Investopedia Academy Review




Investopedia Academy is an online education platform that offers courses and resources for individuals looking to learn about finance and investing.

If you have ever done any research on finance, you must be familiar with the site Investopedia. This site is probably the world’s largest financial education website thanks to the tons of content that it packs.

The creators of this site understand that not everyone who wants to build their wealth knows everything about finance. For this reason, they developed their own academy filled with numerous online courses that aim to make the world of finance less mysterious to upcoming investors.

We have done a detailed Investopedia Academy review to establish whether the resource is as reliable as the main Investopedia website is. 

Have a read to find out.

What is Investopedia Academy?

Investopedia Academy Review

This academy is simply a collection of dozens of online courses that were developed to guide investors into knowing more about various financial topics. These subjects include personal finance, cryptocurrencies, options, real estate, trading, and financial analysis.

An impressive aspect about the classes offered is that experts tutor them in their respective fields, which only boosts their reliability. 

At the moment, this platform offers over 40 courses, and you will also get access to past webinars at no cost. 

All in all, this platform is an excellent educational resource that would be of great benefit to the traders who are starting and the advanced ones too.

Key Features of The Program

Investopedia Academy course

We want you to understand what this platform is all about, and to do that; we will have to look at its different aspects.

Here they are:

1. Trading Style

The trading courses offered by this platform accommodate all the major trading styles, including swing and day trading. Whichever type of trader you want to become, the program has a course that will help you out.

If you are interested in automating your trading strategies, you will be pleased to know that Algorithm trading training courses are available for you. 

Besides that, there are Excel and personal finance courses that are offered so that you can gain practical knowledge in the respective fields.

Keep in mind that the courses offered on this platform handle all types of financial education, from the simpler money management courses to the more complex ones on day trading.

2. The Assets Traded

Some of the assets that this platform trades include options, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex. This diversity is one of the most impressive aspects of this platform since most competing platforms only deal with options and stocks.

3. The Trading Courses

This academy works like an online university by offering some courses that address the unique needs of traders and investors. Each course is accompanied by videos, quizzes, interactive content, and a certificate of enrollment.

By the end of each topic, you will have grasped everything fully. 

Let’s now look at some of the courses which are tailored towards different traders and investors. They are:

Trading for Beginners Course

Investopedia recommends that you start with this beginner’s course if you are starting out as a trader. The course is meant to equip you with basic trading skills and the ability to execute basic trading moves.

Some of the financial issues you will be taught include the difference between trading and investing, creating a trading plan, types of markets, and their different characteristics, among other topics.

You will be taught the principles and parameters that you will need to set up both tangible and psychological foundations that would guide you as you embark on your trading venture. Further, the trade management sequence and rules are explained in detail, starting from putting up a trading plan to the trades’ execution.

All the topics are delivered through on-demand videos and interactive content, and you will have to complete all the fifty lessons offered before you are awarded a certificate of completion.

The course is offered at a one-time fee of $199.

Become a Day Trader Course

Next up is an introductory course specially created to teach beginners how they can become day traders. Here, the newbies and the semi-newbies would be taught the basics of intra-trading, which will help them launch their professional trading careers. 

The course is made up of fifty lessons that are composed of documents, videos, webinars, and audio files. In the end, you should have learned something about minimizing risk while maximizing your opportunities.

An impressive aspect of this course is that it is taught by David Green, who is a former Wall Street trader and has three-decade experience in trading. He offers lessons on his proven strategy that features six types of trade set-ups that can work in any market climate.

The educational package is available for $199.

The Technical Analysis Course

Now that you are done with the introductory aspect of trading, this course will welcome you to the mid-level technical analysis aspects. You will be exposed to some of the things that include advanced price analysis, price indicators, chart reading, interpretation, and past trend evaluations.

With over 75-lessons that include exercises and interactive content, you learn how to plan exit strategies for stop-losses or profits and make projections on price targets. 

The course is taught by J.C. Parets, a renowned CMT (Chartered Market Technician) and trading mentor. Its main theme is Transforming market intelligence into actionable trades using charts.

