Jackpot Trades Review




Jackpot Trades is a financial platform that offers tools and resources for traders and investors looking to maximize profits. It provides real-time market data, advanced analysis tools, and expert insights to help users make informed decisions about their portfolio.

Jason’s Jackpot Trades is one of the many services provided by Jason Bond. In case you’re wondering who Jason Bond is, he’s one of the founding members of Raging Bull. Raging Bull recently appeared on the Inc. 500 list (position 915 to be specific).

Primarily, Jason spends most of his time running the Jason Bond Picks platform. This is an advanced learning platform where he provides educational content along with alerts at a cost of $1,497 per year.

Now, if you’re a complete beginner, chances are that you cannot afford to spare such huge sums of cash. And so, Jason thought “Hmmm, why not create a lower tier for beginners and traders who don’t have the time to learn the mumbo jumbo of stock-trading?”

Long story short, that’s how the Jason’s Jackpot platform was born.

What Is Jason’s Jackpot All About?

jackpot trades

This is a stocks and options alerts service that’s provided by Jason himself. He normally sends out weekly alerts to his subscribers through email.

One unique thing about this service is that it cuts through the clutter and only provides you with Jason’s best of the best picks for the week.

So, each week, you’ll receive one email alert with what Jason believes is the best trade to enter for the week. In general, these are high-return alerts and that’s why they were given the name “Jackpot.”

In our view, though, the name “Jackpot” is a bit over the top. It creates the impression that this service is some sort of lottery or get-rich-quick scheme but it’s not.

If anything, and as we’ll show you later, the service has its ups and downs. So, it’s not really a jackpot but an alerts service providing you with clues on what to invest in for that week.

Worth noting is that even though Jason sends out all the alerts, he doesn’t always put his money in all of them. But the good thing with him is that he’s very transparent so he lets you know when he sends out trade alerts that he’s put his money in.

That, however, doesn’t happen all the time. Probably once or twice for every 4 monthly alerts.

Who Is This Service Best Suited For?

This service typically appeals to beginners. One thing you need to know about Jason is that he really likes trading in small cap stocks. Of course, small cap stocks are ideal for anyone who is on a tight budget but wants to make the most of the stocks markets.

Another reason why we believe the “Jackpot” service is best suited for beginners is that it’s quite a simple and straight-to-the-point kind of service.

Jason only sends emails that can help you make decisions even while on the move. The beauty about this is that it frees you up to go on with your normal life. If you’re a full-time employee, you can still continue with your job and still trade and likewise, if you’re a student, you don’t have to miss classes all in the name of studying charts and indicators.

Jason pretty much does all the heavy-lifting for you. In other words, you get to leverage on his 10 years of hands-on experience while only parting with $2 per weekly alert. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

How It Works

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To help you understand this service better, let us begin by telling you what it is NOT.

  • It is not a scam, you get what you pay for (i.e. weekly, expertly analyzed alerts)
  • Not a chatroom or forum (you may need to find those services elsewhere)
  • This is definitely not an indicator or some kind of software (Jason Bond is a real human being)

Now that we have dealt with that, it’s time to talk about how the Jason’s Jackpot program works. We’ll also talk about how it compares with other popular services out there.

The first thing you need to note is that, all the alerts in the “Jackpot” system are sent via email. Not SMS or App.

That’s probably because some of them are pretty detailed. Jason typically uses between 200 and 300 words on his alerts. So, as you can imagine, those would be too many words to fit into text messages.

We must say that Jason is such a good writer. He goes straight to the point with his alerts and gives you a summary to support the alert.

For instance, he often talks about the technical analysis tools he used to arrive. In some cases, he cites news sources and also shares views based on his personal experiences thanks to his 10 years of trading.

Some of the key details in his emails are:

  • Buy Zone
  • Stop Loss
  • Target Profit

He also sends an extra alert email with an “exit alert” although he only does so if he has put his money in a trade. In other words, you won’t get any exit alerts if you take part in trades he hasn’t invested his money in.

So, be on the lookout for the disclaimer. He normally puts a disclaimer for alerts that he isn’t intending to place his hard-earned cash in.

