock Options Explained’. 

This is a narrated options course comprising of 22 lessons and covers almost everything concerning options trading. The training series comprises videos, text, chart, and graphs, which are easy-to-understand formats that would help in shedding light on the confusing world of options trading.

5. The Customer Support

Customer support is an area where competing platforms to Fast 5 Trades often fail to deliver. However, we were impressed with what this program has done when it comes to customer support.

Here, you have a single body of Raging Bull, comprising of Jeff Bishop, Kyle Dennis, and Jason Bond, fully committed to offering you top-notch customer support.

In case you have any queries whether it is a membership or technical issues, you could contact the team via email, phone call or live chat. The expertise of these three individuals implies that nothing is too hard for them to handle.

For about $100 a year, Kyle will send you a stock tip each Monday morning.

For example; A drug company has increased activity on Friday. Said company has released a snipped that they have submitted their drug in England.

After submission, bioengineers will have the next phase of rollout in six weeks.

Buy while under $1.00
Profit at $1.40 or higher.
Stop at $1.20

It is an example of your Monday morning stock alert. Kyle gives you a very simple breakdown of when to buy in, when to sell, and if you need to get out at what price.

You can net about ten to fifty percent per trade depending on when you decide to sell.

You get the stock tips as well as access to Kyle’s other trading courses that he has honed over his years of trading and education in trading.

You do not get the alert when to sell, though. You have to check in on your own and decide when you are going to take the risk.

Kyle does offer other stock tip services and alerts. The Sniper Report, Dollar Ace, and FDA Insider Alerts. It is not included in the Fast Five Program, though.

Who is the Program Most Ideal For?

This is a program that is designed to be most ideal for novice traders. It is packed with loads of educational content that would help the newbies learn a thing or two about trading in the stock market. This way, you will have a softer landing into the new field and hit the ground running more effectively.

If you are a pro, you are likely to be put off by too much education material while receiving one stock pick per week may not be enough. 


We believe that Fast 5 Trades is one of the most affordable stock trading platforms out there. Further, the payment options available is quite a straightforward choice. If you want a year-long membership, you could go for the $197 a year or $297 for a two-year subscription.

There is also the lifetime membership plan that requires an upfront payment of $397. If you do further calculation, you will realize that the annual payments amount to about $16.50 monthly. When you consider all that you will be getting from this service, starting with the education to the stock picks, you realize that this pricing is a bargain.

Let’s also talk about the refund policy. Fast 5 Trades offers you a 30-day full money-back guarantee. In simple terms, you have about a month to try out the program’s numerous features without making any financial commitment. 

Is Fast 5 Trades Legit?

Yes, it is. When you look at the educational content that Fast 5 Trades offers, you realize that this is a program that offers basic advice on trading strategies. Therefore, it is designed to help you make all the right moves in the stock market at a small cost.

Keep in mind that any trading in stocks poses some risk, and you can only try to mitigate them.

Pros and Cons

Let us now look at the benefits and the drawbacks that we can find in this platform. 


  • Packed with considerable educational material 
  • Created by Kyle Dennis, a household name in stock trading
  • No prior experience needed to know the best stocks to trade 
  • Minimal risk of confusion since you are dealing with only one stock pick 
  • With low-cap stocks, you can try out the market with minimal investment


  • Kyle leaves out his profit points and this may be confusing for some, especially the newbies
  • The recommended buy price is not always accurate


If you have been wondering whether services that offer valuable stock tips and considerable educational content truly exist, look no further. Fast 5 Trades is what you are looking for, and the availability of a phone app version means that you do not have to be stuck on your desktop all day long.

It is highly affordable, and the education that the program offers should be enough to enhance your trading skills to get to the same level as Kyle Dennis or Jeff Bishop, who are gurus in the game.