Jason Bond Daily Strike Review




Daily Strike is a financial platform that provides real-time stock alerts and analysis from expert trader Jason Bond. With a focus on high-probability, low-risk trades, Daily Strike helps investors maximize their profits and minimize their risk in the volatile world of stocks.

Each trading day, the bells ring at around 9:30 ET. Those who are ready to trade normally smile and take advantage of this while those who aren’t are left fumbling. Now, to ensure you’re in the former category and not the latter, Jason Bond has an exciting service known as Daily Strike.

It’s a simple service that involves him sending out a trade idea each day before the markets open. Yup, you read that right. Jason tells you which stock or option he’s eyeing for the day and why. That way, you can also choose to watch it instead of trying to figure out things on your own.

Here’s a closer look at this service, what it has to offer, and whether it is worth a shot (or not).

What Is Daily Strike?

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Daily Strike is one of the stock trading alerts services provided by the Raging Bull family and specifically under their guru Jason Bond. Just like its name suggests, Daily Strike entails identifying daily trading opportunities that are likely to help you strike good returns.

The alerts are sent out daily via email and web-app alerts. Normally this happens minutes before the bells ring allowing you ample time to do your own research and prepare.

You’ll also receive a second alert later in the day confirming if and when he is planning to open the trade. He’ll also let you know if there’s any change of plan involved well in advance.

Of course, the idea here is to simplify your research process and to help you open trades based on logic rather than emotions.

Who Is Jason Bond?

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Jason needs no introduction. He’s one of the co-founders of Raging Bull, a top-tier company that specializes in stocks, options, and crypto education. Jason himself has been mentoring and inspiring new traders for well over a decade.

Unlike his partner Jeff Bishop who specializes in options trading, Jason Bond is a lot more versatile and is really big on day-trading and swing-trading strategies.

Key Features

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Daily Strike is a feature-rich tool. Among its key features include:

One Trade Once Daily Blueprint

This method focuses on just one trade per day. Usually, this trade closes before the markets close (although it can drag on for a few days based on the circumstances). With this, you get an opportunity to close gains of up to 91% in just a few hours.

Of course, like with any other trading program, it’s worth keeping in mind that results may vary i.e., can even exceed 91% or be below that. Normally, the claimed gains represented a best-case scenario.

24/7 Membership Dashboard

Behind Daily Strike is a private access membership dashboard that provides you with unfettered access to Jason Bond’s portfolio and trade recommendations. This dashboard also provides you with quick links to Jason’s other programs along with access to VIP concierge support.

Daily Strike Video QuickStart Series

These are high-quality videos that are designed to help you get acquainted with Jason’s trading methods. They contain details on the basics as well as adequate coverage for advance topics.

And while it’s not compulsory for you to complete this series to be able to trade successfully, it’s a good place to understand the whole trading psychology that this trading guru stands for.

The minute you’re in sync with his way of thinking you’ll be better placed to make independent judgments and, therefore, become a better trade with time.

Digital Vault of Trading Secrets

As you know, Jason has been in this space for long. Over time, he has managed to build a huge repository that has come to known as the Jason Bond Digital Vault of Trading Secrets. Within this massive library you’ll find crucial historical information as well as time-tested trading strategies such as “How to Trade Monster Breakouts” and “How to Trade Lotto Options” among others.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It’s normal to be undecided especially when it comes to purchasing expensive stock alerts subscriptions. That’s partly because of the many controversial programs that are on retail out there.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to doubt about Jason’s program as he has gone ahead and provided a 30-day money-back guarantee covering all his first-time subscribers. That simply means that he is ready to stand behind the quality of his product – something that has become rare among product developers these days.

With this iron-clad protection, you get to use the Daily Strike product for 30-days and if not satisfied with its results you can request for a full refund.

Benefits of Daily Strike by Jason Bond

So, why would you want to invest in Daily Strike as opposed to any other stock alert tool out there?

1. Good Track-Record

Jason Bond is one of the most consistent stock traders out there currently. A former teacher, Jason claims to have turned his life around and fully repaid his debt through trading.

So, he really understands what it takes to grow your economy from the bottom up. And this kind of experience ensures that he remains widely relatable among his followers – a majority of whom normally start out trading with small accounts.

2. A Good Way to Eliminate Stock Chasing

One thing we absolutely love about Jason Bond’s Daily Strike is that he sends out his alerts well ahead of time. This eliminates the risk of stock chasing i.e., when you buy a stock too later after it starts to gain. Normally, when you buy too late you are bound to pay a premium for the stock and you end up getting very little out of it in the end.

The Daily Strike tool alerts you immediately significant events occur in the markets. Whether be it a breakout in stock or a breakdown, you’ll get the relevant information ahead of everyone else.

This gives you ample time to act on the information while there’s still time to make enough money and exit the market.

3. Eliminating the Guesswork

Jason Bond’s research methods enable him to forecast the behavior of various stocks using the most effective theories and formulas available. This helps him eliminate the guesswork and use advanced techniques to predict stock behavior.

Indeed, trading as per Daily Strike’s recommendations is a safer option if you aren’t willing to gamble with your hard-earned money. If you subscribe to this tool, you will be able to:

  • Grab high-potential trades before everyone else
  • Capitalize on high volume trends before they reverse
  • Identify solid stocks to add to your portfolio
  • Detect emerging opportunities

Simply put, by subscribing to an alerts tool of this caliber you get a front-row seat to the world of trading from the comfort of your home. Forgive the cliché.

4. Avoid Missing out on Trades

The single most important benefit of this tool is that it helps you avoid missing out on trades. Indeed, the system sends out alerts via email and phone ensuring you’re all set to open trades in good time. Without these alerts, you’d almost always lose out on good trading opportunities every time you’re away from your trading desktop.

5. Easy to Use

Last but not least, Daily Strike is really easy to use. Once you’re added to its subscriber-base you’ll receive simple and straightforward alerts that you can use at your own convenience.

Unlike AI-powered alerts systems, Daily Strike only sends you relevant alerts so you won’t need to use any filters.

What’s more, the alerts are detailed enough to ensure you know exactly when you need to enter the market, where to set TP/SL (based on your risk appetite) and so forth.

Who Is Daily Strike Best Suited For?

If you’re an up-and-coming trader who barely has enough time to sift through dozens of data and newsfeeds for stock information, Daily Strike is for you. Through it, Jason Bond does all the heavy lifting for you leaving you to focus on what you do best.

In other words, with this daily stock alerts service you’re free to go about your life and job and still get to tap into the massive benefits of stock trading.


  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Timely alerts via email and phone
  • Informative video quick-start series
  • Premium-quality content
  • Backed by Jason’s many years of experience
  • Part of the Raging Bull family of products
  • High-quality customer support team
  • Unlimited access to Jason Bond’s digital library
  • Excellent training on trading psychology


  • Doesn’t provide coverage for crypto trading (for now)
  • Refund request may take a couple of days to be processed


My review of Daily Strike by Jason Bond has focused on two things i.e., product quality and overall build quality. To this end, I can confirm that this is a great service for anyone looking to make the most of every trading day. 

Jason keeps his word by sending out a trade idea each day without fail – he makes things even better by sending an actual letter during trading hours. 

This gives you ample time to carry out enough research and even come up with your own counter-arguments. So, when you get to invest, you only do so having double-checked the facts.

I’d say that Daily Strike is a good program for anyone looking to bolster their trading strategy going forward.