JM Bullion Review

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JM Bullion is a leading online retailer of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. They offer a wide selection of high-quality bullion coins, bars, and rounds at competitive prices, serving customers across the United States.

In a world full that’s constantly grappling with wars, diseases, and inflation, you never can tell what will happen next.

As such, you want to secure your future financially. It could be that you are looking to protect your wealth, cushion yourself in the event of a calamity, or even store assets to take you through your post-retirement period.

Well, you are in the right place as JM Bullion is a precious metal dealer that promises to help you obtain high quality precious metal coins and bars. Read this review as we seek to help you determine whether this dealer is the right fit for you or not.

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What is JM Bullion?

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As previously mentioned, JM Bullion is a precious metal dealer. It was founded in 2011 in a Pennsylvania basement. Over the years, it has scaled and is now one of the most reputable precious metal dealers globally boasting over 100 employees.

The company was acquired by A-Mark Precious Metals, and together, they are doing a lot for investors, especially those who are looking to buy gold for home storage.

They do also have partnerships with third-party custodians who can help you with IRA services.

Companies That Can Serve as Alternatives to JM Bullion

Like with any other thing in life, it is always a good idea to have alternatives. Speaking of which, if you are looking forward to setting up a self-directed IRA you might need a company with the right in-house expertise for the job – something JM Bullion isn’t given that it uses third parties to avail IRA set up and rollover services. 

This means, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your rollover, purchase, and storage services you might want to look elsewhere.

Luckily, for anyone reading this that is, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best gold IRA companies currently. How does JM Bullion fare against the competition? Find out more on this list.

What Is JM Bullion Good At?

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Chances are high that you keep up with trends in the financial market and are already aware of the many benefits that come with holding part of your wealth in precious metals.

With JM Bullion, you get to buy these metals and hold them physically or store them in your IRA (through third parties) as part of your retirement plan.

Basically, JM Bullion is an online precious metal dealer that offers gold, platinum, silver, and palladium to investors. The best part is that they only stock quality coins and bars ensuring that you as an investor get the same by working with distributors and mints directly.

Now that you have an idea about what this dealer does, let’s look at some of their offerings.

1. Gold

Gold is the perfect hedge against inflation because it tends to rise in value when other assets like stocks and bonds fall. Inflation decreases the purchasing power of money, so any diversification strategy should include gold as an asset since it has historical performance that is superior to other precious metals such as silver and platinum. 

JM Bullion offers IRA-approved gold products such as American Eagles, Canadian Maples, and Valcambi Gold Bars.

2. Silver

The beauty of silver is that it's an easy way to diversify your retirement portfolio while gaining some tax benefits. It's also a great choice for a Roth IRA, as you don't have to pay taxes on it when you withdraw the money.

In addition, silver has historically been one of the best performing investments over time, outperforming gold and many other precious metals in some cases. It's also considered one of the safest investments available today.

JM Bullion offers its IRA-approved silver in the form of American Eagles coins, Canadian Maples coins, and Silvertowne bars.

3. Platinum

Platinum is a good option for IRA because it is a safe investment. The metal is used in many industrial applications and isn't as susceptible to being mined out of the ground like gold.

The best part is that price of platinum has been increasing over the years, which makes it a good choice for investors who want to diversify their portfolios with metals that aren't affected by economic cycles or currency fluctuation.

With JM Bullion you get a variety of platinum and palladium coins and bars to choose from.

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How JM Bullion Handles Precious Metals IRA

Currently, JM Bullion works with New Direction LLC for of its IRA dealings. This unique partnership makes it possible for the company to provide IRA services at reasonable rates. 

They also collaborate with A-M Global Logistics in providing depository services. The depository operates from Las Vegas and is IRA-approved.

As an investor, you will appreciate that A-M Global Logistics offers unbeatable pricing for precious metal storage. You are looking at prices as low as $150 annually. 

Also worth noting is that JM Bullion works alongside Transcontinental Depository Services, LLC to guarantee security for your coins and bars while they are in storage in case you decide not to keep them at home.

For your peace of mind, TDS is double insured. This means that any assets under their custody are insured via an all risk insurance policy as well as the vault itself.

You can access them in Las Vegas, Canada (Toronto), Switzerland (Zurich), and Singapore.

Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed IRA is an account that you can open and manage directly, rather than through a trustee. You'll be in charge of your own retirement savings, and you can make the investment decisions that are right for you.

You get to answer questions about your financial situation and determine your options for investing, including which option is best for you.

