Gold Gate Capital Review

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Golden Gate Capital is a private equity firm renowned for its expertise in investing in and transforming companies across various industries. With a track record of success, they employ strategic insights and operational excellence to drive growth and create value for their portfolio companies.

Looking for a reliable and trusted precious metals investment firm? 

Gold Gate Capital is one such firm. It is based in Los Angeles and has transacted for more than a decade. Over this period, it has assisted multiple investors protect their wealth from economic uncertainty, stock market volatility, and ever-increasing inflation.

Gold Gate Capital has built a solid reputation to the extent of gaining the trust of big organizations such as Fortune, Forbes, Fox News, Newsmax, and Joel Osteen Ministries.

In this article, we’ll look into the company and highlight all you need to know before trusting it with your money. Let's get started.

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An Overview Gold Gate Capital

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Gold Gate Capital is among the top precious metals IRA companies around. For the period it has been in operation, it has grown considerably to become a reputed brand. 

The firm has a wide selection of precious metals products on the market. This includes bullion and coins from leading mints worldwide, such as The US Mint and The Royal Mint.

The Primary industry in which the firm operates is the precious metal and gold IRA industry.

It has sold over $100 million worth of precious metals for the period it has transacted business.

Golden Gate Capital’s CEO is Chris Seebert. The company also has experienced operating executives, private equity professionals, strategic partners, and operating executives. 

How To Get Your IRA Journey Started with Gold Gate Capital

Having a gold and silver IRA can assist you minimize your financial risks and secure your retirement. As an investor, a silver or gold IRA protects you from inflation and diversifies your investment portfolio. Gold Gate Capital makes it simple to enjoy such advantages and more.

The process of getting an IRA set up with Gold Gate Capital is as follows:  

1. Open Your Account

Once you are interested in securing your investment with precious metals and decide to partner with Gold Gate Capital, you can contact the firm. They’ll send you an email containing their standard customer agreement which you’ll review, sign and send it back. At this point, you are set to work on your investments with the help of a precious metals expert.

2. Add Funds

Once your account is ready, you can add money to it in several ways. 

You can mail a check to Gold Gate Capital or wire funds. If you decide to send a check, you’ll get a prepaid FedEx shipping label from the firm.

Like in any other conventional IRA, you can transfer any retirement accounts you have to your Self Directed precious metals IRA, without being taxed. You only need to discuss this with your Gold Gate Capital specialist, who will assist you with the entire process of transferring your savings to a trustworthy and reputable custodian.

Gold Gate Capital recommends that, to begin your precious metals investments journey, begin with at least $10,000. But if you don’t have the minimum recommended amount, you can start with whatever amount you have. 

3. Select precious metals

Upon successfully funding your account, you’ll talk to your precious metals expert and let them know the precious metals you’d like to invest in. They will provide additional information and recommendations to help you make a more informed decision regarding your retirement goals.

Once you’ve settled on the products you'd like in your portfolio, Gold Gate Capital will ship them free of charge and insured to your custodian of choice.

Your chosen Custodian will then be responsible for finalizing the transaction, paperwork, and effecting withdrawals. They will also track your precious metals, ensuring they are always in the right place.

IRS-Approved Coins

Silver and gold bullions are an awesome selection for your precious metals IRA. But if you prefer gold and silver coins, they can also be a great addition. 

The catch with coins is that they need to be of the highest purity levels possible. For example, gold coins must have .995 fineness or above (American Eagle Coin is the only exception). Silver coins, on the other hand, must have .999 fineness.

Here are some of Gold Gate Capital's featured products.

  • American Gold Eagle - It has 1 oz. U.S Gold and an iconic design. It brings together the ultimate aspects of bullion investment appeal and collectability, making it a preferred coin in America.
  • Silver American Eagle - It has an eye-catching patriotic design and 1 oz. of pure U.S silver. These have made it America’s most popular bullion Coin.
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf - It has a stunning beauty and purity, which have made it attract both collectors and investors in equal measure. It is said to be among the most appealing Gold coins worldwide.
  • Silver Austrian Silver Philharmonic - It is the only Silver bullion coin minted annually. Its popularity is spreading fast worldwide. It's very beautiful and has .999 purity.
  • Gold Rose Crown Shield - This is a ¼ ounce gold coin in a shining uncirculated condition. Historically, it is among the most cherished gold coins, renowned for trust and purity.
  • Silver Rose Crown shield - A brilliant coin with 1.25 ounces of silver.  It's one of the most highly respected gold coins worldwide, also renowned for trust and purity.

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Fees and Pricing

It is important that you are aware of how much you’ll pay in terms of fees for the products and services you'll receive, beforehand. Gold Gate Capital, unfortunately, does not give any information concerning their fees and pricing model on their site.

To get this information, you’ll need to contact them to know how much they’ll charge you for the services and funds management.

Precious Metal Storage and Checking In

As you discuss with a Precious metals Expert, they will also inform you about your precious metals storage options. 

Gold Gate Capital gives you two options.

You can choose the Delaware Depository, which insures up to a maximum of $1 billion of your precious metals, or Brink’s Global service, the largest non-bank, non-government precious metals storage facility globally.

After your transaction is complete, your Gold Gate Capital specialist maintains a line of communication to keep you informed of updated buy-back quotes. Compared to the quotes your custodian sends you, the ones you receive from the firm’s specialist are often more accurate.

How Good Is Their Customer Support

When investing in Precious Metals, you need to partner with a company that provides prompt customer support in case of any issue.

Gold Gate Capital has a pretty decent customer support system. They provide an email address and phone number, which you can use to contact them. 

They also provide an online form on their website. You can fill it in easily and quickly to send them a message stating the assistance you need. 

Additionally, they provide an updated precious metals guide to equip you with knowledge of how to protect your wealth using precious metals. This wealth information kit is sent to you free of charge upon request.

You also get an FAQ section on their website where you can get quick answers to some of the questions they are asked often.

Protect Your Wealth & Get Huge Tax Savings!

Customer Reviews

Gold Gate Capital has highlighted several customer reviews they have received on platforms such as Google, TrustLink, and BBB. All these reviews are 5-star rated and expound on the individual experiences of each client.

According to Better Business Bureau (BBB), Gold Gate Capital has an A+ rating, which is excellent. However, they’ve had to deal with only one complaint in the last three years. 

So, you can rest assured that the products and services you get from Gold Gate Capital are top-tier.

Is Gold Gate Capital legit?

Gold Gate Capital is legitimate.

First, the Better Business Bureau has accredited the firm since June 2014. Additionally, it has transacted business for 14 years. 

They have also provided customer reviews on their site from multiple third-party review platforms. These reviews signify that the firm has transacted business and fulfilled its customer needs as expected.

Gold Gate Capital also works with other firms with positive reputations to provide custodial services. One such firm is Kingdom Trust. If such firms can partner with Gold Gate Company, you can trust it.


  • You get the services of experienced professionals
  • Iron-clad buy-back guarantee
  • Vast selection of precious metals products 
  • Security of your precious metal products
  • Lower prices as compared to competitors
  • Highly rated on BBB and Trustlink
  • Free precious metal IRA kit


  • Lacks a direct checkout system on their website
  • You have to contact their support even for minor details


Gold Gate Capital’s primary service is to offer investors precious metals IRAs to help protect their long-term savings. 

However, they have provided limited information on their website. For example, they mention nothing about fees and pricing, which is important to making an investment decision. However, you can contact them through their various communication channels to get any necessary information.

Nonetheless, the firm has a stellar customer rating for its services and products, so they are a serious precious metals investment partner.

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