Parets offers his students a free 30-day trial to his All-Star Charts website, and this will present you with an opportunity to apply some of the lessons you have learned throughout the course.

After the trial period, you can access the course at a standard lifetime price of $199.

Advanced Technical Analysis Course

After going through all the basics of technical trading, this course will introduce you to the more technical aspects of trading, whereby you will learn to put whatever you have learned to use.

You will be trained on how you can spot and analyze intra-day trading patterns and set-ups with advanced indicators and concepts. Some of these patterns include momentum trading, gaps, candlesticks analysis, among other patterns.

The coursework includes over three hours of video and interactive content, all of which is designed to guide you through the world of price action interpretation via chart reading, patterns, and indicators.

If you are an experienced trader who wishes to integrate and apply more advanced level technical analysis into your trading strategies, this course is just for you. 

At the time of doing this piece, the course was priced at $199.

Options for Beginners

This course was developed for people who have an interest in joining the world of options trading. It is an intermediate-level course that will introduce you to the concept of options and the applications that you can use to protect your portfolio and generate income streams.

With this course, you will be taught how to diversify your portfolio through options trading, whereby you will consider Puts to be insurance and Calls as the down payments.

Before taking the course, you will need to open a brokerage account.

To access the 39-lessons offered in this course, you will have to part with $199.

Advanced Options Trading Course

As you would expect, this course will introduce you to the more advanced aspects of Options trading. If you are conversant with everything that the Options for Beginners Course offer, it will be perfect for you.

Even with that, anyone with basic education on Options Trading could still make use of this course. 

When you take this course, you will be taught the best way to manage payoffs, risks, and probabilities. In addition to that, you will also get exposure to examples of advanced Options trading so that in the end, you will be equipped with practical market analysis skills, directional and equity trends.

After 70-lessons, you will have covered the entire course, and it will cost you $199.

In the end, you will have learned how to operate like a pro in the field.

Penny Stocks Trading Course

According to research on Penny Stocks done by the platform, only 1% are worth trading in. Therefore, this cause was developed to help you find this 1%. It is structured into 40 lessons, and you will be trained on risk evaluation and mitigation to boost your returns.

As if that’s not enough, you will also be taught how you can differentiate between Penny and Regular stocks, plus how you can build a reliable watchlist.

This trading course retails at a one-off fee of $199.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Since this course is designed to offer learners more advanced crypto trading skills, it is more suitable for intermediate traders. This course aims to enable you to capitalize on both small and big cryptocurrencies in the market, including Bitcoins, DASH, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Even though this course is relatively long, it will still cost you $199 to get a lifetime membership.

Forex Trading for Beginners

With over 60-lessons offered, this course aims to equip beginner traders with basic skills that they can use to operate professionally in the forex market.

The course is priced at a one-time fee of $199.

Forex Trading for Beginners

With over 60-lessons offered, this course aims to equip beginner traders with basic skills that they can use to operate professionally in the forex market.

The course is priced at a one-time fee of $199.

Algorithm Trading for Beginners

Lastly, here is a course for you if you have any interest in Algorithmic trading. Its main aim is to teach you how you can use this trading as a strategy.

Once again, it will cost you $199 to get lifetime membership of the platform.

Which Trader is Investopedia Academy Best for?

Since the courses offered are intended for different skill and experience levels, the platform will work with traders of all levels. All that will be needed from you is the will, commitment, and desire to learn and eventually apply whatever you have learned with the discipline required.

Pros and Cons

In this section, we will summarize the benefits and drawbacks that we found with Investopedia Academy. They are as follows:


  • Has affordable educational packages for beginners
  • Offers courses for all skill levels
  • You get to learn at your own pace (self-paced content)
  • Lesson taught by experts in their respective fields


  • Library hasn’t been updated in ages
  • The advanced classes are too pricey


In the end, we believe that this is a platform that you should try out if you want to have all the vital tips of the financial world at your fingertips. All the courses have something unique to offer, and both beginners and advanced traders will find something of interest here.

 The newbies will get all the information needed to get started in the financial world, while the pros will get resources to help them sharpen their skills even further.

So, try out this program, and we can assure you that you will not regret it.