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ItrustCapital is a digital asset platform that offers a secure and convenient way to invest in cryptocurrencies. It is a trusted choice for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio with digital assets.

So, things are going great for you now, but what happens after you retire? Do you ever stop to think about that? Regardless, your future relies on the decisions you make about your assets and finances now. Of course, you can open an IRA, but that comes with tons of pressure seeing as you may not know how or where to invest for your retirement.

Enter Itrust Capital, a platform that allows you to leverage your IRA both physically and digitally as well as secure your future financially. Now, we know that it can be scary to entrust your future on a platform you barely know anything about.

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about Itrust Capital so you can decide whether it is worth it or not.

iTrustCapital Overview

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Itrust Capital is essentially a low-cost investment platform where gold and cryptocurrencies are bought and sold. As a member, you are allowed to trade within a retirement account in real-time. The platform offers secure storage and a digital wallet with minimal transaction costs and a low monthly fee. 

The thing about Individual Retirement Accounts is that they usually require you to be hands-off. With Itrust Capital, you are allowed to trade your assets so that you can have increased wealth when you retire. The platform allows you to manage your funds without the hassle of trying to understand all the ins and outs of precious metal and digital currency markets.

What you will probably love most about the platform is that it assigns you a team of IRA experts to help you to negotiate the best way possible with your particular retirement account.

Simply put, Itrust Capital offers a platform for both seasoned and novice investors to trade in the growing market of physical and digital currency even without a degree in accounting or finance.

How ITrust Capital Works

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Itrust Capital is an IRS-compliant and progressive exchange platform that eliminates obsolete cycles and costly failures of past IRA models. Therefore, it opens the way for you to legitimately and securely move funds from your IRA into real Gold and cryptocurrency markets.

You will appreciate that the platform does this at a rate of 90% lower than competing companies do. The platform engages over 10 million investors to participate in trading and it is no wonder then that it is considered to be among the top choices for investors and crypto traders.

Itrust Capital is also a great platform for anyone who would like to add Silver, Gold, or cryptocurrencies to their retirement accounts. In other words, the platform allows you to decide whether you want profits in assets or cash when you retire.

What it Includes

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Once you get into the Itrust Capital platform, you are exposed to an array of assets to invest in using your IRA. Let us look at some of those assets.

  • Bitcoin: You have probably heard of Bitcoin and that is because it was among the first cryptocurrencies to be introduced to the world. It has a complete market capitalization of over $610 billion.
  • Ethereum: After Bitcoin, this is the largest digital currency. It is vital in the growing world of devolved applications.
  • Bitcoin Cash: A branch of Bitcoin, this one works to improve adaptability issues. Currently, it is the 7th largest cryptocurrency.
  • Litecoin: Sometimes, it is termed as the "silver to bitcoin's gold." It improves Bitcoin's blockchain base with faster preparation speeds.
  • EOS: This is considered to be "the most sophisticated infrastructure for distributed applications." It is also the biggest competitor of the Ethereum network.

User Guideline

Itrust Capital offers you the chance to make investments in valuable metals and cryptocurrencies by assigning you a self-coordinated IRA. The platform is extremely user-friendly because of the following.

  • Systematic guided signup process - if it is your first time opening an IRA account, you may be skeptical about self-coordinating yours. Nevertheless, Itrust Capital provides useful and guided information to help you sign up.
  • Trading Platform - On the ITtrust Capital platform, you are allowed to open trading positions at any time because it operates 24/7.
  • Trading Tools - The platform offers analysis and simple trading tools that are easy to use. The price information for every asset is displayed as well as the buy and sell icons.
  • Trading Accounts - Itrust Capital grows its clients' investments through recently created or existing individual retirement accounts.

Account Funding

You can fund your Itrust Capital account using the following methods.

  • Employer Plans: If you switch jobs for whatever reason, your retirement plan can be a rollover. Note that this transfer takes about four weeks.
  • Contributions: Here, you get to add new funds to your account based on annual guidelines. This takes about a week.
  • Transfer an IRA- This involves transferring existing IRAs. This takes about one or two weeks.

To make a withdrawal on your Itrust Capital account, you should be sixty years of age and above. If you want to do it sooner, you attract a 10% charge. Such a withdrawal is also taxed as income.

Educational Tools and Materials

It may also interest you to know that Itrust Capital provides you with several tools to help you study valuable metals and financial markets before investing and committing your money. Some of these tools include:

  • Cryptocurrency updates and news: if you want to study the platform and its foundation before opening an IRA account, you can avail your email address and they will send you a free manual about navigating the financial market.
  • Account opening guidance: Whether it is your first time opening an IRA account or not, you will not experience any difficulties with opening one at Itrust Capital. This is because you will be provided with comprehensive instructions on doing the same.
  • Itrust Capital Blog: The platform runs a site that contains numerous articles that you can read to find out more about the agent's assets.

Investment Capital, Charges, and Fees

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If you already have an IRA then you know that they do not charge monthly fees. However, since Itrust Capital provides you with a self-directed account, you will be charged a maintenance fee of $29.95 that covers tax reporting and ensuring that your investment is put in a secure facility. You are required to link a card where the charges will be deducted monthly.

Aside from that, you are also required to pay other charges every time you want to invest in your IRA. For cryptocurrencies, you pay an equivalent of 1% trade value. For the metals, the amount varies seeing as the price of metal constantly changes.

As for capital, you need a minimum of $2500 that is paid in addition to a deposit of $1000. For contribution distributions and limits, standard IRA investment rules apply. When you get to your retirement age, you get to decide whether to claim your IRAs worth in liquid cash or settle on withdrawals on your investment.

Customer Service and Support

One of the things you will love about the Itrust Capital platform is that it has a dependable customer service system that offers different avenues of engaging with clients. Here is what we are talking about.

Live Chat: On the platform, you get to communicate in real-time with a customer service agent. To make the most out of this feature, you want to locate the "chat live" button on your home screen when you log in to your account.

Through Phone Call: You can also schedule a call with a customer service agent through a number on the platform's site. Note that calls are limited to 10 minutes per person so it would be advisable to prepare your questions beforehand.

Off-platform Chat: The aforementioned methods are for persons who have existing accounts with Itrust Capital. If you intend to open an account and would like more information, you can visit the official site and fill a contact form to get the help you need.

As you can see, the platform offers adequate customer service and support.

About the Creator

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Itrust Capital is run by Todd Southwick who acts as the chief executive officer and Blake Skadron who is the chief operating officer. Todd boasts more than 20 years of experience in the financial market, while Blake has about ten years of experience in sales and management.

The investment agency is located in Irvine, California, and was founded by leaders of the substitute investment IRA industry. So far, the platform has successfully allowed its investors and clients to trade and purchase cryptocurrencies in real-time via their IRAs.


  • It is easy to set up
  • You get outstanding customer service and support
  • The platform is user friendly
  • The pricing is transparent and affordable
  • You get to trade at any time since the platform runs 24/7
  • Trades clear fast within 5 minutes
  • Access to educational resources to help you make sound decisions


  • The number of cryptocurrencies on the platform is limited
  • There is no mobile app for the platform
  • You will not get investment advice


If you need help as far investing in valuable metals and cryptocurrency, I trust Capital makes a great choice. With the platform, you get to obtain a robust portfolio of metals and digital currencies, and the best part it guarantees advanced security for your investment and charges lower fees.

With that in mind, we would encourage anyone who wants to secure their retirement to try Itrust Capital.