Finimize Review




Finimize is a financial management and personal finance platform that helps users make informed decisions about their money. With daily newsletters, budgeting tools, and expert advice, Finimize helps users understand and take control of their financial future.

One thing you should know about the financial world is that it is always moving. Therefore, if you are a smart investor, you should always strive to keep up with the latest events, and this is where financial newsletters come in.

Such services are plenty in the market, and this may make your search for the right one a bit confusing. An excellent example of a financial newsletter is Finimize, and our detailed review should help you discover whether it is the one that would meet your needs.

Have a read of this piece so that you understand what the service is all about.

About Finimize

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This is a UK-based financial newsletter that provides its subscribers accurate and balanced financial news in a straightforward manner daily. The outstanding aspect of this service is that it does not beat around the bush and gets to the main headlines instantly.

In about three minutes, it would have delivered everything that you wanted to hear.

Another impressive aspect of this newsletter is that it breaks down the topics of discussion into different categories for easy presentation.

The result is that beginners would understand everything without struggling much, while the pros would save a lot of time as they no longer have to scour the internet for information.

Key Features/Services of Finimize

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Let’s now look at some of the services you will access once you subscribe to this newsletter. All of them have the goal of providing you with up-to-date news in the financial world in a straightforward manner that anyone would understand.

Here are the main services on offer:

1. Daily Newsletter

This is the core theme of the platform, whereby the editorial team behind the program chooses one piece of financial news and summarizes it on behalf of the subscribers. The news covers various topics, including job statistics in the US, interpretation of economic releases, and bankruptcy notices.

Typically, the email is less than 500 words and goes straight to the point. It attempts to answer three basic questions:

  • What’s going on?
  • What does this mean?
  • Why should I care?

The email is presented conversationally and humorously, making it easier for the subscriber to digest the information.

We were impressed that the editors understand that not everyone is a guru in finance, which may explain the absence of jargon common with traders and economists and the presence of basic terms. 

So, any member of the public interested in finance and economics will be comfortable with this newsletter.

2. Mylife

Besides the newsletter, the company has also invested in a web portal that covers a range of topics that aim to help you develop a sound investment plan. Here, you will learn how to plan your expenses and smart ways of investing your capital.

How does this guide work? Well, upon signing up with Finimize, you will furnish some personal data such as your age, residence (country), income, savings, and debts. After giving out this data, the platform will generate a financial plan as per your profile.

For instance, you will find recommendations on the amount you can save from your income, the ideal time to pay your debts, and a thing or two about emergency funds.

3. The Finimize App

This app features tools meant to help you learn all there is about planning, saving, and investing your capital. With these tools, you can easily compare your different investment ideas. This will put you in a good position to make good decisions and develop more profitable investment strategies.

Some of the tools in this app include:


This app allows you to see all the daily news that you receive in your email, including the past headlines for re-reading. 

Besides the news, the app allows you to view other services such as investing basics, investment choices, portfolio construction, and community.

Portfolio Construction

Next up is a section that will show you the correct way of structuring an investment portfolio. Again, each concept is presented in a straightforward manner for anyone to understand.

Basics of Investing

When you choose this option, you will access a series of topics specially formulated for the newbies interested in joining the world of finance. The topics are in both text and audio format.

Investment Choices

The app also gives you access to numerous investing ideas, and you can either read or listen to the information presented. Further, you will also know the amount of time that you spend on a particular topic.


Lastly, the app allows you to find events so that you can interact with the Finimize community with the aim of boosting your financial health. All you need to do is select the discussion topic you are interested in and register in the one you want to take part in.

The Pricing

Initially, you could access Finimize for free. However, after some time, it switched to a paid plan whereby the service costs you $59.99 annually.

There is also a 7-day trial period that is meant to give you time to decide whether the service is worth investing in.

Who Does This Service suit best?

If you are an individual with some savings but don’t know how to take advantage of financial events and trends to manage the money, this service is just for you. It especially targets the millennials who are relatively new in the unpredictable world of finance.

Keep in mind that this service only offers basic financial literacy lessons and does not go into the inner details, nor does it offer advice on trading stocks.

Pros and Cons

At this point, we shall look at the benefits and disadvantages that we found with this program. Here they are:


  • The news is presented in a short and engaging format
  • Offers beginners basic lessons on financial literacy
  • Has a free 7-day trial period
  • User-friendly interface
  • Most of the information is available in text and audio format


  • Most of the content is limited in the free trial
  • The app is only compatible with iPhones


If you are looking for a service that will keep you updated on the relevant events in the financial world quickly and easily, Finimize would be of great help to you. It will provide you with all the guidance you need to manage your savings without having to rely on a financial advisor.

The fact that it offers you a trial period to check out its features and that it has over 600,000 users should tell you that this is a genuine service that is not out to fleece you of your money.

Most of all, the newsletter is relatively cheap as compared to other programs offering similar services.