Investors Underground Review




Investors Underground is a financial education and training platform teaching individuals how to trade stocks, options, and other financial instruments. It offers courses, webinars, and coaching programs to help traders improve their skills and achieve financial goals.

To date, Investors Underground (IU) is one of the most popular day trading chat room that has captured the attention of active traders, investors, and especially, the beginner traders.

The Investors Underground is a trading service managed by Nathan Michaud, who is a veteran trader that has years of experience when it comes to online trading. Read our Investors Underground review below to learn more about this service.

Overview of Investors Underground

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Before the Investors Underground was established, Nathan was already a trading guru at However, unlike other Gurus who only became successful because of the company, Nathan was already well-established, and his partnership with Tim Sykes has brought an increase in membership prices, that went for up $297 a month. Not just that, there was also a surge of new members, and Sykes even decided to offer DVD guides to their clients.

However, Investors Underground’s partnership with Sykes was pretty much short-lived, as he had a different vision for his trading service. He wanted to create the biggest and best online stock trading company where everyone can benefit from.

Due to the fact that Nathan was already a well-respected trader, he managed to influence thousands of people to become members of his trading chatroom – as a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the biggest stock trading chatrooms there is. If you think about it, this only shows that it’s not a low-quality service, and the quality of stock alerts is something you can look forward to.

You’ll even be surprised once you find out the actual number of people who have joined this trading platform, and we can say that the reason for such a booming membership is justifiable. For one, there are 11 chatroom moderators who are willing to help and assist those who are new, while sending alerts to other members as well.

Services to Look Forward to:

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Just like what has been mentioned earlier, the reason Investors Underground became pretty popular with traders is that it does everything to ensure that the traders would be able to function completely.

It offers a complete packaged of services, and you can even ask for some useful advice to their moderators. As for the subscription plan, here are the four major features that you should look forward to:

1. Stock Trading Chatroom

Considered to be the head of the Investors Underground is their Stock Trading Chatroom. It’s one of the best “scanning tool” you’ll ever get your hands on. Best of all, their day trading chatroom has thousands of members, and you’ll be receiving real-time advice and useful instruction from them every day.

The Purpose of Online Trading Chat Rooms

There’s a lot to love about online trading chat rooms. One of which is that it’s the most effective way to “upgrade” your peer group– you’ll be meeting new traders.

The fact that you’ll be surrounded by other traders of different levels, you’ll be gaining new insights and learn from their experiences, which would help you become successful later on. As for the Investors Underground, here’s what you can expect from their chat rooms:

  • Momentum Chatroom – This is the main chatroom that’s accessible from 9 in the morning, until 4 in the afternoon every trading day. It’s often visited by other trading members, making it the most active trading chatroom on the site. Thousands of users discuss trades and other important matters related to it in this chat room.
  • Swing Trading Chatroom – This is similar to the momentum chatroom, but the main difference the is that, in this chat room, the main focus is swing trades which are held for more than just a day.
  • OTC Chatroom – Unlike the first two chat rooms, the OTC chatroom is the least popular. Most of the time, the room doesn’t have any members in it, and it’s probably because it’s unpopular with subscribers.

These Investors Underground chat rooms are well-maintained and there are moderators in each room to assist the members. What makes it stand out is the group’s mentality and the number of trade ideas you can get by simply staying in these chat rooms.

In fact, there’s a huge possibility that these chat rooms are even capable of replacing most conventional stock screening tools as these ones are more interactive and fun to use.

2. Educational Resources from InvestorsUnderground

By being one of their members, you’ll have full access to a wide range of service, and that includes the chat rooms described earlier. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of other educational resources that can be very helpful in trading.

- Stock Watch Lists

Investors Underground also has a daily stock watch list that can help you keep an eye on stocks that you’ll greatly benefit from. IU made it a point that they have properly distributed each list in a way where you’ll easily be able to compare and contrast several stocks. As you finalize your decisions about trades, you can use these watch lists as your foolproof guide.

- Video Lesson Library

When it comes to trading, it’s a never-ending learning process. There’s always a lot to learn, no matter how many years you have been into trading. 

With the Investors Underground, you’ll get different video resources that tackle the most common trading issues you might face and how you can resolve them. Each week, 2-3 videos are released, and the ones that have already been are available in their archives section.

- Comprehensive Day Trading Courses

The good thing about Investors Underground is that even when the market is closed, you can still enjoy a number of services available on the site that could be of great help in improving your day trading skills.

There’s an extensive section of courses that has everything, ranging from chart patterns, money management, brokers, and other important aspects of stock trading – e-courses, blog posts, and other AV media are also part of this.

