Fous4 Review By Cameron Fous




Fous4 is a stock trading education and analysis service that provides training, trade alerts, and market analysis to help traders make informed and profitable decisions. It has a focus on practical, actionable strategies and techniques, and helps traders at all levels improve their skills.

Have you always wished to become a successful day trader? Well, while trading stocks may seem simple and lucrative, getting started in the right direction isn’t always easy. For instance, you need to analyze dozens of trades and sift through complex charting systems.

It’s, therefore, so important to learn the do’s and don’ts of day trading before risking any money or effort for that matter. Talking about the do’s and don’ts, the Fous 4 is an all-in-one trading platform that claims to equip you with handy trading skills.

The system is based on a 90-day learning curve and promises to share little-known tactics that can transform your finances, once and for all. But does it live up to those claims? Let’s investigate.

Overview of the Product


Founded by Cameron Fous, Fous 4 is a 90-day trading system that promises to take you from being a novice to a Pro day trader by teaching you different trading strategies. Apparently, it contains over a decade of Cameron Fous’ trading knowledge and aims to help you take the guesswork out of day trading.

The platform is available in three subscription packages that we are going to have a look at each in details as follows:

1. Fous4 Starter

Designed for beginners on a tight budget, this package goes for $1497. When you enroll in this program, you will receive two courses including the Swing Trade and Day Trade Masterclass. In the Swing Trade course, you will learn different trading strategies, tactics and chart patterns. 

The Day Trading course, on the other hand, teaches you what stocks to trade, where to buy/sell and how to scan for stocks. Apart from the two courses, you will also get one bonus that includes a month access to the live trading room.

2. Fous4 Pro

Worth $2997, this package includes Cameron Fous’ complete trading system along with active trade support. It comprises four comprehensive Masterclass courses such as the Swing Trade, Short Selling, Cloud9 Psychology, and Day trade. You will also receive three months access to the platform’s trading room.

Like the Starter package, this too comes with some bonuses that include a month access to FOUSim Paper trading and free download of stock scanners. Another bonus is free access to their mentor classes three times a week for a total of three months.

3. Fous4 Academy

With this program, you can only join by application only. Basically, it provides you with the opportunity to be among some of the most successful professional traders like Cameron Fous and many others.

In addition, it incorporates all the four courses in the Pro package. Also included are a number of bonus items like access to the trading room and mentor classes for one year. As if that’s not enough, you will get three months access to paper trading, free download of stock scanners and a graduation certificate.

How Does It Work?

The program is broken down into several levels making it easy to follow. These are then divided into 30 day long sessions including:

*Month One

This level basically involves learning the basics of Fous 4 trading platform. It is designed to provide you with the direction you need to realize your dreams of ever becoming a profitable trader. Cameron Fous uses his unique step-by-step teaching methodology to ensure you have an easy time understanding everything.

*Month Two

In this level, you will get to be mentored and trained by professional day traders via private sessions to help you build a strong foundation. Also, you will join the platform’s daily live trading and interact with other traders so you can learn the speed of the stock market. The aim of this module is to help you minimize greatly the time required to start trading profitably.

*Month Three

As far as this module is concerned, you will have the opportunity to test how the live markets work using the platform’s real-time simulator known as FOUSim. This will give you an idea of how the trading environment feels like but of course without risking any money.

*Day 90

Having gained a deep understanding of all Fous 4 trading strategies, you will then qualify to become part of the platform’s trading team. But to do so, you need to have traded profitably and consistently on FOUSim.

Benefits of the Program

Real-Time Alerts – As a day trader, you are always presented with thousands of different stocks to choose so it can be hard to know which ones to trade. For this reason, this platform claims to provide you with buy and sell alerts on a daily basis to help you improve your profitability. The aim of the alerts is to help every trader to cash out at least $100s to $1000s in profits per day.

Plenty of Training Materials – Another benefit of this trading platform is that it includes so many educational materials to help you learn everything about day trading from A to Z. For starters, there is a Swing Trade course that teaches you the key swing trading strategies to help you get started. Another course worth mentioning is the Short Selling where you will learn how to successfully short stocks.

Chat Room – The chat room gives you an opportunity to network with new and experienced traders as well as moderators like Michael Spinosa. Also, you get to watch as the moderators place trades in a virtual environment and ask any questions you might have. However, to participate in the chat room, you will need to subscribe. That said, there are three subscription packages including monthly, annual and quarterly. The monthly package goes for $79, $50 per month for the quarterly while the annual is only $25 per month.

Live Video Broadcast – With live trading broadcast, you get to watch each and every piece of information you learned in the training courses happening in real time. In addition, it allows you to trade side by side with Pro day traders including Cameron Fous and his great team. Becoming used to how the market works take time and the live broadcast allows you to hasten your path to profitability

Unique Trading Strategy – Developed over 12 years ago, this platforms’ trading strategy focuses on swing and day trading micro-cap stocks. Its goal is to provide traders with quality stock setups rather than quantity through risk management and powerful chart patterns. This makes it easy to maximize profits while keeping losses small. But probably the best part about Fous4 trading strategy is the fact that you only need a maximum of two hours a day in order to be successful.

Meet the Fous4 Team

cameron fous

Basically, the system comprises three team members including Cameron Fous, Mike Spinosa, and Robert Millar. Cameron Fous is the CEO of Fous 4 trading platform. He is also a trading mentor with over 12 years of experience in the stock market industry. He studied Finance at the Oregon State University.

Apparently, Cameron’s dream was always to be a stockbroker while growing up. However, it was until 2005 that he decided to get involved in the stock market. And like most people, he would make a lot of money in a day and then blow it all by investing in very risky trades. But with time he was finally able to stick to a specific strategy which is now Fous4.

Mike Spinosa, on the other hand, is a graduate as well as a day trading mentor of this platform. On top of that, he is a head instructor and co-hosts the daily live broadcast. He also holds a degree in Finance and Economics. Like Mike, Robert is also a Fous4 graduate. He began trading stocks in 2007 and works as a director of operations at the platform.

Do We Recommend Fous4?

So, should you invest in this trading system? Ultimately, it all depends on how well you connect with Cameron Fous’ trading style. Unfortunately, the platform dwells mainly on day trading making it unsuitable for people interested in penny stocking, long-term investing and swing trading. Not to mention, the price you have to pay to join the platform is quite high.

Therefore, we would highly recommend you try the Investors Underground instead which is home to one of the biggest chat rooms for day traders. It is not only affordable but also covers a wide array of trading styles and services which is not the case with Fous 4.

As if that’s not enough, the platform offers new traders free video lessons, trading strategies, and tips. What is more, the creator of Investors Underground does not use any of those shady marketing gimmicks that Cameron Fous uses.


  • Straightforward educational materials
  • Teaches you how to grow a small account
  • Accessible from all mobile devices so you can trade on the go
  • Allows you to trade for one or two hours a day
  • Gives you the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals
  • Massive video library
  • Provides you with live market analysis


  • You would need to pay a couple of bucks to get access to the chat room
  • Cameron Fous does not provide evidence to support the massive profits that he claims to make
  • Promises traders that they can become Pro traders within a very short time


Day trading is not as overwhelming as it may look. However, all traders including the most successful ones you know started from somewhere.

In fact, most prefer to get help along the way from some great mentors. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a good trading platform so you can master the skills of day trading as opposed to going at it alone.