IRA Financial Group Review

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IRA Financial Group is a financial services company that offers self-directed IRA solutions for retirement planning. They aim to empower investors by providing them with the tools and resources they need to take control of their retirement savings.

Setting up an IRA and securing your life past retirement can be challenging. But despite it being daunting, the IRS suggests that every American make an effort to save for their retirement years.

The IRA Financial Group affirms that they can provide top-tier guidance on how to grow your IRA savings much quicker than traditional investments like mutual funds, bonds and stocks.

This write-up will give you an overview of the IRA Financial Group, explaining how it works, its customer reviews, whether it is a scam and much more.

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What is IRA Financial Group?

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IRA Financial Group is a company that was founded by a former tax specialist, Adam Bergman. The company specializes in IRAs and uses the most recent banking technology to assist individuals in saving their money in retirement accounts.

In addition, they provide Self-directed IRA consultations and information to assist you in properly investing your retirement money.

What’s more, the IRA Financial Group also offers investments such as cryptocurrency which other companies prohibit. This could be a huge plus for the company, especially for investors who regard cryptocurrency highly.

How It Works

IRA Financial Group works like what is referred to as a “fund administrator”. They maintain the retirement accounts and assist you in getting started with IRA investments. 

One of the group’s priorities is to ensure that it is as easy as possible for its customers to invest in a variety of assets for stable retirement planning.

Their team of professionals can easily explain your retirement account's current status and give investment suggestions that may be better suited for you. They can also propose strategic actions that have the potential to save you cash by limiting your tax burden or assisting you in saving more for retirement.

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What Fees Does IRA Financial Group Charge?

IRA Financial Group is fully transparent about its fees. These fees are clearly displayed on their website’s pricing page and are divided into four plans.

The first one is the Self-Directed IRA which has a $0 one-time fee and a $400 annual fee. With this plan, you get a custodian-controlled IRA. You’ll only need to inform the company of the investments you wish to make, and they will do all the work. 

The second plan is the Self-Directed IRA LLC, which has $999 one-time and $400 annual fees. However, the one-time fee is currently discounted to $799. With this plan, you’ll have full “checkbook control” to invest whenever you want, without the custodians' consent.

The third plan is Solo 401(k), which has a one-time fee of $999 and an annual fee of $399. The one-time fee is also currently discounted to $799. This plan is ideal for self-employed individuals. You get to enjoy high annual contributions, unlimited investment opportunities, and Roth and loan features.

Last but not least is the ROBS plan, which has a one-time fee of $3500 and a monthly fee of $100. This plan is ideal for investing in a business. It features an IRS-approved structure that enables using your retirement funds to start or grow a business tax-free.

Benefits of Choosing IRA Financial Group

Perhaps you may be looking for a reason to use IRA Financial Group as your investment partner. There are a ton of reasons. Here are some. 

1. Experience level

As a result of being in the industry for a long time, IRA Financial Group has pooled a team of experts who can assist you in successfully investing in alternative assets. The firm has a proven record of assisting over 21,000 clients in investing in alternative assets worth more than $3.2 billion.

2. Personalized support

The firm gives you access to top-tier specialists dedicated to maintaining your peace of mind.

3. Flat fees

IRA Financial Group has zero hidden fees. This has enabled the firm to boast of constantly providing its clients with award-winning services and the best market pricing structure.

How Good Is There Customer Support?

IRA Financial Group has pretty decent Customer support. They provide multiple blogs and guides on their site which go into detail about each type of investment and how to use a Self-Directed IRA properly.

They also have a phone number and an email address. You can find these on their website’s footer and use them if you need support. 

IRA Financial Group also has social media handles across multiple platforms. They have a Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter handles. All these can be found on their website’s footer. This shows that they have a solid social media presence. 

In addition, all these social media handles are active, so if you choose to communicate via the handles, you may get a fast response. 

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Self-Directed IRAs

IRA Financial Group gives you access to either a standard Self-Directed IRA or a Self-Directed IRA LLC. These IRAs allow you to purchase gold, real estate and other tangible investments and access your money without being penalized.

Self-Directed IRAs are easy to start with IRA Financial Group since most have no minimum amount required to get started. In addition, you don't need to follow the company’s investment strategy; you can create one that works for you.

Precious Metals IRA

You can also invest in Precious metals using a Self-Directed IRA so long as the precious metals are IRS-approved. Such an investment offers IRA owners multiple financial and tax benefits. 

For example, as an IRA owner, you’ll have the chance to diversify your retirement assets further, invest in what you know and understand, generate tax-free or tax-deferred gains and get shielded from inflation.

Crypto IRA

IRA Financial Group gives you the opportunity to invest in various types of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, directly from your PC or mobile phone. This entire process is secure and cost-effective.

The cryptocurrency market is relatively young, and there is a strong expectation that it will soon become a major medium of exchange. As such, investing in crypto is among the best long-term investments for your retirement.

ROBS Solution

You can also invest money with your IRA using IRA Financial Group’s ROBS Solution. It allows you to get money from your retirement account and use it to invest in yourself or somebody else’s small business without being penalized. Here is how it works.

You’ll first need to create a C corporation, a new company in which you have total ownership. 

You will then move money from your existing retirement account or IRA into the new corporation. 

Then, pay yourself. These payments can be made in the form of tax-free dividends.

Other Investment Opportunities They Can Help You With

IRA Financial Group provides endless investment opportunities you can take advantage of.

They can help with real estate investment options, the number one alternative investment among retired investors. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial rental properties or raw land, you can get help from here.

They also provide cryptocurrency investment. You can get help with crypto such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, which can offer you the ability to invest in an emerging asset class.

They also provide help with precious metal investment. These provide a hedge against a highly volatile economy. All you need is to ensure that the precious metals are not held personally and are IRS approved.

You can also get help with tax liens/deeds. These allow for exposure to the real estate market in your portfolio without investing in the properties themselves.

Another investment you can get help with is Investment Funds. Private equity and Hedge funds are generally for accredited and more sophisticated investors.

The company can also help you with private placements. These are investment opportunities offered to institutional investors or high net-worth individuals that have lower risks and assured returns

Customer Reviews

According to reviews in Trustpilot, most of the customers are content with the service and the overall experience with the company. The company generally has a 4.1/5 star rating, which is pretty decent. 

However, in the Better Business Bureau, IRA Financial Group has a 2.11/5 star rating, which is pretty low. Most reviews here had something to complain about, such as a slow response rate and hidden fees.

Is IRA Financial Group a scam?

No, IRA Financial Group is not a scam. They have been in business for over ten years and have a physical location. These two give confidence that the company is legitimate.


  • Unique perks such as superb customer service, educational resources, and IRS audit protection
  • You can invest in gold and cryptocurrencies
  • Amicable resolution of customer complaints
  • Physical location, which makes them a credible outfit


  • Few reviews, which make it difficult to know more about the company and the services they offer.


IRA Financial Group is a great IRA custodian which means they can safely and securely manage your retirement account. 

It offers its clients investments such as cryptocurrencies, which most firms prohibit. Other investment opportunities they provide include real estate precious metals, investment funds, and private placements.

They have experienced financial professionals who are committed to assisting you make the most out of your retirement account. These staff can even assist you in making new investments in line with the existing IRS rules and regulations.

All you may need to get started with IRA Financial Group is to create an account in their app and select a plan type, fund your account, and start investing in IRS-approved alternative assets investments.

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