High Octane Options Scanner Review




High Octane Options Scanner is a financial tool that helps traders and investors identify the best options trades. It helps users find and execute trades with confidence, speed, and precision.

As a trader, the key to becoming successful is finding winning picks. However, this is not always easy, and you may lose a lot of money before finally striking gold.

Luckily, there are numerous platforms out there designed to help you achieve this goal. An excellent example of such is High Octane Options by Jeff Bishop. In this article, we shall break down all that it has to offer so that you can see how it can help you become a better trader.

What is 'High Octane' by Jeff Bishop? A Review

High octain options

This is a strategy that relies on Jeff Bishop's proprietary scanner to scan the market and locate high-potential breakout patterns. It helps you identify stocks with high-conviction momentum shifts enabling you to take advantage of stocks with steady resistance or support levels.

Remember, resistance and support often signal a change in direction, thereby providing you with an opportunity to enter the market and scoop some profits.

About Jeff Bishop

jeff bishop

Jeff Bishop is a stocks and options trading guru who probably picked his prowess in the field from the University of Texas, where he earned a bachelor's degree in finance and economics. He quit his office job to become a full-time trader, and met up with Jason Bond to establish Raging Bull Trading in 2010.

He is passionate about training individuals to become top-class traders as he is, and he does so via the RagingBull.com platform. Jeff is also a skillful entrepreneur who has implemented outstanding business ideas.

How High Octane Options Works

The High Octane Options method makes use of the high octane scanner. This highly intuitive scanner identifies high-potential stocks using Jeff Bishop's signature "Money Pattern."

So, what's the "Money Pattern" all about? This is a swing trading strategy that involves the use of H1 charts and two moving averages, namely:

  • 13-period simple moving average
  • 30-period simple moving average

Basically, when these two simple moving averages cross over after a couple of weeks of being apart, a crossover signal is generated. This can either be a long or short signal depending on the existing market dynamics.

By combining the effectiveness of a fast-moving average with a slow-moving average, this scanner can spot pullback opportunities just before they take off.

The slower moving average is used to show larger trends, while the quicker one captures recent price action.

However, for this method to be effective, the two SMAs crossing over are also analyzed in relation to the following factors to generate strong signals:

  1. The longer the two moving averages have been apart, the stronger the signal tends to be.
  2. Fundamental analysis to assess the market dynamics helps eliminate false signals.

The high octane scanner automates all this for you by scouring the entire length and breadth of the stock market, making it possible for you to discover fresh opportunities ahead of everyone else.

This, combined with Jeff Bishop's mentorship, makes for a bulletproof package that anyone looking to hone their swing trading skills should consider trying out.

Key Features of the Program

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Once you subscribe to the service, you’ll get access to the features that make it effective for its purpose. Let’s look at what they are about:

1. Jeff’s Octane Scanner

This has to be the key feature of this service, and it finds the winning stocks in the market before compiling them into a list. It will save you a lot of time as there will be no need to sit for hours scouring the market in the hope of finding your ideal setup or pattern.

Further, you can now say goodbye to imperfectly timed trades due to spending too much time looking for your favorite pattern.

2. Real Time Trade Alerts

Once the scanner finds the stocks with a high chance of winning, Jeff will send you alerts via email along with the explanation of why he settled for that particular stock. 

3. High Octane Live Streaming Portfolio

Here, Jeff will give you live access to his portfolio, where you'll see how he executes his trades.

This way, you can emulate some of his moves and learn how to analyze patterns that will boost your chances of earning profits.

4. Jeff Exclusive Educational Suite

In this suite, you'll find video tutorials, books, and articles, all covering some of Jeff's favorite topics. The educational content aims to ensure that you are familiar with the key aspects of options trading so that you only make winning moves in the market.

5. The Raging Bull Chat Room 

Next up, there’s a forum where you'll get an opportunity to interact with other traders and learn new tricks. You will also know of the current events in the market that you may need to catch up on.

Benefits of High Octane Options Scanner

So, what are some of the key benefits that come with this scanner by Raging Bull? As it turns out, there's a lot in it for you to reap.

1. Beginner-Friendly Design

Jeff makes it really easy for beginners to find their footing with this program. The program has a smooth learning curve – you won't need to spend months or even weeks reading through tons of boring articles or watching long videos. HOO is a plug-and-play system that enables you to access trade alerts for high-potential stocks with remarkable ease.

2. Experienced Mentor

If you are looking for a mentor, this is the right program for you. Jeff has been around since 2010. He has seen it all. You can always bank on his many years of experience in this game to become a better trader, as he has a passion for coaching ordinary traders into millionaires. 

In addition to that, Jeff is an entrepreneur and occasionally shares interesting business ideas. So, besides options trading, you may also pick vital business tips from him.

3. Live Trading

In some cases, Jeff streams live, giving you an opportunity to watch him make trading moves as you also get an opportunity to ask your questions. This is a fantastic chance for anyone yearning to take full advantage of copy-trading, whereby you get to follow your favorite mentor and simply open trades similar to theirs. With the kind of success that Jeff has experienced over the years – there's definitely a lot in him worth learning.

4. Exclusive Access to the RagingBull Chat Room

Possibly one of the best chat rooms out there, the RagingBull chat room provides you with a platform to interact with mentors and other like-minded traders. The live chat room is carefully moderated. It's lively and productive – you won't find trolls here. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and acquire actionable insights for successful trading.

In general, the chat room may help you expand your networks which is crucial in the world of business.

Is High Octane Options Legit?

The service looks legit as it is designed to help you find stocks that are likely to be profitable in the end. Further, the man behind this program is Jeff Bishop, one of the founders of Raging Bull. He has made a name for himself in this industry by educating traders to become successful by emulating his strategies.

Another thing is that High Octane Options comes with a money-back guarantee whereby you can cancel your subscription anytime within 30 days of acquiring it. This way, you are assured of not losing your money even if you’re not pleased with what the service has to offer.

Who is it for?

If you are a trader looking to take your game to an advanced level, this service will work for you. By analyzing the charts and spotting patterns, you can easily identify winning stocks that will earn you great profits in the end.

Keep in mind that the service works for beginners and those who have been in the trade for a while.

Pricing and Money-back guarantee

If you want to access the features that this service offers, there are two pricing plans you could go for. 

You can choose the annual fee of $249 per year or the monthly access of $29 per month. If you do the math, you'll notice that by going for the annual plan, you'll save $99 per year.

However, if you are unsatisfied with what it offers, you can ask for your refund within 30 days of subscription.

Pros and Cons

Here is a summary of the benefits and drawbacks that we found with this service.


  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Highly accurate market analysis
  • Packed with tons of educational content
  • Good value for money


  • Does not come cheap


High Octane Options by Jeff Bishop is definitely worth trying out as it is designed to help you become a better trader. The system reads the charts for you leaving you to focus on doing what matters to you as an investor – establishing a powerful and consistent trading strategy.

You'll find outstanding market analysis that clarifies everything for you at the same time, you’re likely to find the educational content on this platform quite helpful for your long-term growth.

So, try it out, and we believe you will be proud of your investment.