Invest Round Review




Invest Round is an online investing platform that allows users to research, compare, and invest in stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. It is designed to be simple and accessible for beginner investors, while also providing advanced tools and resources for experienced investors.

Are you dissatisfied with what you are getting from your current Robo-advisor? Do not worry, as Round Investments LLC is here to apparently “tilt the playing field to your advantage.”

It does this by combining expert advice with algorithmic input to help you access high-quality insights in real-time.

Unlike many other Robo-advisors that only deposit your money into a few ETFs, this platform filters through the options available to leave you with only the best. It will then allocate your money to some of the top-performing funds that would give you the highest returns.

Check out this review that we have put together so that you fully understand what this service is all about.

What is Round Investment?

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Founded in 2016, this is an advanced Robo-advisor. Unlike other firms that rely on algorithms and computer programs to manage portfolios, this service goes further to use actual people for the task.

Then, besides connecting you with personalized portfolio allocations, Round will also connect you with established management firms to help oversee your investments. 

The service features sophisticated software that helps design portfolio allocations in line with your financial goals and situation. 

Generally, the platform aims to make hedge-fund-style investing reachable to any investor without necessarily being a millionaire. Currently, it has about $2.1 million in assets under its management.

About the Founder(s)

This service was launched in 2016 by Saul Cohen and Ron Rojany. They had a dream of making the investment tools used by the minority to be available to the majority of investors. 

To-date, the platform employs unique strategies to help you outperform the market rather than be at par, as most Robo-advisors do.

Initially, Cohen worked at Guggenheim Partners and was a crucial member of the team that managed multi-billion hedge funds and mutual fund strategies at the firm. He also has experience in investment banking and played an advisory role in financial derivatives.

As for Rojany, he worked as a software engineer at a reputable data marketing firm and later oversaw products at a healthcare company that also dealt with software. 

The two combined heads to develop a service that works differently from a typical Robo-advisor by offering advanced investment opportunities to the average investors who make up 99% of the proportion of investors in the market. 

And to show you how confident they are with the platform, the two have placed their entire savings and investments in Round’s portfolios.

How It Works

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As you would expect from a Robo-advisor, this service provides you with a questionnaire in which you will fill your personal details, current financial status, financial goals, and risk preference. 

From this information, the service will come up with a portfolio that reflects these goals, and this will help you create the level of savings that is ideal for your future.

After the platform has decided the investments and allocations that are right for you, it will now be easier for Round to manage and automate your portfolio. Some of the services you can expect from Round include investing your recurrent contributions, making the necessary rebalances, and managing your portfolio’s performance.

However, you can’t make any alterations to the platform’s recommendations straight from the app or website. Instead, you will have to contact the team running the service via email to make any changes for you.

The only thing you can do from the app or website is monitoring your portfolio performance or add funds if you dee it necessary.

Other Key Features of Invest Round

Let’s now look at other key features that make Round Investments what it is.

1. Round Platform and Tools

First, the service provides you with a web platform and mobile app (only compatible with iOS). With the platform, you will get an overview of your account, which includes a chart of your portfolio value as time goes by.

Further, you can also get a breakdown of the seven investment firms managing your funds so that you know the exact proportion of your funds that is with each firm.

2. The Performance

This is a relatively new platform that was only launched in 2016. So, we cannot gauge the long-term performance of its active management strategy. However, if your portfolio ever makes losses, the firm will waive your management fee.

3. Investment Classes

We liked the wide range of investments that Round offers its investors. Some of the investments available in your portfolio include:

  • Collateral loan obligations (CLOs)
  • Aircraft ABS
  • Whole-Business ABS
  • Non-agency MBS
  • Private Equity
  • Agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS)
  • Private Equity
  • Value and Growth stocks
  • Government bonds

4. Safety Aspect

Invest Round is a member of SIPC and FINRA, while all the investor accounts are insured via SIPC for up to $500,000, including $250,000 in cash protection. 

In addition to that, you will use Plaid, a 3rd-party service, to log in, link your bank account and authenticate your information.

Pricing and Fees

Invest Round charges an annual management fee of 0.50% and is calculated based on your total monthly account value. And if your portfolio records a negative return as the month goes on, this fee will be waived.

It is not easy to find any other investment service that offers to waiver your fees in case of a loss.

Who is it Best for?

Suppose you are an investor looking for the perfect platform that will allow you to take a more aggressive approach to the market. In that case, Round is best for you.

Further, this service would also appeal to you if you are into active investing and intend to pay for it, but you aren’t comfortable handling complex assets independently. 

We cannot stop mentioning that if your portfolio loses any money, your management fee for that particular month will be waived.

Pros and Cons

In this section, we shall summarize the benefits and drawbacks that we found with this service. Here they are:


  • Waives management fees in case of negative returns
  • The portfolios are managed by real people
  • Supports paring with IRAs
  • Does not charge any performance-based fees
  • Allows investment in highly specialized asset classes


  • Fees are pretty high
  • Only iOS app available


From our in-depth Invest Round review, we can see that this service stands out from its competitors by putting your money under the watch of experienced fund managers rather than rely entirely on algorithms.

Most of all, it can work for both conservative and risk-seeking investors since portfolios for both classes of traders are available. You should also be pleased to know that this service charges relatively lower fees than what human advisors charge.

It may be relatively new, but Round will reliably give you access to some of the best fund managers available globally.