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Jeff Bishop is a financial expert and experienced trader who provides valuable insights and investment ideas to his followers through his analysis and research platform. With a focus on practical, actionable advice, Jeff Bishop helps investors navigate the financial markets and make informed decisions about their portfolio.

Did you know that about 95% of all traders will fail at making a profit? The dream of getting rich quickly by making trades, whether that is in stock markets or any other industry, is something that many grab on to. Unfortunately, after just about one month, at least 40% of traders will quit – and at year five, about 7% of those who started will still continue trading.

Even though most people do seem to fail at becoming successful traders, there are those few who make it to the top of the chain. If you have been doing some research into stock markets and profiting from these strategies, then the name Jeff Bishop might have popped up before.

Who Is Jeff Bishop And Why Should You Trust His Advice?

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Before we dive deeper into what you can expect when signing up for a program developed by Jeff Bishop, you might first want to know who he is. Of course, you also want to know why exactly you should trust the advice that Jeff gives you through the range of stock trading programs he developed.

Jeff Bishop is primarily a stock trader. He has been trading stocks on the market for more than two decades. Through his experience as a stock trader, Jeff was able to perfect a variety of effective strategies that helps him get a higher success rate in terms of profiting from trades than the many of the other well-known figures in this market.

Another thing that makes Jeff Bishop a trusted figure – and probably also the reason why he has made such a big success of stock trading is the fact that he has been part of the MENSA membership for quite a significant period of time. The MENSA membership is an exclusive organization that describes individuals that have an IQ score that is higher than 150.

What this essentially means is that Jeff is quite intelligent. Jeff also holds degrees in Finance and Economics, which he obtained after graduating from the University of Texas.

He has also become known for publishing popular articles on some of the biggest stock trading blogs and platforms – including Seeking Alpha.

Even though no official details have been published regarding the net worth of Jeff Bishop, it is known that he is a multi-millionaire, and all of his profits are attributed to by the stock trading strategies that this person has developed.

What Is His Trading Style?

Jeff specializes in two types of trading systems, including options trading and ETFs. Both of these do have many similarities when it comes to setting up a stock trading system.

The idea of options trading is to invest money into specific security or an ETF. As the value of the security would then climb, the investor would then sell the security or ETF at a profit. When the value decreases, however, it means the investor will lose money.

Many investors have developed strategies that focus on estimating which securities will gain in value – these strategies will then be used by the investor to determine when it would be most appropriate to initiate an investment.

Top Programs By Jeff Bishop

Over the years, Jeff has developed multiple programs to help other people who are interested in becoming stock traders discover the best strategies that they can use to boost their profits.

While some of the programs can seem quite pricey, most people who do invest in Jeff Bishop find that the profits that they can make utilizing his strategies are able to make up for the initial cost of the program.

Bullseye Trades

1. Bullseye Trades

Jeff Bishop’s Options Course is currently considered one of the most popular programs that this expert stock trader has developed. The launch of the Options Course by Jeff Bishop followed the foundation of a trading service that is known as Bullseye Trades.

The Bullseye Trades service is offered personally by Jeff Bishop and focuses on swing trading. Bullseye Trades is not a trading platform itself. Instead, it is a platform that provides newbie traders with live updates on trades that Jeff Bishop himself has researched.

The platform has evolved and now gives people access to the same alerts that Jeff uses himself in order to set up new trades.

Another critical factor to consider with Bullseye Trades is the fact that it is beginner-friendly. This means those individuals who have not previously done any type of trading can still follow the advice and signals provided by Jeff in order to start making money from his personal strategies.

This options trading course comes with several additional features that help you take advantage of the strategies presented by Jeff Bishop. The course material consists of the following:

  • An exclusive course that was developed by Jeff Bishop himself. The course explains the entire process of setting up a stock trading portfolio and what is needed to succeed in this market truly. You also gain access to a step-by-step guide that was designed to help beginners find it easier to get started – even when they have no previous experience in options trading.
  • There is an exclusive video library, also created by Jeff himself that you gain access to as well. These videos give you a more detailed overview of how stock trading works and also shows you exactly how Jeff Bishop implements his own strategies in order to profit from the majority of his investments.
  • You can access to a platform that gives you real-time alerts. These alerts are sent directly to your mobile phone through text messages, ensuring you never miss a tip that might help you profit from a trade.
  • Additionally, Jeff Bishop also gives you access to a real-time overview of the trades he initiates. This helps you watch over his shoulder as he profits from his investments – and allows you to mirror or copy the trading strategies that he uses.
total alpha trading

2. Total Alpha Trading

Another excellent platform, also developed by Jeff Bishop, is the Total Alpha Trading system. The system was designed to help people who are new to the stock market set up strategies that will greatly increase their likelihood of making successful trades.

The system gives you access to a strategy that Jeff has developed, which has been proven multiple times to yield successful results. Whether you are only starting out or have already tried out stock market trading before – these strategies are sure to drive better results compared to simply guessing what stocks to invest in.

The system makes it exceptionally easy to start – simply enter your email address and follow the steps provided. You will be given access to the exact strategies that Jeff Bishop uses to make profitable investments in the stock market.

raging bull logo

3. Raging Bull

Another impressive system that Jeff Bishop is part of would be the Raging Bull platform. Raging Bull is a platform that was built by Jeff Bishop, along with several other experts that have built names for themselves as traders who know how to make a profit in the stock market.

The experts that are behind the Raging Bull platform have been featured on popular publications, including US News, Seeking Alpha, MarketWatch, and more.

One of the best things that make Raging Bull such a great platform is the fact that beginner traders are able to gain access to free basic signals. These can be used to kickstart their careers as traders.

 Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop curate five recommended stocks for current trading opportunities, which are all updated regularly to give you a view on which trades might give you the most profit at any given moment.


For the past 20 years, Jeff Bishop has built a name for himself as one of the world’s most successful stock traders. Jeff has become an expert in options trading, as well as in setting up ETFs that bring in major profits.

In fact, Jeff is now considered a multi-millionaire – and this is all thanks to the strategies that he has developed through stock trading methods.