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Fortune Forecaster is a market analysis and prediction tool that uses algorithms and data science to forecast market trends and identify profitable trading opportunities. It offers daily updates and customizable alerts to help traders and investors stay ahead of the curve.

What makes biotech stocks so attractive? Well, for starters, they follow their own rhythm, and you may find the stocks on a bull run while the rest of the market is collapsing.

If you ask or read around, you are likely to hear how much opportunity they present any trader. These stocks can move 50%+ in a single day, to show how profitable they can be.

By now, you must be wondering whether these stocks are easy to trade. As a matter of fact, they are, and we are going to show you how.

It is at this point we are going to introduce you to the Fortune Forecaster trading platform by Kyle Dennis. We have done an extensive review of the program to help you decide whether or not it is worth the investment.

What Is The Fortune Forecaster?

fortune forecaster

This program is made up of two services: the Sniper Report and FDA insider alerts. As the name suggests, it is a system that teaches to make a trade only when the potential for profits is quite high.

Instead of focusing on alerting stocks, this program guides you on how you can locate the best stock catalyst swing trades in the market.

Let us now see what the service has to offer.

Key Features/What you Get from the Service

Now you must be asking, what do I get when I subscribe to this service? The answer to this is that you will be getting a lot of useful resources to help you sharpen your skills in biotech stock trades.

We have discussed the main components of this service below:

I) Video Tutorials

The significant component is the many hours of video tutorials that Kyle Dennis uses to explain how he conducts the research to help him find the stocks to put on his watch list.

By analyzing the videos on this platform, you should start making your own judgment on whether this program is worth the hype.

As per the many user reviews we could find online, you would find the most information from the videos titled “How to do Biotech Research.”

II) Daily Watch Lists

Kyle is an individual who pays close attention to every little detail there is. This is one of the reasons why his trading strategy is so profitable. 

He does extensive analysis of all the catalysts that may affect the stock prices, including insider information on buy/sell, technical chart, stock splits, the market fundamentals, and so on.

We liked how organized the watch lists, and this contributes to their ease of understanding. Your level of experience in trading stocks does not matter, and you should have an easy time following everything.

Pay attention to your email account since Kyle sends out FDA insider alert watch lists every Monday. This ensures that you are always updated on any important thing that is happening.

Each entry on the watch list has a time frame that tells you exactly when the catalyst event is expected to occur. Additionally, the entries would give you some information that would tell you more about the catalyst.

III) Due Diligence Reports

All these reports should show you all the analysis that Kyle has done on the stocks he is watching. So, before making a trade, you can rest assured that he has all the relevant information on the stocks that he is dealing with.

These reports also enhance the transparency of the program.

How It Works

To understand how this platform works, we are going to break down the strategy that Kyle Dennis uses to trade. The system may look easy, but it has always boosted his chances of picking a winning stock.

Kyle names his strategy as the 3-C strategy. The C’s stand for Catalyst, Chart, and Credibility.

We are now going to see how Kyle combines all the three Cs in his biotech trading strategy to end up with winning trades.

1. Catalyst (Event)

A catalyst event is one that has an impact on the company’s growth. Why are they significant? It is because they have a direct influence on the stock’s price, and the effect may be negative or positive.

A few examples of catalyst events are:

  • Positive earnings report
  • Announcement on new products
  • Change in management positions
  • Experts analysis
  • Buyouts
  • FDA pronouncements

Since biotech stocks are Kyle’s area of interest, the FDA aspect is the most significant one.

Why the FDA?

The FDA is the body with the legal mandate to approve any new drug, medicine, or biological product before the company sells it to the public.

The approval process is a step-by-step process that anyone could follow. After testing on animals, the clinical studies are the next crucial part. The studies are divided into three different phases.

Any positive announcement per stage would serve as a catalyst to the stock’s price. If the results are positive, you can expect a dramatic jump in the stock prices.

2. Chart

The charting is also another reason why Kyle’s strategy is so successful. Instead of complicated indicators, he looks out for patterns that have a higher probability of working out.

His preferred charting sites include:

The simple charting aims to guide him to decide on the entry and exit strategies. For the long term trades, he pays attention to the potential catalysts plus chart patterns such as upwards trending channels.

Simple charting, combined with a catalyst, should considerably boost your chances of success.

Kyle insists on two charting patterns, which he believes would significantly increase the probability of success. They are Fibonacci retracement and Double bottom reversal.

3. Credibility

This aspect would determine whether Kyle would hold the stocks for a longer-term. If he notices that insiders are buying shares, that could be a pointer to their belief in the company.

Additionally, he also checks out whether the wealthier institutions are also investing in the stocks.

Kyle does a lot of digging into everything concerning the company. From the location of their headquarters to the employee backgrounds, all these are crucial in determining how credible a company is.

All three of the above aspects, coupled with the prevailing market conditions, would determine your chances of making a kill in the biotech stocks.

This impressive combination of the Cs is what enables Kyle to target 100% profits every year.


For all that this service has to offer, we were surprised at how affordable it is. For only $297, you will get full access to all the resources this platform offers.

Note that this is a 3-month subscription and is a discounted price from the usual $5,284. Where else would you get such a fantastic discount?

Keep in mind that the service has a no-refund policy, and if you want to avoid renewal your subscription, you need to enforce the cancellation before the renewal date that is stated on your profile.

About the Creator- Kyle Dennis

KYLE DENNIS e1590723028935

The developer of this service has a rags to riches story, just like most other traders out there. He graduated from UCLA, and his first job was analyzing real estate deals.

The $30,000 pay per year was not enough to sustain life in LA, and that is what pushed him to learn the art of trading biotech stocks.

Kyle steadily grew his riches from an initial amount of $15,000 in his portfolio, and he has accumulated over $7 million over the years from trading in the stocks.

Jason Bond was his mentor in the trade. Kyle even adapted Jason’s strategy as his own.

What’s impressive is that Kyle was able to make all these achievements before attaining the age of 28-years.

Is It Legit?

From what we have seen, this is a legit program that actually works. You get so many resources at a very low cost, unlike other programs whose prices go through the roof.

The developer has been in the trade for years with massive success. Further, he learned everything from Jason Bond, who is another trader with strategies that rarely fail to impress.

It is not every day that you come across a stock trading service that would guarantee you a 100% win-rate.


  • Very affordable
  • You can start trading with as low as $100
  • Has ten bonus trading lessons
  • The strategies are simple and easy-to-follow
  • Offers you a set of rules to guide you in the trade


  • Has a no-refund policy
  • Most suited for those with some experience in the trade
  • Could have a had a chatroom


We hope our article has made it clear what the Fortune Forecaster is all about. It focuses on biotech stocks, and this arena is quite promising, as you may have heard.

With this platform, there is a lot to nurture you into one of the best traders in the game, and you get all of it at an unbeatable price.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out, and we can assure you that you will not regret it.