A self-directed IRA offers many advantages over traditional IRAs. By taking responsibility for your retirement savings, you'll have more control over what goes in and out of them. 

Working with JM Bullion to establish your self-directed IRA is a good way to tap into the inherent benefits that come with this kind of investment plan.

Is it Possible to Transfer or Rollover a Traditional IRA to a Self-directed Precious Metals IRA?

Yes. Most self-directed IRA custodians are in a position to help investors arrange to rollover or transfer their existing IRA into a precious metals IRA. 

But just why would someone want to rollover a Traditional IRA to a Self-directed Precious Metals IRA?

There are several reasons, with the most common being that you have more than one traditional IRA, and you want to consolidate the assets into one account. You can also do this if you want to move assets into a new IRA, and your current custodian won't let you do it. 

You can also use this strategy if you don't have enough assets in a particular type of account, such as gold IRAs or self-directed precious metals IRAs, and want to add more than just stocks and bonds.

However, the most common reason to transfer or rollover a Traditional IRA to a Self-directed Precious Metals IRA is because as a traditional IRA owner, you may want to diversify your portfolio. Alternatively, as a self-directed precious metals IRA owner, you may have a specific silver or gold investment strategy and wish to add it to your existing portfolio.

Unfortunately, JM Bullion is not able to help you set up your IRA from scratch, but they can recommend custodians that will help you get started. As it stands, JM Bullion is purely in the business of retailing gold and silver coins.

How long does it take to Rollover an Existing IRA/401k?

Most investors often worry about how long it takes to move their traditional IRA to a self-directed one.

Well, this largely depends on your custodian of choice. If you decide to go with JM Bullion’s recommendation - New Direction IRA, it takes a maximum of two business days to open an account after receiving your application.

Once it has been set up, you will be required to fund it, and this can be over the next few weeks.

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Shipping and insurance

For those who would rather keep their precious metals at home, JMB offers free shipping, but there’s a catch. Your order has to be over $199. If it is less than that, you will be required to pay $7.99. This means that you can make the most out of the shipping method as well as upgrade it when checking out.

The company exclusively ships to addresses in the USA. Regrettably, they do not ship to mail forwarding services or UPS stores. Still, the company endeavors to ensure that you receive your order at the lowest possible price.

Based on the contents of your order, you are allowed to upgrade your shipping at checkout.

To guarantee your satisfaction and confidence, they ship every package along with full shipping insurance. In that regard, if your package is damaged or lost in transit, you are eligible for and exchange or refund.

That said, you want to keep in mind that this insurance policy only covers packages in transit. As soon as their carrier signs off the package to signify completion of delivery, the coverage becomes null.

Payment Methods

JMB offers different payment methods and this is a welcome move from many investors. Some of them include:

Bitcoin - Minimum: $0

  • Maximum: $100,000
  • Discount: 3%

Bankwire - Minimum: $500

  • Maximum: $500,000
  • Discount: 4%

Paypal - Minimum: $0

  • Maximum: $60,000

Debit card/Credit - Minimum: $0

  • Maximum: $50,000

Google/Apple pay - Minimum: None

  • Maximum: $50,000

Is JM Bullion Trustworthy?

JM Bullion has received over 300,000 customer reviews across the web. They hold an A+ rating with the BBB so that should tell you that their services are worth trying.

To date they have sold over $7 billion worth of precious metals and shipped over 4 million orders.


When it comes to financial investment, you want to work with a dependable partner. JMB boasts all the necessary accreditation from the federal government, the state, and distributors.

Awards and Customer Support

JMB has been recognized severally but among its most notable awards is being named one of the fastest growing companies in the US by the Inc. 500 as well as being ranked #83 in the top 500 e-retailers in North America. 

As for their customer service, we can attest that they have a friendly and dedicated team that answers queries promptly via chat, email, or phone between 8 am and 6 pm central standard time.


  • Limitless orders
  • Do-it-yourself buyback program
  • Attractive buyback guarantee
  • Safeguarded partnerships


  • Higher cost for using PayPal or card
  • Lacks in-house IRA rollover team


JM Bullion is one of the most trusted precious metals dealer located in the United States. The company has been in business for more than ten years and has been delivering the highest quality products to customers across the country.

However, what has us sold is the fact that they offer free shipping for orders above $199. Ultimately, giving the company a try would be a wise choice for those looking to add to their home collections.

On the flipside, though, the company still has room for improvement on the IRA front. As it stands, they lack an in-house specialty team in that area and have to rely on third-parties to offer that service.

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