Hawkeye Traders Review




Hawkeye Traders is a financial analysis and trading education service that provides training and analysis on various trading and investing strategies. It has a focus on practical, actionable techniques and is led by experienced traders and analysts.

When you were getting started trading with day trading, did you feel like you were lost and had nowhere to go? Did you feel overwhelmed and like you were trying to put a puzzle together with a blindfold?

Check out Hawkeye Traders-a friend told me to do so, and now I’m telling you.

It is an excellent way to learn about the ins and outs of day trading. You can make use of the different trading tools to formulate useful analyses of assets and find stocks without having to spend heaps of time looking for them.

Like you, I just wanted to learn day trading, specifically forex. And Hawkeye Trading worked for me. Check out my review.

So, What Is Hawkeye Trading?

It was founded in 1996 by a man known as Nigel Hawkes. They’ve been at it for more than 20 years and have amassed a huge knowledge base of day trading and financial education. Their primary goal is to help everybody attain their financial goals.

Nigel has devoted countless hours to find indicators that are both correlated and non-correlated. His vision was to have an idea about market performance as well as the direction of said markets.

He made this information public in 2001, and traders have since taken advantage of them as a means to profit from the market.

Randy Lindsey acquired the company in 2006. This man is a unique fellow: with a degree in Electrical Engineering and another in Electro-Optic Engineering, we may not think of him as a financial guru.

But, using his analytical mind, he has worked to create a place where the emotional aspect of trading is removed, and only hard numbers are used in determining trends and making a profit.

About the Indicators

A lot of traders will spend hours upon hours finding the trading systems that will get them the cream of the crop stocks. I was like this once, too.

Some will test out different indicators or analyze charts until the wee hours of the morning to find the best ones.

The issue with this is that your time and money will likely be wasted.

Thanks to Hawkeye that is a thing of the past. Remember, they’ve got 20 years of research under their belts. They’ve studied stock trading, volume, and price action. It’s all you need to figure out the market’s direction.

And the numbers behind it? It’s one of those buzzwords we hear a lot when studying tech and finances: algorithms.

The advanced indicators employed by Hawkeye are designed to work with market volatility. These are not like other indicators you may have heard of, such as MACD, moving averages, or stochastic.

And yes, you can work with your favorite trading platforms. Some of the most popular ones Hawkeye collaborates with include:

  • MetaTrader
  • NinjaTrader
  • TradeStation

Understanding the Hawkeye Suite

hawkeye traders info

I think the hardest part of learning how to use Hawkeye has got to be the many different tools that come with it. They all have different names, too-so it can be confusing at first. It will be your primer on these tools.

Zones – Ever bought into the high of the day or low into the day inadvertently? You were probably really frustrated. It will help you enhance the volume trading functionality of the Volume feature of Hawkeye.

It offers you zones for supply and demand, as well as zones for predictive support and resistance on your trade platform charts.

Volume – It is called Volume Paintbar, Volume Radar, and simply, Volume. It shows price movement before the amount changes. It will work for all markets, all tick charts, and timeframes.

FatBoy – You can use this to work with ETFs, and Stocks-it will show you which markets are over purchased and oversold. It will show you what markets correlate, and which ones do not.

Roadkill – This indicator checks on multiple timeframes at the same time and provides you two entry signals: one based upon volume, the other on trends. You are then given a prime position on when to enter a trade.

Gearbox – This makes use of a very advanced algorithm to predict the prime tick speed for the trading day. You will see this portrayed as a four-bar graph where each speed is shown in different colors. Light blue means fast, dark blue is fast, yellow is medium, and red is slow.

KISS – If you seek to trade stock indices or equities, this is your program. It is an indicator that reveals who is controlling the price, whether that is buyers or sellers.

You get information on advance decline issues happening across the whole US market. It’s simple; watch the lines colored in green and red, and you will know when sellers increase, and buyers decrease.

Fat Man – If you’re into forex, this is your jam. You are shown a forex strength meter that shows you where to start. You will be able to compare all types of currency to other currencies worldwide. You get visuals on the strengths and weaknesses of these monies.

Levels ATR – ATR means average true range and will help you come up with an exit strategy if you find stock is not performing the way you want.

Trend&Stops – You get a real picture of the market trends, not what the media feeds us every day. In a world of fake news, this is important. You can see when a trend starts and ends. It’s algorithm-based, using Hawkeye’s Volume to analyze ATR and patterns.

What Will the Cost Be?

The prices are as follows each month:

  • Hawkeye Starter Pack: $41 per month
  • Hawkeye Standard Pack: $166 per month
  • Hawkeye Professional Pack: $249 per month

I also would like to note that the different modules I discussed above are also specific tools that you will purchase separately. They range in price from $197 to $800.

Big Win: Free Training Room

The free training room is probably my favorite part of this program. I loved it because I could jump in on Wednesdays and see how the Hawkeye system works.

Eventually, I went ahead and subscribed to the Live Training, where real experts were on hand to meet and discuss business with. I got some excellent help in making decisions about trading.

The mission of Hawkeye is driven home here, and I would recommend you get it. My takeaways were:

  • How to better build and manage my position
  • How to spot low-risk trade entry points
  • How to determine price action by looking at volume
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses across all markets

And more, of course.

You will enjoy live videos and seminars that will educate you. They are pretty lengthy, so set your time aside and do understand the presenter is offering his or her opinion. You will also use simulated accounts to learn new strategies.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at both sides for a fair and balanced assessment.


  • Support and maintenance are free with a membership cost
  • Plenty of educational videos and literature in their library
  • You can Skype using the Inner Circle Group Chat
  • You will learn to leave emotion out of the trading
  • You can learn even more with the Free training Room
  • They’ve been in business for over 20 years and use numbers, not emotions, to trade.


  • Many features only available after spending extra money
  • Price is very high at advanced membership levels
  • Modules must be bought separately
  • Free training room only available on Wednesdays.


I had a good experience with Hawkeye Traders. Understand that every investment is not a guarantee of success. I have had good and bad days in the market and so will you.

However, the strategies you learn here will prepare you for the ups and the downs and make you a smarter investor.