- Stock Trading Webinars

Investors Underground usually holds a webinar on a weekly basis. These webinars are exclusive to members and it covers a wide range of trading topics, ranging from short selling too low floats stocks.

Example Trading Video:

Why Should I Join Investors Underground?

For those who are interested in being part of Investors Underground, you probably want to hear some of the reasons that make this truly worth it.

Likewise, you probably have a lot of questions running in your mind, such as should you join as a paid subscriber and be a part of the day trading chat room, or would it be better to tackle the tasks alone and just be a free member. Here’s our take on that:

Although It’s Possible to Trade on Your Own, It Can Be a Challenge

Perhaps, you have already read a number of books and watched several videos regarding stock trading, but you have also come to the realization that finding success on your own is not like a walk in the park. Unfortunately, those who are just new to trading have to endure all of these — it’s the path that they have to take once they have decided to do everything by themselves.

Without proper guidance, there’s always the risk that not only will you be wasting time, but money as well. This happens a lot, especially when what you’re doing is not working at all.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read, or videos you’ve watched — these wouldn’t prepare you for the actual deal. In fact, if you’re completely oblivious to what you’re doing, you can even lose as much as 80% from it.

This is definitely one of the hardest parts of trading, and one of the reasons why a lot of traders fail- lack of experience, knowledge, support, and guidance.

If you really want to excel in trading, you really have to invest properly. That means choosing a great trading platform, such as the Investors Underground, that can guide you all throughout the process.

Trade Alerts vs Trade Ideas

You can find a lot of free information coming from IU on YouTube. This is perfect for those who are interested but is not ready to be one of their members yet. The chat rooms are ideal for seasoned traders for the reason that it can be quite costly– you have to pay around $197-297 a month.


As for the trade alerts, they are almost similar to the trade ideas. The guy behind– Nathan Michaud– is also a moderator of the chat room, where he will discuss something about the ss being an important factor of the para ramp starter size. For experienced traders, they clearly know what this means.

On the other hand, for a beginner trader, this might be confusing at first, but by simply watching the DVDs, it’s possible to quickly familiarize oneself with the important terminologies.

It’s also worth noting that if you really want to achieve success in stock trading, you shouldn’t solely rely on what IU has to offer; it’s your obligation to manage the trades accordingly on your own. The Investors Underground should only serve as a tool to guide you.

Is It Really Worth the Money?

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Before we finish this Investors Underground review, we would like to go over the different pricing plans offered by the company.

The Elite Subscription plan by Investors Underground can be quite pricey for some, that’s why I only recommended it for those who have been into trading for quite a while now and are willing to invest further into their education.

They offer a wide collection of videos that are only available to Elite members, and it pretty much covers everything essential in stock trading. Best of all, they were crafted by a team of credible experts who have been successful in trading.

Aside from the Elite Subscription plan, there’s also the Standard Subscription that’s $197 a month. It’s almost similar to the Elite, but with some limitations. What you can enjoy from this plan would be full access to the chat rooms, as well as webinars every month.

And for beginners, I would recommend starting with the DVDs and the free training to familiarize yourself with this new career path. Also, to get your money’s worth, it’s also important that you’ll be fully committed to trading.


  • Investors Underground is a very transparent trading platform that verifies every single trade made without leaving out the losing ones. They offer a very honest and straight-forward approach.
  • Considering the fact that they have more than $3.1 million in Broker verified profits, this clearly shows that they really know what they are doing.
  • The customer support is very reliable. In fact, the support in the chatroom replies right away. You’ll get the answers you need from millionaire traders who would be more than willing to help you out.
  • There are tons of video lessons in the past that can be quite useful, especially to beginners.
  • The daily pre-market and night watch list will give you the idea of how stock trading happens.
  • A positive chatroom where potentially winning trades is always discussed.
  • With the help of Investors Underground, you’ll learn how to be self-sufficient when trading for yourself.


  • Investors Underground can be quite costly for some, as you’ll have to pay around $197-$297 a month. This isn’t something inexperienced traders can afford at first. However, the good thing about IU is that they also offer free instructional videos on YouTube. You can take advantage of this for the meantime, and just sign up once you have enough.
  • Despite that these trading chat rooms being pretty impressive, it still has some flaws. For one, since there are a lot of members in the room – especially the momentum chatroom, it might take a while before you meet all the members and determine who among them has the best trading ideas.


Overall, Investors Underground is really worth a shot. It’s created by Nate, who is a very talented trader and investor. He, together with his excellent trading team would give you the assurance that they will be able to help and guide you with day trading.

Likewise, aside from the chat rooms, you’ll also get the important insights you need from the DVDs that come with the subscription plans if you purchased the bundle. Indeed, Investors Underground is perfect for those who want to get better with day trading.