A Bit About Jason Bond

jason bond

He is a self-made stock trader with more than a decade’s experience in trading stocks. He claims that he used to work as an elementary school teacher back in the day. Struggling to pay his bills and student loan, he decided to venture into the unknown world of stock trading.

He invested his measly savings and after several years of trying and failing, he eventually started making business sense. As we speak, he is a top-tier million dollar trader behind the Raging Bull success story.

We view him as a swing trader who combines both technical and fundamental analyses in trading. Talking about analysis, let us now focus on some of the methods he commonly uses to arrive at the alerts he recommends.

Methods He Commonly Uses

A spot check of Jason’s Jackpot email alerts confirms that he uses several approaches to make trade decisions. Of course, that’s important as you need to be adaptive in the fast-changing world of stock trading.

1. Fundamental Analysis

This is a method of analyzing and trading stocks that involves analyzing stocks based on the prevailing economic and financial data. Jason Bonds uses this method quite often. You’ll find him mentioning news items in some of his alerts.

For instance, he’s keen on stuff that affects geopolitical business environments. He is also quite keen on stuff like Cyber Mondays, company news, quarterly reports, changing consumer patterns and so forth.

2. Volumes

The best way to understand what fortunes the markets provide is by watching the volumes to see how other traders are responding. Jason is also quite keen on this and keeps emphasizing it to his close to 4,000 subscribers in his alerts.

When analyzing volumes, this guru provides important guidelines that you can use to determine the strength or weakness of the move (on your own). He typically does this for trades he isn’t investing in so as to leave you the trader with the freedom to carry out further analysis and determine the right time to jump into the market.

3. RSI Indicator

This is a pretty basic component of stock trading and we’re glad to see that even the guru himself often uses it in his analyses. Simply put, RSI technical analysis involves measuring the magnitude of price changes with the goal of arriving at overbought and oversold stocks.

Jason typically combines RSI data with historic patterns and trends to arrive at high-quality alerts.

For example, in the recent past, he sent out an alert on the $WATT stock stating as follows (partly):

“Historically oversold (RSI < 30) can be a good time to buy stocks as companies often try to defend share price with positive news…”

4. EMA Strategy

EMA is the acronym for the Exponential Moving Average strategy. This is the tool this guru mainly uses to analyze support and resistance points. For instance, he recently sent out a huge winning alert on the $SPHS.

Jason typically combines EMA analysis with his very own method known as the “Rocket Pattern.”

The Rocket Pattern is based on the observation that when a stock re-tests a resistance level, the third re-test attempt is typically followed by a spike.

We think this is a relatively easy-to-learn technique. However, you need to be patient as in most cases, spikes take time to build up.

Benefits of the Jason’s Jackpot Trades Newsletter

Of course, the methods covered above are by no means exhaustive. As we’ve observed, Jason is a dynamic trader and the only way to keep up with his methods is to subscribe to his alerts (at a fee of course).

Talking about fees, you probably are wondering why you should opt-in to this service and not just any other alerts platform out there. Well, in that case, here’s our summed up analysis of the merits that come with subscribing for this service.


To counter the claims that the Jason’s Jackpot program is a scam, we’d like to say that to the contrary, this is a legit service. Jason is a well-known person out there and his track-record speaks for itself. That said, his alerts are not 100% guaranteed to work. He fails sometimes and that might be the reason why some people may doubt his legitimacy.


This is one of the most affordable alerts services available out there currently. For less than 100 bucks, you get the opportunity to access the expertise of one of the industry’s leading experts for 52 weeks!


With this service, you won’t need to waste many hours analyzing charts, indicators and tracking conversations in chatrooms. This frees you up so you can keep your day job as you get the opportunity to dip your feet into the world of stock and options trading.


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to sign up for
  • No clutter, just useful updates
  • Ideal for stock and options trading


  • The alerts service often comprises options alerts which might be too much for beginners
  • Jason doesn’t always put his money on all the alerts he sends
  • Even the best analysts in the world fail


In summing up this review, we’d like to say that the Jason’s Jackpot Trades program, though good, is not perfect. Some of his best alerts end up in losses. But looking at the bigger picture, you’ll realize that most of his alerts end up in big wins.

So, if you’re willing to withstand the occasional losses, this is a program you can use to grow your small account and later on upgrade to a more advanced service.