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Jason Bond Picks is a financial analysis and research platform helping investors and traders identify and track stock trading opportunities. The platform offers resources and education to help users make informed investment decisions and achieve financial goals.

Making money through trading stocks is not easy. If you are new to the stock market or you simply don’t have the time for doing stock research and analysis, it may be wise to use a stock picking service. This will not only help you avoid some costly mistakes such as emotional trading but also save you so much time.

Moreover, you don’t need to sit in front of your desktop all day long watching how the stock market is fairing. But not just any stock picking service rather a reputable and reliable one.

Among the few reputable stock picking programs out there, Jason Bond Picks stands head and shoulders above most of its competitors in various ways. So what is Jason Bond Picks? How does the program work? Is Jason Bond Picks a scam? Keep reading to find out if this program is worth the money.

A Quick Overview and How Does It Work?

Jason bond picks website

This is a stock market advisory service created by Jason Bond. It teaches traders how to make money by investing in high quality low priced stocks but without being glued to the computer. Basically, Jason usually provides his members with up to 10 simple trades every week that makes him good money and you get to keep all the profits you make.

The program offers a wide range of videos and educational materials aimed at helping you learn Bond's own ways of trading in the member section of the website. In addition, the program provides quite a lot of features and two major services including day trading and swing trading picks to users for their monthly subscription service fees.

Members are also privileged to receive text messages and email alerts on newly issued trades, existing trades being closed in profits or whenever stocks rise up or decrease.

Furthermore, he offers live webinars from time to time where he gets to field questions from actual real members. The program claims to help you become a great trader in 90 days or less.

Additionally, the program’s most popular plan currently costs only $399 every quarter. However, you can save around 38% if you enroll for the full year program.

Who Is Jason Bond?

jason bond

Mr. Bond is a former school teacher by profession for around ten years. He, however, quit the job in order to set up his newsletter "Jason Bond Picks" and also become a full-time penny stock trader in 2011. He mostly specializes in day and swing trading of small-cap stocks priced between $1 and $10. This basically means that he never holds a stock for more than just a couple of days.

According to Jason, he started this program as a means to mentor and train new investors so they are able to manage their own trading and even come up with their own stock picks. As such, he offers various training aids and materials designed to help people to know his ways of trading so they can trade profitably.

Features of This Program:

1. Millionaire Roadmap Mentor

This is a premium mentorship program which costs around $8,000 a year. Basically, this program is all about learning how to swing a trade like Jason.

The program offers the user the access to all of the features on Jason Bond Picks program. Members also get personalized mentorship by Jason himself, free mastermind meet-ups and direct access to his team of mentors including Jeff Bishop, Alan Marshall, and Petra Hass.

This way traders are able to learn different trading strategies to find out which works best. In addition, users will have access to Jason live streams from his TD Ameritrade and Etrade brokerage accounts.

2. Active Chat Room

This is probably the most popular feature on this program where you will always find a majority of subscribers gathered during the trading day.

The main purpose of the chat room is to communicate some of the hot stocks in play including their catalysts, charts and the best entries as well as exits. It offers around 10 to 20 intraday alerts on small caps throughout the day.

In addition, the chat room is well moderated and carefully monitored by Jason’s hand-picked team of experts for any inappropriate and off-topic comments. Furthermore, you can see everyone who is in the chat room, send a private message to whomever you like or even mute a specific person.

3. Daily Watch List System

This feature is only available to Jason Bond Picks subscribers. The list includes all the stocks Mr. Bond feels are ready to make a big move based on his own technical analysis. Also, each watch list contains a summary of the day’s trading events, Jason’s personal thoughts regarding current market trends and links to relevant information.

In addition, the list can help you catch stocks once the prices fall. This way, you will have the opportunity to buy them at a cheap price and make profits once prices increase.

4. Free Access To Education Suite

Once you become a member, you enjoy unlimited 24-hour access to the program’s highly acclaimed education suite. The suite contains plenty of useful videos along with other valuable educational materials to help you become a successful trader and investor.

Some of the videos available include topics like scanning the market, basic technical analysis, money management, support and resistance and market management.

Also, the videos teach you how and why Jason picks the stocks he does. Not to mention, Jason constantly holds great webinars to field all the questions from his subscribers and talks about the markets in general. So if you are unclear on some of his materials, you can ask a question.

