Ape Hunter Review




Ape Hunter is a financial platform that provides expert analysis and insights on the stock market. With a focus on identifying and capitalizing on high-potential opportunities, Ape Hunter helps investors make informed decisions and maximize their profits.

Even though trading in stocks can make you the next millionaire in town, it is not the most straightforward thing to do. You need all the legit help you can get to create a bulletproof strategy.

Luckily, there are several software programs specially designed to help you make winning moves in the market, a good example being Ape Hunter. It was created by Jeff Williams, who has over a decade of experience working with the Raging Bull Company.

In this article, we shall analyze the program and help you see how it can help you become a profitable trader.

What is Ape Hunter?

ape hunter

This is a stock trading service that is designed to help you find stocks that are in line for a massive short squeeze. The program comprises crucial features such as a scanner, live chat room, video library, a watchlist, alerts, and Jeff’s top “Ape Stock” of the week.

All these features are meant to provide you with all the education and mentorship needed to become a better trader capable of spotting winning stocks.

We will check out the key features of Ape Hunter in detail later in the article.

About Jeff Williams – The Brains Behind Ape Hunter

jeff williams

Jeff Williams, from Rochester, New York, a well-known stock educator, and trader. He has over 10-year experience with the Raging Bull team, which includes the famous Jason Bond, and has perfected the art of educating and mentoring traders of different levels.

His main clients are individuals looking for financial freedom or simply looking for ways to have an extra source of income via the stock market.

Jeff's main focus is on building larger portfolios from smaller ones in the shortest time possible by investing in small-cap stocks.

Key Features of the Program

Ape hunter featues

To understand how this service works, we need to have an in-depth look at its key features. Let’s look at each one of them in detail:

1. Jeff Williams’ Ape Stock of the Week

Jeff has a weekly session every Friday at 2 pm ET where he sends you his top stock pick of that week. This particular trade alert will be accompanied by an options trade that he considers promising if he notices a setup he likes. Here, he will state the particular options contract that he is monitoring. 

He will analyze and break down these picks via a live session, during which he will also reveal his weekly top pick.

2. Ape Radar Scanner

Once you subscribe to the service, you will get access to this scanner that updates every hour to ensure you only receive the latest information. Unlike regular scanners, this particular one is more of a social media buzz scanner.

This means that it tracks the amount of social media buzz building around the most discussed stocks daily. The scanner checks how the buzz around certain stock changes as time passes.

It scans data from over twenty million users across multiple social media platforms and would enable you to get trade ideas of stocks about to make big moves.

3. Watchlist 

Although Jeff builds a watch list for you on this platform, you could always create your own after the scanner has identified a stock for you. The first thing that he does is to look around for any short interest on the stock.

It is easy to conclude that any talk with a lot of social media buzz around it will make it to the list. However, if there is no chance of a short squeeze, it won't feature on the watch list. 

The five tickers that the Ape Hunter watchlist contains include:

  • A big mover in a previous period and the social media buzz around it
  • A smaller size float. This refers to the number of shares that the public can trade in a company
  • Decent size float- the number of shares that traders are shorting against in the hope that the stock’s price goes down
  • A short-term catalyst
  • A pullback from a recent run that was really big and had the potential of sucking in many shorts for a possible 'short squeeze.'

Keep in mind that just because a stock makes it to this watchlist means that Jeff will buy it. Instead, he will continue to monitor them and see if they tick more boxes from the criteria we have listed above.

Jeff will then send out an email with the watchlist whereby he gives each pick a rating. It could be 'Diamond hands' for the stock he loves or 'Paper hands' for those he hates.

Lastly, during the weekly Friday Live sessions, he will break down the ideas on the watchlist besides discussing his top pick of the week.

4. The Jungle-Live Chat Room

The Jungle is a live trading chat room where you will receive alerts and join as he (Jeff) analyzes trade setups. This is part of the live Friday 2 pm EST session. 

Here, he will give you all the knowledge regarding developing setups that you should know about. Further, he will join the chat room any other time (besides the Friday afternoon session) that he spots these promising setups.

And since the platform is available round the clock, you can interact with other traders and discuss stocks, trade ideas, and other stuff relevant to trading.

5. Ape Alerts

Jeff Williams will notify you with instant Ape alerts any time he spots setups that he finds interesting. Note that he finds these setups either through his research or the Ape scanner.

Jeff will send you these alerts through email and the Raging Bull app.  

You can expect an average of three Ape alerts per week, and you will get ideas for holds on market positions that may last for several days.

In addition to that, Jeff also holds live interactive sessions where he talks about some of the trades he is about to make.

6. Video Library 

Jeff covers a wide range of vital trading topics in these videos, including charting, short squeezes, scanning, and float. 

With this library, you can boost your game as a trader since there are a lot of new trading skills, strategies, and approaches that you may pick up, and you'll be better in a shorter period.

7. Jeff Williams’ #1 Short-Squeeze Play

Simply put, this report reveals the stocks Jeff thinks are primed for a short-squeeze and how he plans to take advantage of this rare opportunity. According to Jeff, this setup may be the most exciting short-squeeze he has encountered since Gamestop.

Is It Legit?

From our point of view, this is a legit service that won't scam you out of your hard-earned money, and we’ll explain why. First, the creator, Jeff Williams, is a well-known trading educator and is part of the Raging Bull Company.

This firm does not need any introduction, and it features the likes of Jason Bond, a stock guru, and an excellent trainer.

Further, when we look at the features that include a video library, watch lists, and stock alerts, we see that they are all geared toward making you a better trader. No scammer would want you to be successful in this game.

Another thing that points to a legit service is the 30-day money-back guarantee, whose aim is to ensure you do not lose your money in the investment. This beats the purpose of what a scammer would want.

Last but not least, there is a chat room where you can interact with other traders, and they may reveal what you can expect from this service.

Who is it for?

If you are a trader looking for trade ideas, mentorship, and education on critical areas of the stock market, this program would be perfect for you.

And if it works for you, the service will enable you to find an extra source of income and may lead to the financial freedom that you have been longing for.

Price and Money-back Guarantee

To access this service's features, you will have to subscribe for an annual membership fee of $999. And since the creator is so confident in his product, it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with what the program offers, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of subscribing to it. This will ensure that you avoid incurring any losses if you feel that the service won't work for you.

Pros and Cons

Even though Ape Hunter is an incredible product, it has its fair share of cons. So, we shall summarize the benefits and drawbacks that we found with the service.


  • The creator is well-known and is part of the Raging Bull Company
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Packed with educational content
  • Easy to understand and use even for first timers


  • Some may find it too pricey


All in all, this is an excellent service that is likely to boost your overall game as a trader. In the end, you will record greater profits since you will have become an expert in making winning moves.

It may be costly, but going by what it offers, we believe that Ape Hunter is worth every cent that you spend on it.