Fibonacci Queen Review




Fibonacci Queen is a financial analysis and trading education service that teaches traders and investors how to use Fibonacci analysis to make informed and profitable decisions in the markets. It offers resources and support for traders at all levels of experience.

If you are a technical trader, you have to appreciate just how important Fibonacci patterns are. And if you’re one of those who are yet to figure out how to mint real cash from these patterns, you’ll be pleased to learn that easier ways exist to master this strategy.

Fibonacci Queen is a service by Simpler Trading that is specially created to teach you everything you need to know about these retracements.

We have done a comprehensive Fibonacci Queen review so that you can know what the program is all about and whether it is worth your time and money.

Keep on reading so that you may be in a better position to make an informed decision in the end.

Fibonacci Queen Product Overview

Carolyn Boroden

About Fibonacci QueenThis is an educational resource and trading service licensed under Simpler Trading and is run by a technical analyst known as Carolyn Boroden. It fuses stock picking and trader education and offers tutorials on how you can incorporate Fibonacci patterns in trading and analysis of top stock picks.

Besides the educational aspect, the service also features a trading room whereby you will interact with other traders using the platform and Carolyn too.

Who is the Creator?

Fibonacci Queen is the brainchild of Carolyn Boroden, a technical analyst and commodity advisor with over 30-year experience in the field. Her journey as a trader started in 1978 at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and from all the topics she covered, technical analysis was the one that appealed to her most.

She based her trading strategy on that principle. After meeting Robert Milner, the author of Dynamic Trading, in a seminar in 1986, she became determined to integrate Fibonacci Retracement in her trading analysis and technique.

Key Features of the Program

features of fibonaci

To understand how this service works, we are now going to look at the main features. Here they are:

1. Learning Center

Here, you will find several videos whereby Carolyn gives a detailed explanation of her trading strategy and the tools she uses to identify setups. 

The videos mainly cover the basics and applications of Fibonacci patterns, while there are those dedicated to creating alerts and custom indicators in the ThinkOrSwim platform

Besides that, you will find videos that will introduce you to the essentials of trading, such as setting price targets and settling on time frames for trades.

Most of the educational videos do not exceed five minutes.

2. Box Charts

Next up are annotated charts for all the stocks that the service monitors during the trading sessions. These charts add up to fifty stock charts that are faintly annotated with Fibonacci patterns to highlight resistance levels and potential support.

Even though the charts are valuable supplements to the daily videos, they do not really explain how the retracements are derived just like that.

3. Daily Videos

This is the main theme of the service whereby Carolyn Boroden releases videos that last about 20-minutes. The discussion mainly centers around vital support and resistance levels in the wider market based on Fibonacci patterns.

As the discussion comes to a wrap, it switches to a particular stock’s price pattern to spot patterns, price targets, and stop-loss areas. 

Note that Carolyn gives traders room to make their independent decisions from the pattern information that she presents. Instead of giving out obvious yes/no recommendations, she proposes different decision points for the stocks that she analyzes in her videos. 

4. Trading Room

The other vital feature of this service is the live trading chatroom that gives you the opportunity to interact with Carolyn and the rest of her team. This is basically a video conferencing room whereby traders gather to discuss trading on any day that the market is open.

Besides the trader interaction, there is a Q&A session held twice a day in the breakout room whereby Carolyn Boroden and Tammy Marshall (a trader) respond and comment on various questions brought forward.

5. Support

In case of any issues, you can post your queries on the portal at the bottom of the company’s website, and the Simpler Trading team will respond swiftly.

Pricing and Refund Policy

The subscription to this service costs $197 per month or $547 quarterly. Further, there is a 7-day trial period that costs $7, and it allows you to try out the service before committing to it fully.

When it comes to the refund, it depends on the subscription plan that you went for. For instance, the monthly subscribers will not get refunds for partial monthly subscriptions. 

And for the quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscribers, receive reduced fees by paying in advance. And if you decide to cancel before the end of the relevant period, you may be eligible for a partial refund. 

Which Trader is Fibonacci Queen Best For?

If you are a self-motivated trader who is not comfortable with just receiving stock picks but is willing to learn and apply a new trading technique, this service would be perfect for you. This is emphasized by the fact the Boroden provides you with multiple possibilities for the stocks that she analyzes, and it is up to you to be in charge of your trades as you use this service.

In the end, you should be comfortable making your moves without fully relying on the analysis that the service provides.

Pros and Cons

After that extended discussion, we will now look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of the service.


  • Teaches you the basics of Fibonacci retracement
  • You will receive daily videos with detailed explanations on how you can identify and apply Fibonacci patterns
  • Features a trading room where you interact with other traders and get answers to some of your questions
  • Excellent customer support
  • Shows you how to integrate the Fibonacci pattern in your trading


  • Expensive subscriptions
  • Offers no mechanism to ease you into trading smoothly


With that, we conclude by advising you to go for this service if you are a trader willing to learn and apply a new technique rather than just receiving stock picks. You need to be a dedicated trader who is keen on taking a hands-on approach to your trading. 

In the end, you should be able to make wise moves and take strong positions to make greater profits from your trades.