5. Buy and Sell Alert

With the buy alert feature, members usually receive the alerts via both text message and email every time Jason and his team buy a stock. Of course, it is low-risk stocks that can resell for a decent profit. So as a member of the program, you will never miss out on an opportunity to invest in a potentially profitable stock.

Additionally, there are sell alerts to let you know the best time to sell a specific stock after buying. The sell alert feature is aimed to help traders and investors learn from Jason’s profitable strategies but in real time. This way, you won’t just have to copy everything from Jason’s trades.

Subscription Plans and Prices

Day & Swing Trading

Designed for greedy, trigger-happy traders and working professionals with access to a computer or smart phone looking for profitable day and swing trading opportunities




Millionaire Roadmap

For serious, traders ready to accelerate the performance and profits with premium mentorship from Jason Bond.





Most day trading platforms usually provide only three variations of what is basically the same program but of course with various levels of access. However, Jason Bond Picks is a bit different. The program features three subscription plans which are based on different types of services. The plans include:

Day and Swing Trading

This is the popular package available and is designed to help you make money without being glued to your desktop the whole day.

As such, it is ideal for busy and working professionals looking to actively trade or make a few trades per week in order to grow their net worth but they don’t have the time. Being the cheapest package, it costs around $399 quarterly and hence it is limited in terms of features.

With this package, you can enjoy up to 10 swing alerts every week on stocks under $10, a daily watch list, all entries and exits in real time via text, 5 to 20% profit goal, text and email alerts as well as full access to education suite. According to Jason, it works better for small accounts with profit goals being $100,000 a year but it can be scaled further.

Long-Term Trading

The next subscription is the long-term trading which is ideal for professionals who don’t have the time to trade during the day but would like to make serious money investing in the stock market. This package costs around $1,999 yearly and comes with better features.

For instance, members are entitled to three to seven open long-term trades every week, email and text alerts, an extensive watch list of carefully chosen stocks by Jason, returns that exceed 100% in just months and Jackpot penny stocks.

Users Feedback

This program has received mixed reviews both online and offline. Most people praise the program for being beginner and user-friendly especially those trying to find their way in the trade market. Other users are charmed with the program’s chat room feature claiming it offers them tons of trade ideas throughout the day.

However, like with any other product out there, there are a small handful of complaints being echoed about Jason Bond Picks. While most of the complaints are simply the harsh reality of running a swing trading newsletter, a good number of them are not.

For instance, a lot of users have reported it is a bit pricey yet there is no free trial or even re-fund policy in case you are not satisfied with the program.

Is the Program worth the Money or is it Just a Scam?

For starters, Jason Bond Picks program is not really a scam despite its lack of good refund policy. But whether it is worth the money or not purely depends on your needs and aspirations. For example, people seeking to be day traders or swing traders in a very short time but have busy professions may find this program a good investment.

In addition, individuals who may want to know how to screen for stocks and understand all the technical setups so they can go out on their own will most likely find his service worth the money. And if nothing else, probably the huge number of members who have stuck with the service throughout the years is a proof that the program is not a scam.

However, don't subscribe to the program expecting to become a millionaire in just a couple of months. It will take time.


  • The program contains large video library of trading lessons
  • Constant updates ensure you are able to keep up with your trading account in real time
  • Easy to use program making it beginner friendly
  • You don’t necessarily need to live in the United States to subscribe to the program
  • Quick support system and great customer service via open forums or email
  • Jason provides his summary of trading profits for added transparency
  • Active and helpful chat room with some excellent traders and moderators
  • The website usually spotlights the big winners and testimonials from various subscribers who made big scores on the picks


  • The program does not provide any money back guarantee or even trial period to try out the service
  • It is relatively expensive for someone just getting started and is not sure about their dedication to trading
  • Requires internet connectivity to access the program because it is only available online
  • Jason does not share his losing picks with casual observers. You need to be a member to see his losers
  • You need to be fast in placing the trades as soon as the buy and sell alerts come through or you will end up making losses


Overall, Jason Bond Picks is a great stock trading program. If you can lay your hands on it, you will learn a lot that on a normal day you wouldn’t find on the internet. However, the program requires a lot of dedication and discipline as it is not a quick get rich scheme.

The fact of the matter is that if you watch all the videos provided and follow along in the chat room, within a couple of months you should have adequate insight and experience to actually go off on your own.